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HUAWEI VR Glass Review: Using Experience & Hands On Test


HUAWEI VR Glass: A stylish and frivolous appearance

At the launch of the Huawei Mate 30 series, Huawei officially introduced the new HUAWEI VR Glass, which is different from the traditional VR, which has the characteristics of large size and heavy wearing burden. The new HUAWEI VR Glass focuses on the stylish and light concept from the beginning of its design.


Specifically, the appearance of HUAWEI VR Glass is similar to that of ordinary glasses, the surface of glasses uses optical coating technology to enhance the metallic luster of the surface, and the material of the mirror chooses the nano-texture processing technology of the flagship machine, showing a different metallic luster with the flow of light, with a steady black color matching, which is full of science fiction.


If you want to say the biggest bright spot of the equipment, you have to talk about its frivolous features. The thickness of the fuselage is only 26.6mm, which is only 1/3 of the thickness of the traditional VR. At the same time, in order to facilitate the storage of HUAWEI VR Glass, it is also equipped with a VR portable storage bag, which can include all the accessories, further enhancing the portable features of the product.


In order to increase the comfort of long-term wear, HUAWEI VR Glass also specially designed a soft eye mask made of skin-friendly protein skin, a butterfly shape based on ergonomic design, and an elastic supporting structure, which can perfectly fit the shape of more people’s faces, greatly reducing the sense of pressure on the face, breathable and comfortable without light leakage. And it uses the magnetic disassembly method, which is more convenient to clean and take care of.


In addition, HUAWEI VR Glass also provides a detachable elastic strap to meet the slip problem of different people when wearing it, and it is also more suitable for a wider range of head shapes.

HUAWEI VR Glass: support 700°diopter adjustment + IMAX effect

HUAWEI VR Glass supports independent adjustment of 0-700°diopter, and the left and right eyes can be independently modified according to their own visual acuity. In this way, myopic people can enjoy VR without wearing glasses.


It is worth mentioning that although the thickness of HUAWEIVR Glass is only 26.6mm, it is unambiguous in terms of display effect. According to the official introduction, HUAWEI VR Glass adopts 3-segment folding optical path, 5-pixel high-precision calibration, 100-level dust-free assembly environment, 70 mirror tube equipment processes, and 6 layers of precision optical coating, which not only provides exquisite appearance technology, but also has excellent technical level.


HUAWEI VR Glass uses two independent Fast LCD displays with a resolution of 3200x1600pm 1058ppi, which can greatly reduce the graininess of the picture. At the same time, the device also uses innovative dynamic rendering technology, in use, we can find that the screen drag phenomenon that often appeared in the past has been greatly improved, the sense of vertigo has also been greatly reduced, and the overall visual experience has been greatly improved.

In addition, HUAWEI VR Glass also has its own IMAX giant screen effect, so you can experience the sense of being in a IMAX cinema after wearing it. 3D immersive picture quality can give a panoramic view of the big scene, there is a kind of immersive feeling.

In terms of sound quality, HUAWEI VR Glass’s mirror legs integrate double semi-open loudspeakers, built-in double Smart PA, and support 3D stereo, full sound quality. Which can give full play to the performance of loudspeakers, bringing higher volume, fuller bass and better sound quality. In addition, it can also connect 3.5mm headset and Bluetooth headset, which provides users with more choices.

As a whole, in the actual use and viewing experience, the visual experience of HUAWEI VR Glass is similar to that of most medium-and high-end VR devices on the market, but because it is lighter and more comfortable wearing, it can get a better immersive experience.

HUAWEI VR Glass: handle + mobile +PC multiple interaction

VR equipment can not do without somatosensory handle, HUAWEI VR Glass also has a standard 3DoF somatosensory handle, which using advanced 9-axis sensor and automatic somatosensory tracking algorithm, it can synchronize hand movements in real time and locate accurately.


Not long ago, Huawei also brought two VR Glass exclusive accessories to consumers, namely the NOLO CV1 Air VR location interaction suite for 1299RMB and the Belkin VR computer data cable for 436RMB. In addition, HUAWEI VR Glass also introduced the NOLO CV1 Air 6DoF suite, which gives HUAWEI VR Glass 6DoF a new interactive experience and unlocks new skills for large-scale games. Users who need it can buy it separately.

In addition to the traditional somatosensory handle, the HUAWEI VR Glass also innovatively supports mobile phone somatosensory manipulation, and the physical buttons on the handle can also be realized through the mobile phone. For example, sliding from the side of the screen to the center represents “back”, the click on the screen represents “OK”, and the slide up at the bottom of the screen represents “Home”. It’s very easy to use.

Not only that, HUAWEI VR Glass also creatively breaks the boundary between mobile phone and VR, supports VR mobile phone to cast screen, can display two applications in VR glasses at the same time, and the two uses of one screen do not interfere with each other, and you can browse Weibo or chat on WeChat while watching movies.

In addition, HUAWEI VR Glass also supports computer mode, and you can use PC VR mode to play some computer VR games.


It is worth noting that the, HUAWEI VR Glass itself does not have a power supply. In daily use, when the HUAWEI VR Glass is connected to the mobile phone or the PC, the mobile phone and the PC can power the glasses through the cable. At the same time, HUAWEI VR Glass also has a mode of charging while playing. There is a Type-C port reserved on the C2C cable, which can power glasses and mobile phones at the same time after being plugged into the power supply.



Generally speaking, as Huawei’s first lightweight VR glasses, the HUAWEI VR Glass not only subverts the “bulky” shape of the traditional VR and greatly improves the comfort of wearing it for a long time, but also brings an unprecedented subversive experience with its revolutionary optical display scheme and immersive interactive experience. And the ultimate compatibility and rich content support of the blessing, coupled with 2999 RMB price, is bound to further promote the popularity of VR glasses. If you are a VR enthusiast, then this HUAWEI VR Glass will be a good choice.

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