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Gigabyte RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING OC WHITE 8G review: is a good-looking graphics card

However, the graphics card still has to be used, so we still have to do a good review to see how this graphics card performs in addition to its beautiful appearance.

1. The frequency is the same as that of the public edition.

2. Wind power heat dissipation system, white shell.

The power of the wind is also a cooling system that gigabyte has used for many years, and the effect is very outstanding. In addition, the appearance of the graphics card has also been changed into a new white appearance.

3.1677 color RGB signal lamp.

The graphics card can also synchronize lights through RGB Fusion 2.0″s AORUS products.

4. It can be upgraded with a four-year warranty.

One of the highlights of this graphics card is that users only need to register on the official website to get an additional one-year warranty.. I have to say that this service is really worthy of praise.

Performance test:   

The frequency of the graphics card is so high, so let’s first see how strong the graphics card is. The performance measurement is divided into two parts: the theoretical performance test and the game measurement. Considering the positioning of the graphics card, the theoretical performance test uses the FireStrike Ultra of 3DMark’s 4K running score item, the most widely used running score item FireStrike Extreme, the Time Spy to test the performance of the graphics card DX 12 and the Port Royal needed for the light pursuit test.

Compared with the graphics card, we added the results of the public version of RTX 2080 RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 Super, because the nominal frequency is the same, and the performance of this card is theoretically the same as that of the public version of RTX 2070 Super.

In terms of games, we have selected 5 games, mainly the latest, hottest and most classic games, which can cover the needs of most gamers.

Performance test summary:Although the gigabyte RTX 2070 Super frequency is the same as that of the public version, the actual number of frames is higher than that of the public version, obviously because the BOOST frequency of this card is actually higher than that of the public version in the game.

Compared with the performance of the graphics card, what kind of user experience the graphics card will bring may be what we pay more attention to when we buy the graphics card. This link pays more attention to the noise, temperature, and power consumption control performance of the graphics card. In order to make the chart beautiful, the name of the graphics card has been abbreviated.

Power consumption test:

Since it is impossible to test the power consumption of a particular hardware alone, the following is the power consumption of the entire platform, the full load of the graphics card is the peak power consumption of the whole machine in the 3DMark stress test, and the game power consumption is the peak power consumption of BenchMark when the “Singularity Ash” 1080p resolution is selected.

Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super performance is a little higher than the public version, and the natural power consumption is also a little higher.

Stability test:

We use 3DMark’s FireStrike Ultra stress test to conduct a rigorous audit of the graphics card, and 97% of the test pass rate is passed. Gigabyte this graphics card performs well and stably passes the test with a score of 99.5%, indicating that the stability of the graphics card is very good. Click on the big image and we can find that the peak frequency of the graphics card is 1980MHz. .

Temperature measurement :

Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super performed very well in the temperature test.The full load is only 62 degrees, which is as much as 10 degrees lower than the public edition.The heat dissipation system with the force of the wind is really fierce.

Noise test:

The noise test section shows the strength of gigabyte in heat dissipation, the full load is only 50 decibels, the sound is very low, and our test platform is open. If you put it in the chassis, you won’t be able to detect the sound.

About noise:

0-20 decibels: very quiet, almost imperceptible; 20-40 decibels: quiet, like whispering; 40-60 decibels: general indoor conversation; 60-70 decibels: noisy: damaging nerves; 70-90 decibels: very noisy, nerve cells damaged. 90-100 decibels: increased noise, hearing loss; 100-120 decibels: unbearable, stay for a minute will temporarily cause deafness. Over 120dB: extremely deafness or total deafness; about 300dB or more: irreversible deafness in people with 20km.

Summary of user experience tests:Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super performed perfectly in this segment. Instead of trading high noise for low temperature, we rely on a powerful radiator to achieve a good level of temperature and noise control.

The outer packaging of the graphics card is the same as the ordinary version of the GAMING series.

In fact, the shape is the same as GAMING, but after changing into a white shell, the appearance has been instantly improved a few grades?

Three 82mm blade fans, according to the official website, the fan located in the center rotates in the opposite direction to the left and right fans, so that the air flow of the adjacent fans leads to a unified direction, strengthening the wind pressure and reducing disturbance, thus guiding the air flow to effectively discharge heat from the upper and lower sides of the video card, making the overall heat dissipation performance higher.

The graphics card Goldfinger is gigabyte’s LOGO, indicates that it is a non-public version of PCB..

Top RGB belief lamp design.

Equipped with 8+6Pin power supply, it is sufficient for non-limit overclocking users. In addition, there is a DEBUG indicator above the power supply interface, which can indicate whether the graphics card has normal power supply.

NVlink interface, two identical GPU can be connected by GeForce RTX NVLink Bridge bridge.

The graphics card uses a white metal back plate, which not only makes it more beautiful, but also has the effect of strengthening the strength and heat dissipation of the video card.


Interface configuration of 2DP+1HDMI+1USBC.

Non-public version of PCB design, the overall view is still very regular.

High definition TU104-410 core close-up.

Graphics card material for 8-phase 2-phase power supply design, this material is more luxurious.

From the magnesium light video memory, a total of 8 constitute the 8GB video memory capacity.


Gigabyte RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING OC WHITE 8G not only has a good appearance, but also has a very good user experience, and is an “all-round player”. In addition, more importantly, gigabyte also provides the official website to register for a four-year warranty, which is undoubtedly a benefit for consumers. So, in the face of such a graphics card, are you moved?

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