Comments on the experience of Intelligent switch Suite for Air Conditioner partner of Aqara from traditional to Intelligent.

According to personal understanding, air-conditioning partner is actually a kind of intelligent socket, which can not only remotely control the air-conditioning switch, but also has the function of air-conditioning remote control, which is more convenient for users to operate. Aqara air conditioner partner supports the control of 16A high-power appliances and supports mainstream air conditioners.

Aqara air conditioner partner has greatly improved the hardware configuration, including not only the loudspeaker design, but also can be used as an intelligent home gateway with more Mijia and Aqara smart devices, as well as voice control with Xiao AI students. In addition, power statistics and energy saving mode are added.

This is the effect map of MijiaAPP after successfully binding Aqara air conditioning partner. The whole binding process is very clear. Model matching will take some time, but after successful matching, there is no need to confirm it with a single button, which saves time and effort. Compared with the design of the remote control to shut down automatically at a fixed time, the function of custom timing is more practical and reduces the problem of waking up in the middle of the night. The addition of the quick-cooling function meets a practical need of some users for rapid cooling, such as returning home on a hot day. After turning on this function, the air conditioner will be automatically set to 20 degrees and the maximum wind speed will be turned on, and the temperature will be returned to the last shutdown ten minutes later. The functional design is more intimate and practical.

The basic function of the air conditioner partner is to control the air conditioner and transform the traditional air conditioner into intelligent air conditioner, so it is particularly important to support the number and model of air conditioner brands. Aqara air conditioner partner covers most of the brands on the market, including domestic and foreign brands, including some brands that have never been heard of, but it is recommended to ask the authorities whether they support your type of air conditioner before buying it.

The Aqara air conditioner partner remotely controls the air conditioner or simply uses it as a remote control. The biggest highlight of the Aqara air conditioner partner is that it can be used as a gateway, while its own loudspeaker can be used as an alarm clock, network radio, doorbell and alarm.

As a gateway, Aqara air conditioning companion (upgraded version) can be used with wireless switches and human body sensors, or you can independently add sub-devices for linkage. These functions are superior to other air-conditioning partners of the same type. It is necessary to match with the temperature monitor to be practical, first of all, according to the temperature automatic switch and temperature adjustment of a function, can greatly enrich the use of the scene and practicability.

Aqara smart switches are currently available in a variety of versions, such as single and double keys, triple keys, etc., as well as a wireless switch (left). The wireless switch is just a wireless controller and does not need to be connected to a wire.

In essence, the intelligent switch is also a physical control switch, and its meaning is also to control the switch conveniently and quickly, while the final purchase needs to be made according to the actual situation of the room, such as single or double key or triple keypad, single fire or zero fire version.

Based on the ZigBee protocol, there are two functions in the smart switch setting that are worth paying attention to: one is that the switch can be turned on or off regularly, or you can choose a specific time period, which will be more practical for families who like reading hypnosis at night or have children; second, you can change the wireless switch setting so that you can control other intelligent devices by creating automation or scenes.

Also want to give full play to the greatest potential of smart switches, that is, smart switches and other intelligent hardware to enable linkage mode, such as going to the bathroom at night, with human sensors to automatically turn on the lights, no longer pick up the phone to turn on the lights through the APP or go to the dark to find the switch to turn on the lights, so that the traditional home lighting equipment can be completely transformed into intelligent lighting equipment. Of course, it can also be matched with intelligent voice speakers to realize the operation of switching lights.

Generally speaking, both Aqara air conditioning companion and intelligent switch can directly transform traditional air conditioning and lighting equipment into intelligent hardware, which is convenient for users to manage and use. With intelligent gateway and other intelligent hardware can achieve good scene linkage function, at the same time can enhance the interactive experience, so that users can more deeply understand the fun of intelligence. For users who do not want to directly replace intelligent air conditioners or intelligent lighting equipment, it is a part worthy of consideration and experience.

Of course, at the same time, we should also see that the price of Aqara air conditioning partner and smart switch is relatively high. If you want to better experience the fun and convenience brought by interaction, you need to buy other intelligent hardware.

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