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Hisense F40 Review: a thousand-yuan machine with both large battery and appearance

As the saying goes, “money should be spent on the edge”. Now many thousand-yuan machines use their limited budget to highlight their practicality, such as bigger screens, larger batteries and so on. In addition, many thousand yuan phones inherit the first two features, but also do not forget to “beautify” the appearance of the phone or even the sense of grip, so that the phone is more handy to use.

A few days ago, Hisense Mobile launched a practical 1000-yuan mobile phone, the Hisense mobile phone F40, which has a built-in 5000mAh battery and can handle the daily use of the day. At this time, the question is, how does this phone balance its price and configuration? Is this phone worth buying? These are the questions we have to answer in review.

The appearance is simple and not simple.

For a long time, “good-looking” seems to be difficult to connect with a thousand yuan phone, not to mention a mobile phone with a 5000mAh battery. With this saying, a “brick”-like mobile phone image appears in our minds, but there are always exceptions. In fact, the Hisense mobile phone F40 also ensures its own frivolity and sense of grip on the premise of built-in large batteries.


Hisense mobile phone F40.

The front of the Hisense F40 phone features a 6.52inch pole drip screen at 20:9, a special screen ratio that makes the phone look slender and narrower to make it easier for users to hold. This is undoubtedly very friendly for small hands or for female users. It is worth noting that the 20:9 screen can show more screen content in the same picture, which is especially obvious when browsing Weibo and watching the news. In addition, due to the water drip screen and the narrow borders on the left and right sides, the phone achieves a screen share of 89%.


Hisense mobile phone F40.

The middle frame of the phone is brightened to make it look more exquisite. The right side of the Hisense F40 body is from top to bottom, with a volume key on the left and a Harry key on the left. by default, press to turn on the camera and long press to exhale the voice assistant. It is worth noting that when other applications are displayed on the screen, click to turn on the split screen function.


Hisense mobile phone F40.

The back of Hisense phone F40 is also brightened, and the one in my hand uses extreme night black color, but it will show a metal-like luster in the light, giving a little surprise to pure black. In addition, the frame with bright side treatment is also used to form a visual unity. It is worth noting that the speaker at the bottom of the fuselage has done a little bulge treatment, the advantage of this design is to prevent the phone from blocking the sound when it is flat on the desktop, so that the sound can be released as much as possible.


Hisense mobile phone F40.

The phone uses post-fingerprint identification and carries a combination of four photos. Note that the four-camera combination and the Hisense logo at the bottom of the fuselage are basically kept on a horizontal line, and the flash is arranged independently of the four-camera, concise and design-friendly.

5000mAh saves endurance anxiety.

For today”s smartphones, the importance of long range is self-evident. Hisense phone F40 equipped with MediaTek P60 processor, supplemented by the highest 6GB+256GB memory combination, with 5000mAh large battery, such battery capacity is undoubtedly considerable in the thousand-yuan machine, can fully meet the daily normal use. In addition to the hardware level, the phone has also made corresponding power-saving optimizations in software.


Super power saving mode.

Hisense F40 also has a variety of built-in power-saving options, such as one-button power-saving, power-saving mode, super-power-saving mode, power consumption ranking, power management, etc., to help you use your phone under different power conditions. It is worth noting that when the super power-saving mode is turned on, the phone’s background turns black, leaving only six apps available. In addition to the preset phone number, contact person, and information, users can choose the other three applications on their own.

In addition, the phone also has built-in AAL backlight adjustment technology, the application of intelligent grouping technology, system fast sleep technology three major power-saving technologies to further improve the phone’s battery life.

Under the support of software and hardware, what level can the battery life of Hisense mobile phone F40 reach? I chose the mainstream app to test the phone’s battery life in the following order: 30-minute Sina Weibo, 30-minute Jinri Toutiao, 30-minute Douyin, 30-minute bilibili video (1080p) and 30-minute “Masters Honor”.


Endurance test table.

After testing, Hisense mobile phone F40 consumes 4% power when browsing Sina Weibo for 30 minutes, browsing Jinri Toutiao for 30 minutes, using Douyin for 30 minutes, playing bilibili 1080p video for 30 minutes, playing “King of Honor” for 30 minutes, consuming 9%, browsing Jinri Toutiao for 30 minutes, browsing Jinri Toutiao for 30 minutes, using Toutiao for 30 minutes, playing 1080p video for 30 minutes, playing for 30 minutes. This kind of standby flight performance is still good.

The four-photo group is very interesting.

The Hisense phone F40 has a rear four-camera combination, including a 13 million-pixel master camera, a 2 million-pixel macro camera, a 8 million-pixel wide-angle camera and a 2 million-pixel depth-of-field camera. Just from the combination of lens types, this phone can handle most daily photo scenes, not to mention, just look at the sample.

Hisense mobile phone F40 sample sheet.

Hisense mobile phone F40 sample sheet.

In the well-lit scene, the overall look and feel of Hisense mobile phone F40 sample is not bad, the picture is also relatively clean, and the photos are layered. And the brightness is properly controlled, there is no obvious over-exposure, high color saturation, please the eyeball, more suitable to share to the circle of friends.

Wide angle is not turned on.

Open wide angle.

In addition, the phone is equipped with a 8 million-pixel wide-angle lens, which can not only make the scenery wider, but also make the subject more tall and tall. For example, in the sample sheets of this group of trees, after turning on the wide-angle mode, the tree appears to be more tall and straight, and the details such as branches and branches are well preserved.

Hisense mobile phone F40 macro sample sheet.

Hisense mobile phone F40 macro sample sheet.

Hisense mobile phone F40 macro sample sheet.

Hisense mobile phone F40 macro sample sheet.

Hisense mobile phone F40 macro sample sheet.

If you can shoot a big one, you can also take a small one. The Hisense phone F40 has a 2 million-pixel macro camera and supports 3cm macro shooting, but the macro mode needs to be turned on manually. After turning on the macro mode, it does maintain a good definition when shooting at close range, and with the effect of depth of field, the photos are more layered, such as the above samples of green leaves and grass.

Write at the end.

Back to the question I raised at the beginning, the Hisense phone F40 is equipped with a series of configurations such as 5000mAh battery, 13 million-pixel four-camera combination, 6.52in screen and so on, within its own limited cost, to meet the needs of users as much as possible, especially the existence of large batteries, which can fully meet the needs of daily life. Thanks to the 5000mAh battery and a series of power-saving optimization technologies, this phone has a longer life, and if battery life is a rigid requirement for you, you can add this phone to your shopping cart.

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