Amazfit Stratos 3 Star Wars Limited Edition Spring Festival not charging Challenge.


Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition.

As a hard fan, “Star Wars” series is my enlightening work, which naturally has extraordinary significance. Like so many Star Wars fans, it has become a habit to collect products around Star Wars, and when the secretary learned that Huami Technology had launched the limited edition of the Amazfit smartwatch 3 Star Wars series, this product was naturally acquired by me. Compared with delicate models and hands-on, before leaving, the house secretary took out this watch and wanted to show off it to friends with the same interests when he went home. By the way, monitor your exercise status while skiing and swimming. But the day is not what people want, but the use of this free time, there is also an opportunity for the house secretary to study this product that has been reluctant to use before.

“Recharge belief”

Aimed at the appearance of the limited edition of the Amazfit smartwatch 3 Star Wars series, the House Secret directly recharged a wave of beliefs. Huami Technology has deeply customized this product from the inside out. Unlike the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3, it uses its own box, and when you open the box, you can see the metal commemorative plaque representing Luke and Darth Vader, below which is the watch body and related accessories.


Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition.

Lightsabers play an important role in the Star Wars series and American science fiction culture, whether in Star Wars movies, novels, animations or games. Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars limited edition watch exclusive custom red and white stainless steel bezel, as if symbolizing the confrontation between two lightsabers on your wrist, red represents Darth Vader, white represents Ahsoka Tanoh, red and white on the bezel, with a red and white strap, as if the Force is with you.


Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition.

After turning on the computer, the wallpaper on the screen also made me love it. Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition features a 1.34in Full Moon Display all-round reflective display exclusively customized by JDI for Huami Technologies. After turning on, you can see Luke holding the wallpaper of lightsaber, and at night, the wallpaper will automatically switch to Darth Vader, showing Star Wars feelings in every detail.


Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition.

In addition to faith, the limited edition of the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars series is also quite conscientious in terms of workmanship and materials. The bezel is made of 316L stainless steel and the outstanding bezel design can effectively prevent screen wear. The red and white strap is a breathable and sweaty custom silicone strap, comfortable, durable and textured, and will not feel a foreign body on the wrist when you sleep at night. The watch body is printed with carbon fiber texture and is equipped with four physical buttons. When heavy exercise sweating scene, swimming or wearing gloves scene can be removed from the touch screen operation.


Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition.

I”m sorry, I “pigeon” exercise, but I got healthy.

In the face of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the house secretary “pigeon” dropped the invitation to swim, ski and hike at the seaside, and these sports can clearly test the sports ability of the limited edition of Amazfit smartwatch 3 Star Wars series. Although failed to achieve the original sports goals, but no matter in terms of hardware or software optimization, this product can be said to be excellent.

First of all, in order to obtain more accurate positioning, Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition has built-in Sony GNSS chip, which is compatible with four different satellite positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo. Users can choose three navigation combinations: GPS + Beidou, GPS + GLONASS and GPS + Galileo on the watch. The little secretary tried the positioning function on the train and found it very accurate. At the same time, it supports the choice of GPS continuous working mode in cross-country running, outdoor hiking and mountaineering mode, including accurate 35 hours, balanced 45 hours, power saving 70 hours and other different GPS working modes to meet a variety of complex user scenarios. 

On sports mode, Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition includes 19 professional modes including outdoor running, walking, outdoor biking, swimming pool swimming, open water swimming, indoor running, indoor biking, elliptical machine, outdoor hiking, mountaineering, cross-country running, Triathlon, compound sports, skiing, football, tennis, rope skipping, rowing machine, indoor fitness, Each sports mode can provide a wealth of professional sports data. Whether you are a light fitness user or a heavy outdoor enthusiast, you can find a function that suits you.

The concept of sub-health has been mentioned for many years. As a senior social animal, the secretary of the house, who goes to bed late and gets up early every day, recently feels that he does not have the energy to face work during the day. Taking advantage of the Chinese New year holiday, the secretary decided to adjust his physical condition back, and the first thing to adjust is sleep. 

Previously, due to work reasons, I often worked overtime at night with press conferences or writing manuscripts, thus forming the bad habit of staying up late. After getting home, the secretary forced himself to go to bed early and get up late. After a few days of “forced sleep”, Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition truthfully recorded the sleep situation of the secretary, and scored the sleep status, so that the secret could truthfully control his sleep.

At the same time, Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition also carries the BioTracker PPG biometric tracking optical sensor independently developed by Huami Technology, which can collect heart rate data 24 hours a day at a sampling rate of 50 Hz. In addition to 24-hour daily heart rate monitoring, but also provides excessive heart rate alarm and heart rate range check, always care about my heart health.

I love these functions.

Before leaving Beijing, the secretary put the limited edition charger of the Amazfit smart sports watch 3 Star Wars series in Beijing to challenge whether the product can withstand the challenge of eight days of battery life. According to the official introduction, the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition has built-in 1.2GHz dual-core processors and ARM Cortex-M4 low-power chips to support two separate operating systems. All functions are supported in smart mode, up to 7 days. The house secretary sets the watch to accept mobile phone messages, turns on the all-day heart rate standby, turns on the wrist raising screen, and after using it for 4 days and 11 hours, the battery remains 39%. After tonight, the house secretary set the watch to Ultra mode, in Ultra mode. In addition to daily functions such as 24-hour heart rate monitoring, notification viewing and NFC bus payment, it also supports a variety of sports mode and professional algorithms. Zhai believes that the electricity will last until the fifth day of junior high school.

As we all know, the winter in Northeast China is unusually cold, and the secret of the house with open chest in Beijing has to zip up the down jacket when he comes back to his hometown. Friends who wear a long version of a down jacket will probably know that when this style of down jacket is zipped up, it is difficult to take out the mobile phone in the trouser pocket, which brings inconvenience to daily use.

Now with the limited edition of the Amazfit smart sports watch 3 Star Wars series, the house secretary can swipe his card directly without pulling out his cell phone. This is because it adds the NFC function, supports urban bus and subway card swiping and access card simulation, and after opening the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei interconnection card, even fourth-tier cities can easily swipe the card to travel. At the same time, Alipay offline payment is also added to the watch, making it easy to shop without a mobile phone.

In addition, the Amazfit Stratos 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition has a built-in music player that imports music into the watch and connects it to a Bluetooth headset to play music stored in the watch. When you go out for a run, you only need to take your watch with you.

The end.

“May the Force be with you (May the Force be with you” is a famous line in the movie “Star Wars” series. Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Star Wars Series Limited Edition does not allow the Force to be with me, but it allows health, exercise monitoring, subway cards and music to be with the House Secret. With it, the House Secretary can completely put down his mobile phone during exercise and feel at ease to enjoy the pleasure brought by the exercise. The 7-day battery life also frees me from the trouble of one charge a day, and the change of usage habits is often as simple as that.

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