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GPS tracker for the car: monitor your vehicle in real time for only $25

Current technology allows you to know the location of your vehicle wherever you are: you only need a GPS device to be able to track your car”s situation in real-time. If your car does not have one as standard, for only 32 euros you can buy this GPS locator from Gearbest, an interesting device that offers you interesting functions not only to be able to monitor where your vehicle is, but also to listen to what is what happens inside or sound an alarm in case they try to steal it.

Although car safety measures have improved over the years, thieves have also perfected their techniques and, unfortunately, car thefts remain the order of the day. In addition to using anti-theft systems, another measure you can take is the installation of a GPS tracker for the car like this one from Gearbest, since in this way you can know the location of your vehicle at all times.

GPS locator for the car with real-time tracking, microphone and burglar alarm for $25

The device is very easy to install and use. You can place it in any part of your car thanks to its magnetic adhesion, and it is also waterproof so that it does not get damaged if it gets wet with rain if you decide to place it hidden on the outside.

This GPS locator works with a SIM card, is able to track the location even indoors and allows you to save the location history for six months. In addition, it incorporates a microphone through which you can listen to what is happening in your vehicle, and it also has an alarm in case the glass is broken or if the car is taken by the crane.

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