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Huawei Router A2 review: reconstructs home network security new benchmark

Compact design will not take up extra space

Our common routers are either teeth and claws, or rigid, placed at home, not only easy to destroy the overall style of home decoration, but also occupy a lot of space, at the same time, a lot of time, the extra lights on the router will also frighten people when it gets up at night, and it shudders when you think about it.

Huawei Router A2 Package

Huawei Router A2 is different from the traditional router”s small and lovely appearance, the cylindrical design gives people a kind of concise beauty. The whole body is white, and it is easier to integrate with the style of modern home decoration.

On the indicator light, Huawei Router A2 does not make any unnecessary settings, and only a crescent light is set at the bottom, which can show different colors of light, which is not only beautiful, but also does not cause too much light pollution, and at the same time, it also gives users a clear picture of the running status of the router. 

The back design of Huawei Router A2 also follows a simple design style, with only some functional interfaces set at the lower part, such as power interface, WAN/LAN adaptive network port and reset hole.

Here, the secretary of the house must talk about the four WAN/LAN adaptive network ports in detail, which is the biggest difference between this design and the traditional router. The advantage of the WAN/LAN adaptive interface is that users no longer have to worry about plugging the WAN port wrong with the LAN. Whether it is the network cable separated by the optical cat or the broadband cat, or the network cable to be used to connect devices such as desktops, users are free to choose the interface connection. The house secretary likes this casual feeling very much.

Huawei Router A2 interface 

Easy setup and connection

If you want to use one word to describe the experience of using Huawei Router A2, Zaixiaomi feels that “simple” is the most appropriate word. Because the word runs through the entire experience of Huawei router A2.

First of all, let’s talk about the simplicity of configuration. Huawei Router A2 is taken out of the package, users only need to check the network cable to any WAN/LAN network cable interface, and power it up at the same time, most of the process of using it is completed.

Then comes the configuration features of all routers. Huawei router A2 can be easily configured through a wireless connection on a mobile phone, and it is even easier if you can download a Huawei Smart Life APP.

The whole configuration process can be completed in three steps, in which users who dial up the Internet through broadband need one more step to set up their broadband accounts and passwords. If the user is directly connected to the optical cat, it only takes a simple step to complete the setup connection of the router. It is recommended to install a Huawei Smart Life APP, because more functions also need to be controlled through this APP.

Huawei router A2 setup process

In the configuration steps, you may notice that 2.4GHz and 5GHz do not need to be set separately like traditional routers, because Huawei Router A2 can automatically identify the network band to which the device needs to connect and intelligently allocate it. So, whether your device needs to be connected to 2.4GHz or 5GHz, all you need to do is connect to a network with the same SSID name.

Zhaoshi also noticed that Huawei Router A2 provides users with a triple-band 2200m high-speed Wi-Fi, which includes the above-mentioned 2.4GHz, 5GHz (low frequency band) and 5GHz (high frequency band). At the same time, it supports the integration of three bands, automatically connects the better frequency bands for the devices, and evenly distributes the 5GHz devices to the two 5GHz bands to achieve load balancing and ensure multiple connections.

 Huawei Router A2 touches the network

In addition, when the network is configured, if someone needs to connect to the network, he happens to be using an Android phone with NFC function. Then, as long as you gently touch the top of Huawei Router A2 with your mobile phone, a dialog box on whether to connect to the network will pop up, and users can simply click OK to access the network, which is convenient and fast. It should be noted that as soon as the user touches the Internet, the user needs to ensure that the phone is in a bright screen unlocked state.

Wide signal coverage 

Signal coverage effect is always an important selling point of router products. Huawei Router A2 is equipped with six independent high-power signal amplifiers and six signal receivers, which greatly improves the signal transmission power and reception sensitivity. so that some large and medium-sized households in modern families can be well covered. As the secretary of the house has not yet owned a large or medium-sized house in Didu, the test of signal coverage is still chosen in the office of the CNMO house.

  As shown in the following figure:

Signal test room household chart, red dot for the test point

From the test results, Huawei Router A2. There is almost no difference in network speed between the six test points, and the speed can be maintained stable. This means that the signal coverage of Huawei Router A2 is not only wide enough, but also stable. It is believed that the number of square meters occupied by the CNMO house secret office can basically guarantee the use needs of ordinary families.

