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HIFIMANA NANDA-BT using experience: put on headphones and listen to real music



If you know anything about men”s products, the moment you see HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT, you will know, “well, it’s men’s products.” It can be seen as the wireless version of HIFIMAN ANANDA, and the relationship between the two can be clearly seen in the evolution tree of HIFIMAN flat-panel headphones.


In the design, the ANANDA-BT in the hands of the overall main tone of black, supplemented by silver embellishment, so that this headset from the appearance of more texture and grade, people can feel at first glance that the price is not cheap. There is an English logo of HIFIMAN on the left and an English logo of ANANDA-BT on the right at the junction of the head beam, which allows people to distinguish the relationship between it and ANANDA. The headset adopts asymmetric design, combined with the classic droplet-shaped silver louver grille open structure, this design makes the sound more natural, transparent and balanced, can greatly reduce sound reflection and obtain purer sound.


The silver louver grille is a flat cavity with ANANDA-BT earmuffs on the opposite side. It is understood that the outside of the earmuff is made of leather, which can absorb a certain amount of sound and prevent the side of the earmuff from leaking sound. The fitting part of the face is made of high permeability material, which ensures that the sound is real, transparent and makes it more comfortable to wear. It is worth mentioning that the ANANDA-BT earmuff is so large that it can wrap the whole ear directly inside, and it will not press the ear even if it is worn for a long time.


Compared with HIFIMAN ANANDA, HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT body integrated circuit board, Bluetooth module and battery, but the good thing is that it uses aluminum alloy unit bracket to control the weight at 495g, and through the mixed structure of the head beam, through the special leather headband to spread the weight everywhere, although you can feel the weight of the headset when wearing, but not too heavy.

Not as strong as cable earphone

ANANDA BT as a Bluetooth headset, while canceling the headphone cable, the headphone body is equipped with additional cables connecting units on both sides, a Type-C interface for charging / transmitting data, a multi-function key and a special charging key. In general, the common Bluetooth headset volume adjustment button does not appear on the body, when in use, you need to adjust the volume through the mobile phone. It should be noted that although ANANDA BT is equipped with a 3.5mm interface, music cannot be played after connecting the cable. After inquiry, it is learned that the microphone input interface of the interface, and playing music through the cable needs to be realized through Type-C.


Through this design, we can find that on ANANDA-BT, HIFIMAN wants users to send out their wires and listen to more songs via Bluetooth. In order to realize this wish, HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT supports wireless transmission schemes including LDAC, APTX-HD and Huawei HWA. It is no exaggeration to say that, ANANDA BT supports the highest standard wireless transmission scheme, which subverts the cognitive view of many people. The biggest benefit of

Supporting so many wireless transmission protocols is that HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT becomes not picky about food. If you are using a Huawei mobile phone, then you can use the HWA transport protocol to connect, and if you are using a phone with a Qualcomm processor, you can use protocols such as APTX to connect, so that people can listen to more authentic and clearer music through different lossless transfer protocols no matter which front end they use to play music.


Of course, if you are a nostalgic person, stubbornly want to use cable to listen to music, HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT can also meet your needs. As mentioned above, you also need to change the habit of listening to music on cable. HIFIMAN plugs a whole “prince core” into this product to support 24Bit/192KHz sampling in USB-DAC mode. This combination can be seen as getting the auditory experience of R2R2000 + wired ANADA in a wired state.

In the operation of function keys, ANANDA-BT is also simplified as far as possible. In playback mode, click the multi-function key to turn on / pause playback. When there is a phone, click the multi-function button to answer the phone, press for 2 seconds to refuse to answer the phone, after the call is over, quickly hit the multi-function button twice, you can hang up. When you need to charge, press the charging button for two seconds to switch to the charging mode. If you are in USB playback mode, press for two seconds to achieve the playback-charging mode. In actual use, you can become familiar with the operation logic of ANANDA-BT after a few more attempts.

Sound quality and sense of hearing

It has always been called metaphysics to evaluate the sound quality of headphones, but there are obvious differences between headphones at different prices and using different technologies. HIFIMAN as a veteran driver in the field of ploughing flat panel diaphragm headphones, through technical means to optimize so that HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT has the characteristics of unpicky equipment, strong resolution, excellent sound quality and so on. In the

Test, the front end of the editor was Samsung S10, and the audio decoder chose LDAC, audio sampling rate of 96kHz. I listened to Cai Qin’s “Ferry”, the Eagles'”Hotel California”, Zhang Liangying’s “unparalleled” and Chen Baiqiang’s “just like you”.

The first song is Cai Qin’s “Ferry”. As a well-known audition, the editor has also tried to listen to it many times, and ANANDA-BT gives me the impression that it is true. The first three drums can tell that the dive of the ANANDA-BT is powerful and elastic, very solid, and the transient control is very strong. When Cai Qin’s voice comes out, you can hear that the human voice is relatively front, but it is very clear, there is no feeling of being pasted, and the intermediate frequency is very full, which makes Cai Qin’s very delicate voice appear more mellow.

In Hotel California, it embodies the strong analytical power of HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT and the construction of sound field. When the applause goes off for 20 seconds, the rendering of the environment can pull you into the atmosphere of the whole song. And when 1 minute 20 seconds, from the mind can construct the whole sense of painting, whether it is applause, the sound of the band, cheers have their clear position, from far to near, each sound can be heard very clearly, not muddy at all. In the first half of

“Unparalleled in the World”, there is a long part of Zhang Liangying’s cappella. The unique granular sensation of breathing sound, swallowing sound and vocal cords are perfectly analyzed and restored, and the treble part of the sound becomes very pure and free of impurities, with less sound dye, highlighting Zhang Liangying’s real voice. “unexpectedly like you” in the performance of ANANDA-BT is also amazing, high-frequency is not harsh, at the same time, high-frequency hierarchical, extremely strong quality.


With the increasing integration of electronic products, wireless has become a major trend. HIFIMAN also conforms to the trend of the times and takes the lead in launching ANANDA-BT. At present, in the field of wireless Bluetooth headphones, ANANDA-BT is invincible all over the world. Even in the field of wired headphones, the quality of ANANDA-BT can also play most of the wired headsets. Perhaps the only drawback of ANANDA-BT is that open design only allows users to enjoy real music at home, but this may not be a drawback, after all, music is full of personal preferences and taste, but also need to calm down and listen to it.

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