Dustie DAS135 air disinfector review

Three hairy kids just came into my life.

People say that keeping a pet is like raising a child and taking good care of it. The little guys brought endless fun to my life, but they also forced me to face the scene of “crying without tears” such as the things in my house were knocked over and there was hair everywhere. Of course, none of these can compare with the smell of the room.

The smell of pets at home and the smell from the bathroom are headaches that I face every day. Although I tried many methods, it didn”t help.

It was not until we found the Dustie Dark DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector that the problem was really solved, and the living room where the cats were no longer smelled.

All means are ineffective.

When I first found that there was a bad smell in my house, my first reaction was that I didn’t do enough cleaning. Whether it is the cleaning of pets or the cleaning of bathrooms, according to this line of thinking, as long as you clean carefully every week and bathe your pets on time, you should be able to solve the problem of bad smell. However, immersed in my daily work, I was obviously unable to finish the cleaning on time and quantity, and no matter how timely the cat went to the toilet, bacteria always existed, so I had to find another way to solve the problem.

The first thing I thought of was air freshener. A spray effect stands out, even a little too fierce. The fragrance is indeed rich, but it is also too exciting, and you may even feel some discomfort after smelling it for a long time. Moreover, the germs in the air have not disappeared, but are simply covered up. Until one day, when the fur was convenient at home, the choking smell of air freshener mixed with the smell of cats going to the toilet, which directly made me give up this plan.

Since the air freshener is unreliable, will the air purifier work? The supermarket turned around and took a fancy to a solid air purifier, mainly activated carbon and blue gel, which looks very reliable. However, after the actual use, it has not achieved a better effect than the air freshener, which has no effect.

Deodorization products such as pure activated carbon on the market have also been bought. Deodorization can last for a while, but it should be changed frequently. If the odor adsorption is saturated, it will lose its effect.

The smell is because of bacteria?

To be honest, I haven’t thought about where the smell comes from. In other words, I simply think that the smell comes from not cleaning in time. However, when I cleaned well but still had a bad smell, I thought seriously about why there was a bad smell for the first time.

I checked on the Internet and unexpectedly found that the smell in both pets and bathrooms was caused by bacteria. No matter how carefully I clean, there will be some omissions. This is especially true for pets, even if they are diligent in cleaning, it is difficult to kill all the bacteria, for a long time, there is bound to be a bad smell.

Not to mention the harm of bacteria to the human body. It seems that bacteria are the source of everything, and it is impossible to live without getting rid of it.

How do you get rid of germs? First of all, I don’t want to use anything with a pungent smell such as disinfectant at home. Secondly, I don’t want to buy a bulky air purifier, not to mention spending money. Once I change my place, it’s hard enough to move such a large object.

Why choose Dustie Dahl DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector?

The reason for choosing Dustie Dahl DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector is that it is small in size and can effectively kill the bacteria and viruses that pervade the room. It is based on the principle of ultraviolet sterilization, or more accurately, the active inhalation of 254nmUV-C ultraviolet light through high energy, directly destroying the DNA or RNA, in microorganisms and causing bacteria to die.

Of course, in addition to the extremely strong ability to remove bacteria, there are other reasons for attracting me to choose Dustie Dahl DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector.

First of all, the Dustie D-DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector is designed for internal sterilization. Fan operation active circulation air supply, with washable filter screen, omni-directional sterilization can also filter large particles of pollutants, keep the machine clean and clean, it is also the internal sterilization design, can prevent the previous UV disinfection lamp people can not be present to use worry, safe and more at ease.

Secondly, Dustie Darwin DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector is also equipped with negative ion generator. The negative ion generator can solve the problem of pet odor to the greatest extent, which is very attractive to every family troubled by pet odor. Negative ions can not only remove bacteria, but also improve the vital capacity of the human body, exuberant cell metabolism and improve natural healing power.

Finally, the Dustie D-DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector is small and easy to move at any time, and it can be placed wherever you want, not only for deodorization in the living room, but also for toilets and toilets. In addition, its power consumption is only 9W and turn on 24 hours a day, which is enough to save energy and protect the environment.

Get the real thing: the appearance is quite good, and the operation is simple.

We got the Dustie DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector on the same day we placed the order. When I first started, the machine was really small. The blue appearance looks very pleasing to the eye. The dustie logo is printed on the front of the fuselage, and there is only one entity left to open the key.

The whole is simple and generous, and the appearance is quite high. The top of the machine is equipped with atmosphere lamp design, which can not only avoid unintentional collisions in the middle of the night, but also play the role of decoration. Measured, the light is soft and not dazzling, which can be praised.

There are three eyes on the back of the fuselage and an air inlet on the side.

The indoor air is entered into the machine from here for sterilization treatment, and then discharged from the air outlet on the front of the fuselage.

If you open the top cover, you can see the UV-C ozone-free germicidal lamp inside. For safety reasons, it is better not to open it easily.

Use feeling: really effective.

Since I got the Dustie DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector, I turned on the machine before going to work every day and came home to feel the elimination of the odor at home. In the past, the smell brought by pets in the living room has disappeared, and it has made me understand the meaning of the word “fresh” for a long time.

Obviously, Dustie Dahl DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector does a really good job in dispelling odors.

Not only me, but also the little guy in the family, is much more “lively” than before. Although they will wait quietly when I open the door, most of them can clean up with a wry smile when they see the overturned alarm clock and the scattered magazines in the house.

Well, the little guy is becoming more and more lively and healthier, which is probably a good thing.

You may wonder whether the odor in the bathroom can be effectively removed in addition to pet odor. Of course I didn’t forget to put it in the bathroom. Not only show divine power to remove odor in the bedroom, it also shows the power of efficient deodorization in the bathroom.

Dustie DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector is small and easy to move. It turns on the machine to work in the bedroom before going to work during the day, and changes to the bathroom before going to bed at night to continue to work. In this way, I can play happily with the kids in the bedroom when I get home from work. Getting up in the morning can also enjoy a bathroom full of “sunny smell” and a clean and refreshing environment. Maybe this is happiness.

After experience, I suggest that every pet family should be equipped with a Dustie DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector. After all, you no longer have to worry about the smell at home, and it is the right way to play with your pets.

If you, like me, are obsessed with the smell of pets and toilets, then this Dustie DAS135 ultraviolet air disinfector will be sincerely recommended to you. If there are still young children in your family, then I would like to recommend it to you. Trust me, when you use it, you will regret why you didn’t find this artifact earlier.

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