Buy a storage water heater or a gas water heater? It also depends on the home environment

Since gas water heaters have so many advantages, why do so many people choose storage water heaters? First of all, the first choice is rental housing, people who come out to work are mostly living alone or busy at ordinary times, and they have no habit of cooking in rented houses at all, and in addition to residential areas, there is no natural gas supply in general rental houses. If you want to use gas water heaters, you have to pull gas on your own. By contrast, it is more convenient to use storage-type electric water heaters, which is also the reason why most rental houses are pre-installed with storage-type electric water heaters.

Secondly, it is for safety. Although the storage type electric water heater is large and not very suitable for rented houses or some small households, it is more secure to choose electric water heaters when the ventilation condition of the house is not good. For example, the bathroom in the rental house is very narrow and there is no proper kitchen. If a gas water heater is to be installed, there is no well-ventilated place at all. If the gas is not fully burned, or if there is an accident during the use of the gas, such as the smoke exhaust pipe falling off, the carbon monoxide it produces can easily lead to poisoning.

However, the use of electric water heaters does not guarantee 100% safety. every year, there are endless reports of deaths caused by leakage of electric water heaters in rental houses, but in the final analysis, most of them are caused by hidden dangers in the electrical environment of rental houses. for example, there is no grounding wire, the connection between ground wire and water pipe, the circuit design does not comply with the relevant specifications, there is no leakage switch or anti-leakage switch does not trip, and so on. It has nothing to do with the storage type electric water heater product itself, the storage type electric water heater belongs to the national compulsory inspection product, when we choose and purchase, remember to recognize the 3C mark, choose and buy a quality electric water heater.

However, it does not rule out that some storage type electric water heaters lead to electric leakage due to line aging or burning damage to the heating pipe wall after long-term use. Therefore, for the sake of safety, the editor suggests that you should remember to turn off the power when using the storage type electric water heater. after all, as long as it is a household appliance, there is a possibility of leakage, and you do not know whether the circuit of the rented house is standardized or not.

Apart from safety factors, the biggest reason for people to wonder whether storage-type electric water heaters should be powered on all the time is to save electricity. Many people believe that if the water heater is powered on all the time, it will be in a state of constant heating, and the sharp rise in electricity charges will also affect the service life of the water heater, so turning off the power supply of the storage type electric water heater when not in use is the most power-saving.

In fact, this is not the case. the working principle of the storage electric water heater is similar to that of the drinking fountain. when the water is heated to the set temperature, the water heater will enter a state of low energy consumption until the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, and then reheat it. If there are many people in the family, and the frequency of use is higher, it is true that the power supply is more economical if the power supply is not turned off.

However, if there are few people in the family, such as Xiaobian, renting a house alone, in this case, turning off the power of the electric water heater when not in use will save electricity, which does reduce the electricity consumption of part of the electric water heater. And many friends do not know that the storage type electric water heater has the function of heat preservation, in summer, boiling water can even be used for three days, of course, only for friends who live alone.

Finally, friends who use storage-type electric water heaters at home must not forget to clean the water heaters regularly. In addition to opening the sewage outlet regularly to clean the water heaters, the replacement of magnesium rods in storage-type electric water heaters can not be ignored. Magnesium rods are also called anode protection. Its main role is anticorrosion, softening the water in the water tank, is a consumable. If the magnesium rod is seriously damaged, the scale may be directly attached to the heating pipe, resulting in local poor heat dissipation temperature is too high, or even burn down the heating pipe resulting in leakage. It is difficult for us to directly see the consumption of magnesium bars, but in theory, magnesium bars should be replaced every two or three years, and if the water quality of the house is not good, they should be replaced more diligently.

In fact, to buy gas water heaters or electric water heaters, we have to choose according to the actual situation and demand, in any case, safety first. As for many people who complain that storage-type electric water heaters cannot be turned on and washed and need to be preheated in advance, in fact, there are many intelligent storage-type electric water heaters that can be operated remotely and can be heated on the way home from work. When we get home, we can still enjoy a comfortable hot bath. Technology changes our lives, and it also gives us more choices.

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