GoPro HERO7 Vlog Experience

The emergence of GoPro perfectly solves this problem, and the lightweight, compact, wide-angle lens is perfect to meet the needs of the Vloger selfie. But the gray-and-black color matching of straight men has deterred many young sisters, but it doesn”t matter. GoPro¬† officials recently launched a small, fresh color scheme like a GoPro HERO7 Black, “puppy” in Twilight White, with a comfortable feel that is instantly recommended.

GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White Limited Edition set is packed in a bright white carton. After opening it, you can feel the sweetness of the “accessories manufacturer” GoPro, and the complete set can help you instantly become Vloger. The package contains a 64GB SanDisk TF memory card, and the write speed in 60MB/s can easily meet the needs of 4K60FPS shooting. In addition, there are handheld kits and spare batteries. Two 1220mAh batteries can basically satisfy your shooting for a day. The comfortable handheld kit allows you to shoot Vlog easily. & nbsp;

The GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White of¬† adopts milky white color, adding light gray on the basis of pure white, which is more resistant to dirt than pure white, and breaks my previous stereotype of GoPro gray and black color matching. The color matching is close to the color of milk, so it is no wonder that officials are affectionately called “puppies” in publicity.


GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White changed the classic Logo, of the past to “color superposition” the entire Logo to gray, adding a touch of serenity to the milky white body, making it more concise and integrated than the front of the GoPro¬†HERO6,. The design style is more Nordic, and the color matching of “high-grade gray” is more textured, which often gives me the illusion that this is a fashion item.


Battery compartment under the  fuselage is designed as always with side push open battery compartment with TF card slot and battery slot. The battery and the previous generation of batteries use the same model, 1220mAh capacity, due to the use of the same type of battery, so there is no need to worry about battery waste when you have an old GoPro on hand and want to upgrade. There are no major changes at the top of the fuselage of

GoPro HERO6 but the careful editor found that the twilight Mic hole of GoPro HERO7 Black  is slightly larger than that of GoPro HERO6, which also means that GoPro HERO7 Black has a great improvement in radio. After all, the importance of radio for Vloger is self-evident. In addition, the top material has also been upgraded from granular texture to skin-friendly glue surface, which has both good feel and anti-disposal properties.


To sum up, in terms of appearance, GoPro HERO7 Black is not much different from the previous generation of products, but the color matching of GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White is very pleasing. Except for the change of Logo style, GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White seems to be “overdone” and more rounded. No matter which side it is, it lacks GoPro¬†. The grain texture of “Ma Ma Lai Lai” on HERO6, such a design, is bound to be more popular with female consumers. & nbsp;


Scientin body finished, let’s take a look at the classic Shorty handheld kit, Shorty handheld kit also uses a new color matching, compared with the body color matching is a little grayer, the telescopic rod is matte metal, but the whole is very light, visual observation is aluminum alloy. Although it is exactly the same as the previous generation except for color matching, it is also good to feel comfortable.


It¬† must have been introduced just now, and you already know something about the GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White suit, so let’s turn it on and actually have a hand-to-hand experience.


Secretn needs to pay attention to that the factory setting of GoPro is NTSC standard, when it is used in China, there is a high probability of strobe in indoor lighting, so you need to switch to PAL format in the preference-region-video format. Space is limited, the specific principle here is not too much popular science, you can check the difference between NTSC and PAL standards.


GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White with Shorty handheld kit can be used for some Vlog shooting. When GpPro develops to & nbsp;HERO7 generation, handheld shooting can achieve very high stability. In pal mode, GoPro HERO7 Black¬† Twilight White supports up to 1080p 200FPS shooting, which can reach 60FPS even in 4K mode, which means that a very cool “slope change” can be achieved through later editing. When recording Vlog,


It can be set to 1080p 25FPS, which can satisfy the fluency of the picture, and the lower shutter also brings a large amount of light, which ensures the brightness of the picture.


When you sign in at the scenic spot, you can set it to 1080p 100FPSpr 25% of the upgrade slow motion is enough to support the smooth slope speed change. As the saying goes, the pressure is not enough, upgrade to get together.



It has been a pain point for several generations of GoPro. After recording Vlog, it is found that the sound is slightly empty, but in the GoPro HERO7 Black  generation, there is basically no need to worry about this problem. After testing, GoPro HERO7 Black brings a good listening experience both indoors and outdoors where the environment is slightly noisy.

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