Three major aspects of Internet security to build a new home network

As mentioned by the Home Secretary at the beginning, today’s home network, in addition to user experience (coverage, speed) is more important is security. With more and more smart devices in the home, if people with ulterior motives control the home network, the consequences are really unimaginable. As the door of the home network, the security protection provided by the router is essential! Huawei Router A2 provides measures to protect the security of family members on the Internet from three aspects:

1. Smart device safe box

Friends who are familiar with Huawei must know that Huawei owns a series of HiLink smart home devices, even if the user’s home is not HiLink series smart home products, Huawei Router A2 smart device safe can provide security. The only difference is that HiLink smart home devices can automatically enter the smart device safe, while other devices need to be added manually. In this safe, Huawei Router A2 protects them from LAN devices and limits abnormal connections to IoT devices. In addition, Huawei Router A2 can provide prevention functions from the network side to ensure the network security of smart home devices, such as peeping of home security cameras, monitoring of smart speakers, cracking of smart door locks and so on.

2. Children’s online protection

Nowadays, more and more children are proficient in operating smart devices, such as smart phones, from an early age. Prior to this, there was also a large number of news that children spent a lot of money in mobile games through their parents’ mobile phones. As the child’s own self-control is weak, how to guide the child to surf the Internet correctly and green is a lesson that parents must learn. Relying on simply not letting children have access to smart devices will undoubtedly have little effect, and at the same time, it is easy to cause conflicts between parents and children. Therefore, at this time, it seems to be the best choice to control the device from the network side.

Child protection settings for different devices

Huawei Router A2 has also made a very good design in this regard. Through Huawei Smart Life APP, parents can restrict their children’s online time, online payment, playing games, watching videos, online social networking and other behaviors, so as to reasonably plan their children’s online time and help them form a good Internet habit. It can effectively prevent children from indulging in games, videos and other applications. In addition, Huawei Router A2 can also block some bad websites so that children can surf the Internet healthily.

In the actual test, Zhai Xiaomi first invited colleagues to connect to the network assumed to be routed through Huawei A2. Then, Internet access restrictions were imposed on everyone’s different devices. For example, some people restricted social interaction, and soon they heard there shouting, “Oh, why can’t WeChat go up?” Some people restrict video and listen to the other side whisper, “Why can’t this network browse Douyin?” . Seeing such rapid results, the little secretary could not help thinking that this is also an artifact for the company to ensure that employees do not wander away from work.

3. The elderly online protection

Families, of course, they are not as addicted to the Internet as children, but in the process of surfing the Internet, they are often targeted by some fraudulent Internet trash. For example, fake travel ticket websites, false winning information, fake shopping websites, fake bank websites and so on. Huawei Router A2 also has the function of automatic blocking for these sites, which can better ensure the green Internet access of the elderly at home.

In addition, in addition to the above three major function points, the secretary also found that Huawei Router A2 also has Wi-Fi access authorization, even if a new device accesses the network through a password, it also needs to be authorized by the owner to access the Internet. This function greatly prevents strangers from scraping the Internet by cracking the software. In addition, the Wi-Fi anti-brute force cracking function of Huawei Router A2 can also prevent APP from violently cracking network passwords such as “Wi-Fi master key”.

Specific application acceleration function

Of course, in addition to limitations, Huawei router A2 also provides application-specific acceleration. First of all, Zhai’s favorite is the mobile game acceleration feature, which is also found in Huawei’s other routing products. To experience this service, first of all, your phone needs to be Huawei, and the system needs more than EMUI9.0.


Actual measurement, now the more popular “Honor of Kings”, “Game for Peace” and so on, can recognize that the device is playing and automatically provide accelerated services. In the company test, when the company tested mobile games, 460 often occurred because the network conditions were unstable, while the network set up through Huawei Router A2 did not appear 460 in the process of playing the game. this experience is really great!


In addition, with the development of Internet applications, many children can listen to online lessons at home. Huawei Router A2 also fully takes into account the importance of this part of the scene. It provides the function of network course acceleration, ensures the priority forwarding of network course data through intelligent business identification, greatly reduces Wi-Fi packet loss and delay, and supports cooperation with VIPKid server to automatically select a better link to improve the stability of network course. It is understood that the current support for online course acceleration includes VIPKid and 51Talk.There will be more in the future.


Bottom line

After a period of experience, the secretary found that Huawei router A2 is very in line with its positioning, for modern large, medium-sized family network, can provide all-round support. What is even more rare is that many of the services provided by Huawei Router A2 do not need to be set up too much by users, so they can be regarded as plug and play with no additional learning costs. This is very much in line with the characteristics of products in the intelligent terminal era. Indeed, for many users, an intelligent application experience, users do not care how you achieve, users need, just use it, as long as it is easy to use! Huawei router A2 is very much in line with this standard!

Huawei Router A2 supports H button

In addition, even if your home is a super-large Loft or villa, Huawei Router A2 can also build a house-wide Wi-Fi through multi-route wireless networking, network cable networking, and wireless cable hybrid networking (Huawei routing supports H button or Hi button). All in all, the secretary believes that if you need to upgrade your home network, Huawei Router A2 is worth having!

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