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Gadgetlocker Exclusive Sale | Ulefone ARMOR beats Samsung S7 Active

However, most 3-proof phones have certain disadvantages: thick, rough designs that are heavy, and provide basic features only – along with a high price.

Gearbest is proud to introduce the innovative next-gen Ulefone ARMOR 3-proof phone which removes all the traditional weaknesses associated with rugged phones and provides incredible features.

Available exclusively on Gearbest, dive into a new world of rugged possibility.

Let take a closer look at this phone and what it’s capable of.


1. Ultimate Design

Ulefone chases the technological extreme. Thanks to precision manufacturing processes, it compresses the Ulefone ARMOR’s thickness to 12.9mm; this compares exceptionally well with other 3-proof cell phones which reach 17mm.

The Ulefone ARMOR is rated IP68 level to achieve a genuine 3-proof standard to fully minimize and reduce the damage risk to the phone. No matter the environment, the ARMOR is built like a tank.


2. Powerful Hardware Configuration

• MT6753 processor Octa core 1.3GHz CPU

• 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM

• 4.7-inch HD Corning® Gorilla® 3 display

• 13MP rear camera + 5MP front camera

• FDD + TDD + CDMA connectivity

• NFC, gyroscope, GPS + GLONASS, and OTG

• 3500mAh huge capacity battery

• Android 6.0 OS

The Ulefone ARMOR utilizes superb powerhouse hardware that sets it apart from other rugged phones in the category. Achieve your full potential without compromise.


3. Comprehensive network compatibility

For most European countries like Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, and Germany, exploration, travel, and hiking are an important part of life.

The Ulefone ARMOR can easily satisfy all their network compatibility and coverage needs: FDD-LTE / TDD-LTE / CDMA / WCDMA / GSM networks are all fully supported. Even in geographical areas as diverse as Japan, South Korea, and South Africa, all the local and regional networks are supported.


4. Price

Compared with the high price of top 3-proof cell phone brands like Cat, Sonim, ZUG, and AGM, Ulefone ARMOR just costs the half the price with a superior feature set and design. Even against the same level products, it costs $70 less.

Take a close look at this picture: the Ulefone AROMOR overwhelmingly beats even the Samsung S7 Active!

With a winning combination of powerful features, excellent performance, and incredible value, the Ulefone ARMOR is the complete package for rugged phone lovers.

Order yours now! The Presale is on right now at Gadgetlocker%20and ends on December 20!


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