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Amazfit Bip Lite 1s Review: A Low Budget Long-battery Sports Watch for Anyone

Amazing Bip Lite 1s is Huami”s latest sports watch product, this is an entry-level product, although not like another high-end positioning Huami Amazfit watches, it has a lot of functions. Such as heart rate monitoring, GPS positioning, long-range, NFC bus access control and other functions are available. It can be said to be “iPhone SE” under Huami.

Amazfit Bip 1s Review: Design

Amazfit Bip Lite 1s offers four color options, namely: carbon black, rock white, red-orange, warm pink. In my opinion, carbon black and rock white match better.


Amazfit Bip Lite 1s also uses a square screen and silicone watch strap, which is a typical smartwatch shape. But it can be felt that the whole watch has been optimized for sports, and there are two points worth paying attention to: first, the whole watch frame is made of frosted material, which makes the parts that come into contact with the skin more comfortable, even if you exercise and sweat. There will be no uncomfortable feeling. Second, the silicone strap is treated by Huami’s exclusive Cleaning process, so that the whole strap maintains a good softness and has the characteristics of dryness and dirt resistance.

The rectangular heart rate monitoring module of the Amazfit Bip Lite 1 generation on the back of the Amazfit Bip Lite 1s watch has shrunk to its current circle. The weight of the whole machine is also slightly less than the 32g of the previous generation Amazfit Bip Lite, weighing only 31g, and it weighs only 19g without a watch strap.


Amazfit Bip 1s Review: Functions

Although the overall size of the Amazfit Bip Lite 1s is petite, there is a lot of hardware sensor for rigid requirements.


The first is on the screen. Amazfit Bip Lite 1s has been upgraded to a semi-transparent reflective color display screen compared with the previous generation. Under the measured outdoor condition, the reflection screen can reflect strong light, and the content can be seen clearly without turning on the backlight of the screen. And the display color number of, Amazfit Bip Lite 1s is 8 times that of the previous generation Bip Lite, and the color performance is richer. The actual perception is quite a popular pixel style, but it is not the degree to which the color blocks can be seen. What’s more, the always-on display is also supported in the Amazfit Bip Lite 1s swimming watch.


In the choice of GPS, Amazfit Bip Lite 1s has built-in low-power Sony GPS chip, which supports GPS+GLONASS double-star positioning, faster star search speed, and higher positioning accuracy. , Amazfit Bip Lite 1s enables up to 10 exercise modes (outdoor running, indoor running, healthy walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, open water swimming, swimming pool swimming, yoga, elliptical machine, and free training).


The most criticized by the previous generation of users is the waterproof function. Amazfit Bip Lite 1s supports 50-meter swimming waterproofing, including average stroke speed, total stroke times, average pace, and other swimming data records in software.

Back to the most basic heart rate function in smartwatch health, this time the Amazfit Bip 1s is equipped with Huami’s self-developed BioTracker PPG biometric tracking optical sensor. This optical sensor is no stranger. Huami Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTS both use this optical sensor developed by Huami, which can monitor the heart rate with high precision 24 hours a day, and then support the industry-leading automatic screening of arrhythmias (including atrial fibrillation).


In addition, Amazfit Bip Lite 1s is equipped with a matching huami-PAI health assessment system. The power of this system is that it can comprehensively evaluate the biological data of the human body, such as heart rate data, exercise intensity, personal physiological conditions, and other multi-dimensional data, and then get an intuitive value to express the degree of human health.


According to a study published in the American Medical Journal, when the total PAI value is 100, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease caused by (CVD) in men is 17% lower than that in people below 100, and 23% lower in women. Therefore, we can also think that the higher the PAI value, the healthier the body. As long as you adjust the number and intensity of exercise according to your specific conditions, to increase the PAI value, you will be able to live a healthier life.


Amazfit Bip 1s Review: Battery

If you want to ask what else highlights this Amazfit Bip Lite 1s, it’s that it has very long battery life. Amazfit Bip Lite 1s has a built-in low-power all-weather semi-reflective color display and Sony GPS chip. These two enhancements reduce the power consumption of the watch by several gears, while the performance remains unchanged, which greatly optimizes the user experience.


In the “typical mode” with most functions turned on, Amazfit Bip Lite 1s has a battery life of 30 days. In this mode, the watch can monitor the user’s heart rate 24 hours a day, locate the user’s movement path in GPS double star mode, sleep monitoring, etc., and the addition of NFC function also makes it become an access card and achieve contactless payment, meeting almost all the daily needs of individuals.


If you turn off most of the functions of your watch, leaving only the functions of time display, activity, and sleep monitoring, the battery life, according to officials, will be as long as 80 days.


The Verdict

Amazfit Bip Lite 1s focuses on health selling points, and with the huami-PAI health assessment system and a series of heart rate monitoring functions, we can better carry out health management. It is no exaggeration to say that, Amazfit Bip Lite 1s is like a private health butler around you around the clock. With this function, it is worth its 399RMB price, not to mention that it also has many sports recording functions so that the wearer can know more about his or her health through exercise.

And the battery life of this Amazfit Bip 1s is particularly strong, it only needs to be recharged once a month when it is routinely used, and the battery in power-saving mode can be maintained for as long as 80 days, so it can really bid farewell to the anxiety of battery life. You don’t have to worry about forgetting that you can’t use your watch anymore.



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