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Discounts for JXD quadcopter in Gadgetlocker Singes’ Day


It is one of the biggest Chinese celebrations this year “Singles’ Day”, “11.11”. Well one of the best way to celebrate the Singles’ Day is by getting these amazing drones for a fraction of a cost. It only happens once a year, and Singles day is one of the event where you can get a huge discounts on your purchase, you don’t have to wait for a Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday deals to find an affordable drones, Singles’ Day is the best opportunity to get a great drone for less. And of course our online shopping site recommendation is, one of the top sites for newest tech products and other stuff; they are one of the best when it comes to affordability and ease of buying. Presale or popularly known as preorder is one of their top expertise, new drones, new gadgets are readily available in website.

Well going back to Singles’ Day event, one of the top drone brands JXD will be having a Singles’ Day discounts for their drones, a deal where you can get your favorite JXD drone for less, at least 7 amazing quadcopter drones is available for huge discounts! Without further ado here are the top JXD Quadcopter drones available in this Global Shopping Festival!


JXD No.511 Pterosaurs RC Quadcopter


This is one of the coolest looking drones in the market, a drone that look like a Pterosaurs also known as Pterodactyls, the design is surely a hit for kids, it’s like a robot dinosaur flying in the sky. Well its not just about looks for this drone, the JXD No.511 is also equipped with several features, the drone already comes with propeller protector due to its design, it has the basic flying features, such as forward/backward, sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down, a 6 axis gyro making it very stable in flight with a flight time of 5-6 minutes.


JXD 512W Mini UFO

This one small drone is certainly one of our faves, it’s like a flying camera equipped with several cool drone features, believe it or not the drone supports WIFI FPV, with its 0.3 megapixel camera, it is also a good looking drone, it has a headless mode to avoid orientation problems and one key automatic return functions. Control the drone up to 30 meters with flying time of 8 minutes. If you are looking for a drone with FPV features and don’t want to spend too much, the JXD 512W mini UFO is a one good pick.


JXD 510W 2.4GHz WIFI FPV RC Drone

This one is in the mid-range category an affordable drone loaded with flying features. The JXD 510W has the following flying features: 360 degree eversionheadless mode, one key automatic return,sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down. And of course our favorite, the air press altitude mode, it makes the drone hover at that height at which the joystick is freed, cool right?… it’s a very useful drone feature especially for newbies. The drone has a 0.3MP HD camera and support WIFI FPV, real time transmission to your smartphone. The JXD 510W comes with free landing skid and propeller protector.


JXD 510G 5.8 G WIFI FPV Drone


The drone do have a similar look with the JXD 510W, the same body but under the hood it has more features and higher specs. Still it has the same flying features 360 degree eversionheadless mode, one key automatic return,sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down and the altitude hold mode. The JXD 510G is loaded with much higher camera specs a 2.0MP HD camera, and it comes with a free FPV camera attached to your controller, no need to download an app and use your smartphone as an FPV viewer, the JXD 510G comes with FPV display antenna.


JXD 509W WIFI Real-time Transmission


The JXD 509W is just a JXD 510W when it comes to specs, in fact if you are going to compare the specifications of the two, they are the same drone. The JXD 509W changes is more on the body and not on the inner specs, the 509W has a much better design, more premium looking, this drone looks more like a high end drone when it comes to appearance, but specs wise it’s the same with the JXD 510W.


JXD 509G 5.8G 2.0MP Camera RC Quadcopter

It is basically the same drone, the JXD 509G is a 510G in a different body, the same specs and flying features, but of course it has a much better look. JXD just loaded the cool features of the 510G to the body of 509G, can’t blame the company, the drone has positive reviews, due to its great features and affordable price why change the specs, just load the features in a cool body design. The JXD 509G comes with FPV viewer and with 2.0MP HD camera.


JXD 506G 2.4GHz 4 Channel 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter RTF

One of the newest drone in the JXD arsenal, the JXD 5096G. The drone is dubbed by JXD as the flying camera, with a 2.0MP HD camera and with 50 meters real-time transmission distance, the drone is great for capturing images and videos. Just like other JXD drone the 506G model has the same cool flying features and air press altitude hold, headless mode, one key automatic return and 3D rollover. It is one of the best fully featured drones when it comes to price. And it already comes with different accessories such as landing skid, propeller protector, USB cables and an FPV monitor.


All of the above JXD drones is available for purchase at, they are having a great day sale for Singles’ Day 11.11, if you have plans to get a drone for less, now is the time, check out the website for more details on the JXD Singles’ Day deal for its drones.


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