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AirPods 2 Review: Get Rid of the Shackles of Data Lines


Apple bluntly put the biggest change on the box “wireless charging case wireless charging box”. You read it correctly, after abandoning the headphone port and headphone cable, Apple finally “cut” the last wire between people and music: the charging cord. From then on, you can charge AirPods through any wireless charging board that supports the Qi standard. Like iPhone, putting it lightly at home or in the office saves the hassle of finding rechargeable wires. 


Compared with the previous generation, the new AirPods has a “little change” in the front of the AirPods charging box that supports wireless charging. The LED indicator on the front allows you to check its charging anytime and anywhere. According to Apple officials, with the wireless charging box, the new AirPods can be used for 24 hours, which coincides with the positioning of the AirPods itself. For many users, the battery life of wireless headphones is definitely a pain point. Especially for many users who need to travel long distances, halfway “flameout” headphones are tantamount to a piece of scrap iron.


In fact, the big change of the  new AirPods is the back of the charging box. First of all, the metal at the joint has changed from polished to frosted, which may be to resist scratches. In addition, the pairing button has been adjusted slightly upward from the bottom. Of course, these are all small improvements, and they are no different from the previous generation of charging boxes in terms of size and feel. Although official figures show that the new wireless charging box weighs 2g, it is almost negligible. I believe that after reading a lot of users who have bought the protective shell, they all breathe a sigh of relief! 


The headphone body is still familiar, and the biggest improvement this time is in the interior. This time Apple has equipped it with a new generation of H1 chip, which has greatly improved power consumption, connection speed and talk time by 50% compared with the old model. For a headset that is inherently lightweight, what could be more exciting than the sense of wearing and Geng Hang”s battery life? For those who own Apple Home Bucket, the new AirPods switches between multiple devices more quickly and smoothly.


Actually the first shock to me about the new AirPods was the speed with which I first connected. Open the lid of the box and click the connect button to complete the setting in less than two seconds. With a silky and smooth experience, there will be a small sense of happiness in the heart of each use. Listen to music on your mobile phone at work, turn around to watch videos on Mac, run downstairs after tiring, use Apple Watch to sing dynamic music, and switch silently, which is more convenient than traditional plug-in headphones.


The new AirPods’s new H1 chip not only brings an increase in battery life and connection speed, but also puts the Siri in the ear. This increasingly powerful voice assistant once had to wake up through a mobile phone. In many situations, especially at work or in the cold wind, the phone is not around or inconvenient to take out. The new AirPods adds a direct wake-up call to Siri without the need to operate the phone or tap the headset. Whether it is to make a phone call, switch songs, adjust the volume, and so on, you can “move your mouth to solve the problem”. After all, in this era of advanced science and technology, we will never do anything that can move our mouths! The new


AirPods may seemlike small improvement, but it brings great convenience and happiness when you think about it carefully. On the crowded subway and bus in big cities, even turning around is a luxury. At this time, you don’t have to cross layers of obstacles to reach out to your phone, you can cut songs and adjust the volume by moving your mouth. And I’m sure anyone who has used it understands the benefits of wireless headphones. Once all kinds of wire winding, with other people’s bags “entangled” embarrassing situation, really think about it makes people “speechless choke”.


For sports lovers, it is enough to bring only a Apple Watch and AirPods when you go out. Before the exercise directly shouted “Hey Siri play my sports playlist”, accompanied by dynamic music light, the movement should be so “unfettered”. As for the wearing stability that many people are still not sure about, I just want to say that the head is very precious and the range of movement will not be too great in the first place. Some intense activities, such as riding a roller coaster, it is better not to wear it. I have never encountered the loss of headphones in other scenes.


Finally let’s talk about sound quality. The sound quality of Bluetooth headphones has been considered irreparable by countless professional headset enthusiasts Diss, who believe that the signal loss in wireless transmission is irreparable. However, as a positioning wireless portable headset, the performance of the AirPods actually far exceeds the requirements of people. As a user who wears headphones all the year round, I would like to say that the sound quality of AirPods is definitely in the leading position among products of the same kind or at the same price. The new AirPods can accurately present the percussion of many instruments, and the bass part will not be too dull and will not “dominate” the vocal part. The alto and treble are very clear, well balanced in general, and occasionally give people some small surprises. The original intention of the new


Is the same as that of AirPods. It gives me a sense of “as if nothing”, good sound quality, and a simple and fast connection experience. This comfortable and undisturbed auditory experience is difficult for many similar products to achieve at present. Not only that, the new AirPods also provides a longer battery life and a more convenient wireless charging box. These improvements are actually the key to finding happiness in use.


If you are an Apple family bucket user, then AirPods can be said to be your only choice, and if you are just an ordinary iPhone user, AirPods will give you a sense of what “ecology” means. I prefer to think of AirPods as the key to Apple’s ecosystem rather than headphones. It is not only a beautiful and powerful key, but also matches all the gates in the castle. With a convenient and seamless connection, wireless charging and longer battery life, the new AirPods is really “novice worth buying and old model worth replacing”. As the most music-savvy manufacturer in the technology circle, the AirPods, which “cut” the last thread, still wants to say “really fragrant”! What is the improvement of the new

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