Amazfit T-Rex experience: this is the smartwatch that tough guys should wear!

For tough guys, muscle is their best sign, matched by more professional sports watches. They need watches that can accurately detect their condition during exercise and adjust their status anytime and anywhere according to the test data, and the Amazfit T-Rex is a smartwatch that can not only exercise in the gym, but also go outside.

A hard core from the inside out.

The house secretary believes that it is appropriate to use the word “hard core” to describe Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch, but this product reveals the temperament of hard core from the inside out, and is very much in line with the aesthetic of “tough guy”, outdoor enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts. In the hands of the house secretary is the rock black color matching, as soon as he started, he was watched by four metal screws and four metal buttons on the bezel. “bold and arrogant” was the first impression that Amazfit T-Rex brought to the house secretary.

Then, the little secretary of the house got the second impression of Amazfit T-Rex, that is, lightness. The smartwatch, which looks so majestic in appearance, has an overall weight of only 58g, and it does not feel like a drop hand as imagined in mind, but is surprisingly lightweight. This also greatly improves its practicality, wearing it for a long time will not cause pressure on the wrist, and when you are exhausted, the watch will not become an encumbrance to you.

At the same time, the Amazfit T-Rex is also equipped with a sweat-permeable silicone strap, which is skin-friendly and comfortable, so it will not be as clumsy as the metal watch, nor will it be too delicate like the leather strap to withstand sweat, and the inside sweat guide design will keep the house secret”s wrists dry and non-greasy during exercise.

As a smartwatch for outdoor athletes, the Amazfit T-Rex is equipped with four large buttons etched in metal. The advantage of physical buttons is that users can operate quickly through physical buttons when swimming, on rainy days, or when sweating heavily. And the operation logic of Amazfit T-Rex is also very clear, the upper and lower buttons on the left respectively control the up and down switch of the interface, while the two buttons on the right are responsible for confirming and quitting, so users do not need too much learning cost when using it. This design also enables the secretary of the house to quickly switch to swimming mode by using buttons without wiping the screen while swimming, and then use the buttons to exit directly at the end of swimming.

In terms of body design, the Amazfit T-Rex is equipped with a 1.3-inch AMOLED dazzling screen and provides on-screen display throughout the day, with key information visible. The outer bezel uses precision ink filling technology, coupled with metal screws, even if the watch is upside down on the table, it will not scratch the screen. The watch body is also equipped with shock absorber tentacles, which are raised outside the watch body, which can effectively reduce shock and protect the key components inside the fuselage. Amazfit T-Rex has both a sense of strength and practicality in both internal and external structural design and body details, not to mention the fact that it is certified by 12 MIL-STD-810G military standards, making it easy to deal with even in extreme environments.

What is the MIL-STD-810G military standard certification? MIL-STD-810G is a test method used to determine the environmental impact on the device. Emphasize that through environmental testing means to find problems, and through continuous design optimization to improve the product, so that it can meet the requirements of the working environment in the whole life cycle.

Amazfit T-Rex has also experienced high temperature storage / working tests including simulating high temperature environment at 70 ℃, low temperature storage / working test simulating extremely cold environment at-40 ℃, humid heat test simulating tropical and mid-latitude summer environment, temperature shock test simulating indoor and outdoor environment switching (rapid temperature change between 70 ℃ and-40 ℃), rain test simulating rainstorm environment, salt fog test simulating marine atmosphere and other environment. The fluid pollution test simulating the environment switching between wetting and draining of corrosive liquid, the low pressure test simulating high altitude or parachuting environment, and the low pressure test of simulating the environment of high altitude or parachuting. The solar radiation test simulating the environment of high temperature, high intensity solar radiation and moderate to low humidity, as well as 12 military tests, including functional impact / crash safety test, vibration test, dust blowing / sand blowing test, enable it to meet the wide use needs of different sports people.

Make use more lasting.

At the time of writing this experience article, the Amazfit T-Rex still has 79% of the power left, and it has been five days since the last charge. According to the test data provided by the government, under the daily mode of regular heart rate and sleep monitoring, 150 messages per day are displayed on a bright screen, looking up at the wrist 30 times, and other operations for 5 minutes; exercise 3 times a week, each time turn on GPS running for 30 minutes of daily use mode, can last 20 days. Turn off the Bluetooth connection, heart rate and other functions of the phone, raise your wrist and brighten the screen 100 times a day in the basic watch mode, which can last for 66 days. The home secret is between these two modes of users, heart rate is often open, sleep monitoring is often open, raise the wrist to brighten the screen about 50 times a day, dozens of messages a day push bright screen display, exercise once in five days, and finally achieved such a result. According to this numerical calculation, a full charge of electric energy can meet the use of the secret house for about 24 days, basically charging once a month.

This strong battery life performance is due to the fact that the Amazfit T-Rex is equipped with advanced low-power chips and a newly designed circuit, which goes deep into the underlying power management and optimization, so that the Amazfit T-Rex can have a lasting battery life performance. At the same time, check the weather, call reminder, SMS reminder, mobile payment and other functions to help the secretary in daily use without taking out his mobile phone to achieve the desired results. For example, when it is convenient for bees to check out, you can complete the payment operation by directly showing the Alipay QR code on the watch. But the only pity is that Amazfit T-Rex does not support NFC, so you have to take out your cell phone and swipe your card every time you take the subway.

Exercise can not only bring you a good physique, but also through continuous accumulation, you can complete many challenges that cannot be accomplished at all. In this process, Amazfit T-Rex is your most intimate health doctor and recording tool. Amazfit T-Rex is equipped with high-end Sony GPS chip, built-in double-star precision positioning system, fast star search, accurate positioning, to meet the needs of complex environments, and will generate a motion roadmap for you after the exercise. Science and technology records life is often that simple.

At the same time, Amazfit T-Rex includes 14 kinds of professional sports mode, including outdoor running, healthy walking, outdoor cycling, indoor running, mountaineering, cross-country running, outdoor hiking, indoor biking, elliptical machine, free training, swimming pool swimming, skiing, open water swimming, Triathlon, etc. In the process of exercise, the watch can also monitor the exercise heart rate, statistics exercise time and other data.

This product is equipped with Huami self-developed BioTracker PPG biological tracking optical sensor, which can monitor the heart rate with high precision 24 hours a day. Some things can not be solved in haste, such as exercise and fitness, when the watch detects that the user’s heart rate is too high during exercise, it will remind the user that you can exercise more safely and efficiently.


As a smartwatch product for outdoor sports, Amazfit T-Rex can be said to have reached the excellent level of products at the same price in terms of appearance, configuration, sports, payment and so on. With Huami’s self-developed BioTracker PPG biometric tracking optical sensor, as well as the excellent sports mode, this experience can only be clearly realized when you are using it.

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