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Flying High | Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Racing RC Quadcopter

Boasting an eye-searing maximum speed of 230km/h, the Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Professional Racing RC Quadcopter is designed specifically for those who participate in professional racing.


Designed for maximum performance

A joint collaboration by Ideafly, Flycolor, and Gearbest, the Grasshopper F210 is the result of 6 months of tireless research, methodical revision of the structural drawing, and creating 10 prototype versions to finalize the grasshopper design – and securing the design patent.

The renowned professional RC racer, HMM, who is a regular in international competitions, worked in tandem to set the parameters and modify the design. This ensured that the Grasshopper F210 was able to meet and surpass a professional racer’s strict requirements.

The Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Professional Racing RC Quadcopter is designed from the bottom up to feature high-quality elements, offering racers unprecedented levels of performance.


Accept no limits

As we all know, the single most important aspect in a race competition is speed. However, this is literally effortless for this quadcopter with an amazing maximum speed of 230 km/h – it can easily provide a thrilling racing experience for speed addicts.

Faster than any other copter, it’s an incredible frontrunner.

Experience sublime flight

Regarding flight operation, the mode switch is designed for convenience. With just one button, the user can change the flight mode between self-balancing, altitude hold mode, and manual mode.

The body frame is durable, manufactured from sturdy carbon fiber; the upper board is 1.5mm thick, while the thickness of the arms and the board underneath is an impressive 3.5mm.


Total precision at your fingertips

What’s more, the F3 10DOF flight controller with barometer and compass can deliver a fantastic flight experience by its next-generation CPU, no-compromise I/O, developer-friendly GUI, and compatibility with Oneshot.

The superb 2205 2300KV motors can generate a thrust of up to 1,000g with the imported bearings processed through CNC and 100% dynamic balance.


By racers for racers

Due to its extreme configuration and performance envelope, we are fully confident that the incredible Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Professional Racing RC Quadcopter will become the preferred choice for many RC race competitors.


To learn more and to get yours, it’s available right now at Gearbest at a superb discount and full product guarantee. Just click the below product picture. 


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