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Future Tech: Xiaomi crowdfunded $10 Lunar Sleep Sensor

The Lunar showcases an elegant, beveled design in white. The pebble-sized smart sensor has a premium touch, making it easy on the skin as well as the eyes. Already RoHS certified, it’s equally friendly to the environment. And while the entire sensor is tiny – 44mm x 14.5mm (1.7 x 0.6 inches), and weighing just only 12g (0.4oz) – it proves that less is more with its functionality.

Using it is simplicity itself: just place it under your pillow and it will start to track and monitor your sleep pattern. When the user leaves the bed, it can detect movement and behavior, quickly uploading the date to the cloud in only 2 seconds. Smartphone sync is not required with Lunar.

You can monitor sleep in dynamic real-time, and also supports remote monitoring allowing you to keep track of individual family members, including children and elderly members for peace of mind.

And don”t worry if it may generate electromagnetic waves to damage your health, because it won’t.

Unlike other sleep monitoring devices, what makes the Lunar sensor truly stand out is how it deals with users who have difficulty falling asleep. The sensor will prompt the internal app to automatically play 3D TRIPLE SOUND to trigger the necessary brainwave patterns. All of the music is edited by an independent and original music group (V.Fine Music).

The dedicated app also permits a One Key Call function allowing you to remotely and quietly check the sleeping condition of family members.

Xiaomi built the Lunar to last, it sports a 3.7V 160mA polymer lithium battery utilizing a special low power design. The battery can be fully charged in just one hour using its 5V/1A MicroUSB port but can be used for up to 3 months on a single charge. The standby power consumption is a tiny 7uA. The total working life of this product is rated at over 5000 hours.

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