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FIIL CC vs AirPods: FIIL CC is not inferior to AirPods

FIIL CC vs AirPods: Outlook Design

First, let”s take a look at the comparison of appearance. Whether it is the charge cabin or headphones, AirPods 2 uses a round design style. It is also because most of the Bluetooth headphones on the market are designed like this design, although the first acquaintance is amazing, it is inevitable that some aesthetic fatigue.

By comparison, the tough appearance of the FIIL CC really lit up in front of my eyes, a bit like a small cigarette case. FIIL CC’s charge compartment and headphones are cut by a large number of straight lines, especially the design of headphones, which is extremely square.


In terms of headphone design, FIIL CC uses individual separation technology, headphones, and body of different colors and different materials, so that the body can use a square tube thin-wall injection molding process, combined with minimalist line design so that headphones get a more slender and technological appearance.


Another advantage of this separate design is that the electronic part of the motherboard responsible for transmitting Bluetooth can be separated from the earplug design unit responsible for pronunciation to reduce mutual interference. From Hifi’s point of view, isolating the two parts will make the sound better.


At this stage, most of the Bluetooth headset products on the market are imitating Apple’s design, including some big manufacturers. As a newcomer in the headphone industry, it is very necessary for FIIL to break through the tight encirclement and show its own personality.


FIIL CC vs AirPods: Wearing Experience

The wearing experience of Bluetooth headphones is often the easiest place for consumers to overlook. AirPods 2 weighs 4 grams per ear, while FIIL CC weighs 4 grams per ear as well. In the process of wearing it, I personally can’t feel the difference in weight at all.


In terms of the feeling of wearing and the degree of fit with the ear, both AirPods 2 and FIIL CC are semi-in-ear design, the size and shape of the part of the ear are also similar, and the feeling of wearing is also very similar. Both AirPods 2 and FIIL CC are very stable when shaking their heads very heavily.

FIIL CC vs AirPods: Battery Life

In terms of battery life, after actual testing, AirPods 2 has a single life of about 4-5 hours, which is a benchmark product in similar products. The single battery life of the FIIL CC can reach about 3 hours, which is not as good as that of the AirPods 2, but it is basically enough. With the addition of the FIIL CC charging module, it can provide four additional charges, and the total battery life can reach 15 hours.


AirPods 2 carries the famous Apple H1 chip. In addition to the good performance and power consumption of this H1 chip, what is more, important is that it can seamlessly connect with all Apple devices, which is a pleasure that no other Bluetooth headset manufacturer can enjoy.


However, with the great strides in science and technology in recent years, FIIL CC has also made a lot of progress. FIIL has plugged chips into both headphones so that any headset can be successfully connected, and the left and right headphones can be switched seamlessly. Although it doesn’t have a smooth connection between Apple’s own products. But it also has good user experience in daily use.


FIIL CC vs AirPods: Bluetooth Connection

In terms of the stability of Bluetooth. Measured in the complex office environment, even though two walls, AirPods 2 and FIIL CC can still be stably connected. When it comes to the outdoor open environment, the measured AirPods 2 begins to appear intermittent sound when it is 95 meters away from the playback source, and when it comes to 130m, the sound is completely lost. The measured FIIL CC begins to stutter when it is 80m away from the playback source, and when it comes to 120m, the sound is completely lost.


The delay of the Bluetooth signal is also one of the main reasons why Bluetooth headphones are criticized. To this end, we also carried out practical tests on these two headphones, connect the phone to the Bluetooth headset, run “Arena of Valor” on the phone and use the camera to shoot the game.


After testing the two headphones, import the material captured by the camera into the computer Premiere, and zoom in on the time track to see the final time from the moment the character in the game releases the second skill to the final time of the sound coming out of the headset. Finally, the measured Bluetooth delay of AirPods 2 is about 150ms. The delay of, FIIL CC is about 170ms.


Because the mobile phone tested is that iPhone, AirPods 2 has an innate advantage, the human body can not detect the sense of delay. For FIIL CC, being able to do just a little worse than AirPods 2 is already very good performance. In addition, FIIL CC carries a total of three low-latency modes, which provide targeted solutions for game, music, and video scenarios, which will be explained in the following App section.

FIIL CC vs AirPods: Sound Quality

Next, let’s talk about the sound quality and call quality of these two Bluetooth headsets. As a rock music enthusiast, the first audition was PinkFloyd’s “The Dark Side Of The Moon”. To be honest, these two Bluetooth headsets give me a relatively general sense of hearing, and maybe the FIIL CC will be a little better. The performance of both headphones is relatively insipid, and the sense of hallucination in the work is slightly lacking.


The second audition was Nirvana’s unplugged live classic “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” in New York in 1991. In the performance of this song, I am still quite satisfied that the performance of, FIIL CC is still slightly better than that of AirPods 2. Personally, I feel that the overall tuning orientation of FIIL CC is more low-frequency, which is of great help to the presentation of live music. In particular, Cobain’s restless feeling of accidentally spraying wheat can add a sense of truth.


In fact, after using it for a period of time, it will be obvious that it is not that the sound quality of AirPods 2 is not good enough, but that the training style of AirPods 2 and FIIL CC are two obvious trends. AirPods 2 is the kind of good student who behaves according to the rules. It won’t have too many loopholes, but it won’t surprise you much either. And FIIL’s training is just in line with the taste of rock music lovers, so I think it’s good anywhere. It is like the one with the most distinct personality in the class, although the score is not top, it will always find a way to make you notice its existence.


In addition, let’s introduce FIIL CC’s App: FIIL+. After the FIIL+ App is installed and paired, the current power status of the headset is displayed in the App. At the same time, it can also achieve DSP sound quality enhancement and headphone sound effect adjustment, built-in more than ten preset schemes, users can choose. After turning on the low delay mode, users can switch between game, music, and video modes. The overall impression of the App is very capable, although the page design is very simple, there are a lot of features.


The Verdict

Finally, let’s talk about the choice of these two Bluetooth headsets. The advantage of AirPods 2 is that it has a very good user experience, especially for iPhone users, it can perfectly present the effect of 1+1 > 2, and it also has the brand effect that other Bluetooth headphones can’t match. The disadvantage is that it is a product that has been released for some time, and there has always been a saying that digital products buy new rather than old.


FIIL CC is more cost-effective than AirPods 2. The price is about $99, compared to the brand influence of the product, if you pay more attention to the sound quality and personalized design of the product, maybe this product will be more suitable for you.

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