AMD RX 5600 XT debut review: 5700 of 6GB video memory is coming! The skill of Soviet-style knife is seen for the first time.

So what is the impact of the new AMD graphics card on the DIY market, and will it have an impact on NV? Next, let”s unveil the mystery of RX 5600 XT.

We analyzed the new features of Navi graphics card six months ago, so I won’t repeat them here, but I will focus on the differences in parameters between the new video card and other Navi graphics cards.

Comments on the video card parameters:

The difference in the focus of the video card has been marked red. RX 5600 XT still uses the same core Navi 10 of the RX 5700 series graphics card. The parameters such as stream processor and ROPs number are the same as RX 5700. However, the video memory has been castrated by 2GB, and the core frequency and video memory frequency have also been reduced by 10% to 18%, which is still relatively large.

To put it more simply,RX 5600 XT is a video memory and core frequency has been reduced, 6GB memory RX 5700.

The bit width and frequency of video memory have decreased, and the bandwidth of video memory of RX 5600 XT has naturally decreased a lot.

The performance of the video card at high resolution should also be a little worse.

No wonder AMD’s official PPT claims that this is the ultimate graphics card for 1080p resolution.

Because of the significant reduction in frequency, the thermal design power consumption of the entire TBP (Total Board Power graphics card of the RX 5600 XT is also much lower than that of the RX 5700, which is only 150W.

External power supply only needs 8pin..

So the difference in hard specifications is not big, and in theory, the performance gap between RX 5600 XT and RX 5700 should not be too big.ย 


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