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11.11 Gearbest Single day top 10 racing quads

1. Ideafly Grasshopper F210 RC Racing Drone – ARF

The Ideafly Grasshopper is one of the greatest idea ever, the quadcopter was developed with feedback from future customers, enthusiasts and hobby related people. The development resulted in the Grasshopper design which has adopted some of the best value to performance components.

The motors and ESC can take up to 4S and provide very good thrust, making this quad extremely agile and fast. Some downsides do exist, the canopy doesn’t have a fixing mechanism and will open in flight, the frame has a few weak points (top plate) and the flight controller comes standard with an old firmware version making it unstable. With a bit of work on it this unit can be a great flyer.


2. GB110 Mini FPV Racing Drone

The GB110 Mini FPV quad is an aircraft designed for beginner, the concealed propellers makes it impact resistant and also will prevent the unit stalling its rotors when an obstacle interferes with it.

As the two plates are from carbon fiber it should also have sufficient resistance to impacts. The major downside of it the high price eve for the BNF and ARF versions, there is also no RTF version currently available.


3. JJRC H36

One word“TinyWhoop” The whoop phenomena has taken over the world and uses a simple recipe, a cheap 4 bladed ducted propeller quadcopter that is able to carry a tiny AIO FPV camera. With a bit of modding the JJRC H36 is easy to be turned in such a project.


4. Tiny QX90 Racing Mini Drone

Two words: “Larger TinyWhoop”. The QX90 is a high performance mini quad copter that has its roots from the TinyWhoop project with a bigger twist, it’s larger, has much more powerful motors and uses a F3 based flight controller bringing full ACRO flight mode in tiny quadcopter class.

It also come already equipped with a 5.8 GHz AIO FPV camera making it even more fun without the need of moding it out of the box.


5. JJRC JJPRO – P130 Battler

The JJPRO is a miniature flying tank, dues to the carbon fiber structure, reduced size and weight make this mini quad very thought.

The chosen configuration is also excellent as it uses energy efficient motors 1806 or 2300 KV that coupled with the 3 bladed propellers generate enough thrust for a thrilling experience.

The single main downside is that the FPV antenna is top exposed and it will probably break on first impact.


6. FuriBee Fatbee F110 Wasp

The “Fat” FuriBee is another incoming game changer, 3 bladed ducted propellers, F3 based flight controller, mini 110mm class size and last but not least 3S LIPO capability making the “fat bee” into a stinging mad hornet!

The option to choose from 3 different versions BNF, ARF and RTF makes it even more attractive.


7. Tarot TL120H1 120 FPV 

The Tarot TL 120 mini quad is a well-built mini quadcopter that beside it’s higher than average quality has also a very clean design with well-studied fabrication.

All wires are perfectly trimmed, important electronics are hidden, and the FPV antenna is a flexible dipole wire which will survive crashes.

Of course that the rest of the specs are of the top, like F3 flight controller, brushless motors, powerful 300mW FPV transmitter and camera angle tilt adjustment.


8. Dubai DIY Carbon Fiber KIT Racing drone

The Dubai 225mm is an X-type frame that is getting very popular, the provided KIT uses some of the most know and used components like the EMAX RS2205 motors, F3 flight controller and powerful 30A ESC’s with BLHeli suite and damped mode.

The provided vTX module is very powerful outputting 600mW of power. The only downside of this performance KIT is that the 1000TVL camera is CMOS instead of a CCD.


9. Holybro Shuriken 250

The Holybro Shuriken 250 takes another approach to the racing market, it’s a fully built and though quad. All the electronics, wires, modules and even motors are hidden, tucked away in its protective frame. The design is also different and resamples a “low rider” quad with lower profile.

The configuration is also excellent with a F3 FC, 25/600mW switching vTX, powerful 2205 2550 KV motors that spin 5” 3 bladed propellers and are controlled by latest BLHELI 30A ESCs with active braking and oneshot125.

The only thing you need is a transmitter and a charged battery to have copious amounts of fun.


10. Floureon Racer 250

The Floureon Race 250 is a very popular complete ready to fly racer KIT that uses proven technology and provide a great user experience.

The flight controller is the popular F3, while the motors are powerful 2204 2300KV they can spin 3 bladed propeller with the aid of 20A ESC’s based on BLHeli firmware.

What is also very interesting in this kit is that you will also receive a FPV monitor, this is a great addition for beginners as they can easily experience flight in LOS (line of sight) and also have full FPV input.

This will enable easier transition to FPV googles. Last but not least the included vTX is very powerful with a 600mW output and it transmits signal from a 1000TVL cmos FPV camera.

What is also good about this model is that to the matched propulsion system it can achieve a very long flight time (for a racer) and can stay up to 8-10 minutes in the air.


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