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Fly? Space travel? Experience future life? Xiaomi VR glasses realize your dreams!

On October 25th, Xiaomi did not just release its two new smartphones but also its standard version Xiaomi VR glasses — which the former toy version VR can not be compared with  at all!

No matter the appearance, the configuration, or the features, they are radically awesome!!

This VR glasses is powered by the Bosch 6 axis motion sensor (IMU), the refresh rate is up to 1600Hz which much quickens the pages switching speed, equips built-in gyroscope, anti-dazzle lenses, 38mm high transmittance lenses, 103 PMMA visual angles, the light transmittance exceeds 93%, the physical adjustment supports maximum 600 degrees shortsightedness and 200 degrees farsightedness. With these configurations, you can with no doubt enjoy a vivid virtual reality world.

To facilitate the users, sweet Xiaomi makes the design of one-key head wearing length adjustment with an adjustable length between 525mm and 630mm. Besides that, these VR glasses support Type-C port which means it can attach to different models of Xiaomi smartphones. The skin contact material is sea-island velvet which is really soft and comfortable.

You know what? Unlike the traditional VR controller, this Xiaomi VR’s controller is the 9 axis somatosensory brand new controller. You can even freely fly on the sky, adjust the visual horizon like you are driving a space ship! This of course ensures amazing video and game performances.

As Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, promised before, he would be always insisted on bringing Xiaomi consumers the best quality products with a cheap price. This applies to theXiaomi VR (Standard version) as well – ONLY 199 RMB (about $30)!!

So cheap so surprising! Our Gearbest will put them on the shelves very soon and the presale is ongoing. This pair of future Xiaomi VR glasses is cool! Don’t wait, go and get the future!



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