Getting started with Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5: the Choice of perfect high cost-effective for path Planning.

“It is people who know how to use and invent tools.”

Throughout the history of human development, it is not difficult to find that every technological progress will liberate mankind from complicated and repetitive labor. The first industrial revolution liberated more people from land production through advanced technological means at that time. The emergence of all kinds of household appliances in modern times has further liberated female productivity, so that they do not have to worry about busy housework and can concentrate on other work. With the rise of smart home in recent years, the home scene is richer, at the same time, it also makes it easier to do housework. Now with the help of all kinds of smart home equipment, we can complete many housework that need to be done in person.

Sweeping the floor is the most common and tedious housework. It takes a lot of time to sweep the floor and mop the floor every time. Now with the sweeping robot, it can replace us to finish the work of sweeping and mopping, so that we have more time at our disposal. Among the many floor-sweeping robots, the floor-sweeping robot product launched by, Roborock technology has been recognized by many users. Now Roborock technology has brought a new generation of product Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5, and the house secretary also got this product at the first time. After using it at home for a few days, I would like to talk about my experience of using it.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5.

LDS lidar depicts home scenes.

“Have inner flavor” is the feeling that Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 brings to the house secretary, who, as a regular user of Roborock robot vacuum cleaner, has been using Roborock robot vacuum cleaner T6. So whether the equipment is connected to the network or a series of settings after that, it has become familiar with the road. After opening Mijia App, you can search for Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 directly, and the home is using a Xiaomi router, so you can directly connect the network without manually entering the password in the distribution network process. This design greatly facilitates those users who can not remember the WiFi password at home, and makes the setting easier.

After the success of the distribution network, it goes directly to the functional interface of Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5, and everything is still so familiar. As a regular user, the Home Secretary strongly recommends that you open the map save mode before using it. After turning on this function, you can “unlock” more functions. The way to open it is very simple, first click on the three dots on the upper right, open the interface and select the robot settings, in which you can see the choice of map save mode, and you can start cleaning for the first time after opening it.

After turning on this function, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 starts from the charging pile, and automatically refills the map after cleaning. Behind this function is the upgrade and exploration of the floor sweeping robot in sensors and algorithms. The original sweeping robot measures the distance according to the circumference of the gear, which has no planning, low coverage and large error. Since then, the floor-sweeping robot has evolved to the era of visual navigation, which locates according to the difference of shooting ceiling, which has the advantages of low cost, high computing load and accuracy affected by light. Now it has evolved into the age of LDS laser.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 is equipped with stone patented Lidar vision patented lidar, which can cruise around 360 degrees to achieve global high precision ranging. With the cutting-edge heterogeneous SLAM algorithm, home maps can be constructed and memorized efficiently and stably even in complex home environments and in a variety of motion states, and the positioning accuracy of the floor sweeping robot is greatly improved. Based on LDS lidar and algorithm, room cleaning path can be reasonably planned, comprehensive coverage and higher efficiency. In the actual cleaning process, you can see the radar in the rapid rotation, at the same time in the App interface can see the map changes in real time, and finally after the cleaning, can generate a clear and complete cleaning map for the user.

The little secret warmly reminded that when the robot is working, the artificial movement of the machine may lead to the failure of positioning and the inability to save the map. After saving the map, if you find that the map or route is chaotic or the cleaning behavior is abnormal, the user can delete the map and clean it again.

“What can you do with the map?”

“It can be divided into different areas according to the room!”

The map management system is implemented on Roborock robot vacuum cleaner T6. According to the map after cleaning, the automatic partition can be carried out on a room-by-room basis. In this way, we can take the room as the cleaning unit, and when you want to clean the bedroom, you can choose the bedroom directly. And Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is a product that can continue to evolve, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner T4 through OTA upgrade, also implemented the map management 3.0 system. This very useful feature is naturally retained on Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5.

Zoning cleaning.

After the first cleaning, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 generated a map of the house. Compared with the household map, we can see that the map generated by Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 fits perfectly with the household map. It should be noted that due to the small steps in the kitchen and bathroom of the house secretary”s home, although Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 has the super obstacle ability of 2cm, it has to be willing but powerless in the face of small steps as high as its own.

Comparison between Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 generated Map and Household Map.

In the process of cleaning, based on the frontier heterogeneous SLAM algorithm, the positioning accuracy in complex environment is improved, so that Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 can easily achieve high coverage and cleaning of the whole house. As can be seen in the actual roadmap, the cleaning route of the, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 is still very efficient and simple even in the face of a complex (messy) home environment.

Set up cleaning restricted area and virtual wall motion map.

In addition to dividing the cleaning tasks according to the room, you can also set up virtual walls and cleaning restricted areas in App, and users can also divide areas to clean according to their own needs. For example, users who own cats at home can set up prohibited areas for cleaning in the areas of cat drinking fountains and cat food bowls to prevent accidents. Users who have carpets at home do not have to worry. You can turn on the carpet pressurization mode in App to effectively clean the residual hair debris on the carpet.

Smarter sweeping robot.

Before using the floor-sweeping robot, the parents of the house secretary had the impression that the floor-sweeping robot was expensive, stupid and not clean, which was summed up as “worthless” in one word. Indeed, the first batch of not-so-clever floor-sweeping robots left a stereotyped impression on many people, stuck at the bottom of the bed and requiring the use of physical virtual walls, which not only did not make cleaning more convenient, but also added a lot of annoyance. But good things will gradually replace bad things, and smart floor-sweeping robots will also replace stupid floor-sweeping robots.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5.

The sensor is the ear, mouth and nose of the floor sweeping robot, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 the whole machine is equipped with 13 kinds of sensors, these sensors constitute the three heads and six arms of the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5, together with the AI algorithm, the sweeping robot can reasonably plan the cleaning route and let the sweeping robot finish cleaning, refilling and relieving difficulties on its own, even if no one is at home, the, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 can successfully complete the cleaning task, and cooperate with the regular cleaning function, the floor sweeping robot also works at home when going to work. The floor sweeping robot recharges automatically after work, and it doesn’t need to worry about cleaning at all.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5.

Good cleaning effect requires hard power, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 with the highest 2000Pa strong fan, intelligent speed regulation unilateral brush with independent induction adjustment function, floating main brush made of special nylon material and sealed air duct to easily remove hair, dust, debris and even soybeans, broken rice grains and small steel balls from the ground. In the picture, you can see that the floating dust and hair debris on the ground have been cleaned clean.

Sweep the floor clean, mop the floor also clean, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 also has the function of mopping, and then set a 180ml adjustable water tank, which can adjust the amount of water output and accurately control the amount of water output. In order to get a better use experience, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 is equipped with a large 5200mAh battery, whether it is a one-bedroom, two-bedroom or three-bedroom, which can be easily done. When the power is low, it can automatically find the charging pile to recharge. It also supports intelligent power-off and continuous cleaning, and determines the charging capacity according to the remaining uncleaned area.

In the era of the Internet of everything, any intelligent product is not only a single smart product, but also a part of the whole intelligent ecosystem, and there are more choices in the face of the numerous intelligent ecosystem, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 on the market. Whether it is Xiao AI students, Tmall genie or small intelligent speakers, you can control the work of the floor sweeping machine by voice, which is not only a simple control to turn on and off, but also voice query information such as the remaining power of Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5, so that Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 can really integrate into each ecology.

The end.

To the house secretary, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 is like a bosom friend we haven’t seen for years. Although we haven’t seen each other for many years, we have kept in touch, so it has many characteristics that I am familiar with. After the meeting, through a few days to get along, let me know more of the bright spots that it has not shown to me, these bright spots also make the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P5 more perfect.

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