In-depth Analysis of Samsung QLED flagship TV Q9F

Behind the excellent picture quality is “QLED”, “100% chromogenic volume”, “full array backlight” and “deep black anti-reflection 2.0” and so on one cool techs after another. So, what exactly is the principle of these cool techs? And how is it realized? Next, listen to me slowly.

Samsung Q9F is Samsung”s flagship QLED product launched this year, available in 75-inch and 88-inch models, and we received a 75-inch model. In addition to the picture quality cool techs, other aspects of this TV are also remarkable. Minimalist design of the fuselage with ultra-narrow edge design, abandoning the television has always been a large number of interfaces, simple and generous. Equipped with the new Tizen intelligent operating system, Smart TV intelligent lifestyle, remote control of everything, intelligent interconnection.

When it comes to QLED, you may not quite understand it. For example, some readers may read it faster and may think that OLED,QLED has only a little more English abbreviations than OLED, but it is very different. The full name of QLED is Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes, which is called Quantum Dot Light-emitting Diode in Chinese. It is also a kind of self-luminous technology. However, Samsung QLED TV currently uses a quantum dot film to cover the backlight, which can significantly increase the color gamut and brightness, making the Samsung QLED TV achieve 100% color expression. That’s why Samsung plans to bet on QLED in the future. after all, for the vast majority of consumers, the color in the picture quality is the most obvious.

The Q9F100% bright color expression of Samsung QLED QD TV, together with Samsung’s meticulous color adjustment, can present a richer color performance effect. In the color saturation test, the NTSC color gamut of Samsung Q9F is as high as 109.72%. Quantum dot technology brings a very high color gamut level, while showing a very delicate color transition and full color restoration.

Everything has color, but not just red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Color volume is an accurate standard for color presentation, which mainly measures the three-dimensional space composed of TV color gamut and luminance level. To put it this way, the color performance we mentioned earlier mainly refers to the color gamut, which refers to the number of different colors that the TV can show. In addition to the color gamut, the color volume also increases the standard of brightness. If a TV has a wide color gamut and high brightness, the larger its color volume is.

Samsung QLED TV can render 100% color volume, making the scene more realistic, accurate and vibrant, even in extreme scenes, such as bright or dark. It can accurately restore the DCI-P3 color space. (* DCI-P3 is the digital film projection standard of the American film industry. ).

Why do you want to put these two items together, because these two cool techs items affect the important items of picture quality-light control performance.

The general implantable backlight is more or less understood, which refers to the technology in which the LED grains are evenly arranged at the back of the LCD panel as a light source, so that the backlight can be uniformly transmitted to the entire screen. The full array direct-in backlight can adjust the brightness of every point in the fine array, making the picture details more delicate and lifelike. This is also the dynamic area backlight technology that mainstream TVs like to promote, but Samsung QLED’s full array implantable backlight is more accurate and delicate than ordinary TVs, which can only divide the TV into several areas for independent light control.

A large part of OLED’s praise for picture quality lies in its excellent light control, because each LED in the panel can independently turn it on and off. Therefore, OLED is purer and more “black” than ordinary televisions in the performance of black. And Deep Black Anti-inverse 2.0 is to achieve purer, cleaner “black”. Deep Black Anti-reflection 2.0 can prevent all internal light sources from flowing out, making the dark place black thoroughly, while minimizing the reflection of external light sources. No matter where the TV is placed, there will be no dazzling sense of reflection, and the visual experience is excellent.

Now there is almost no TV that does not promote the effect of HDR, so what on earth is HDR?

HDR, that is, high dynamic range (High Dynamic Range), has different interpretations and applications in different industries, and there are also a variety of standards in the field of display video. According to the mainstream standards applicable to television, HDR refers to high dynamic range images, which can provide more dynamic range and image details than general image videos.

The effect of HDR closing and opening is obvious.

Under the action of HDR, the color presented by the TV is more vivid, the black is more profound, and the objects in the picture are more clear. At the same time, the tone of the picture will also be enlarged, alternating between cool and warm colors. Brightness is the key to HDR: most televisions on the market have a brightness of around 400nit, with some models reaching 750nit. But the maximum brightness of HDR TV can reach 1000 nits, and the increase in brightness can make the scene look more real, especially outdoor scenes.

By increasing the power consumption of the LED and adopting bolder backlight technology, the Samsung Q9F has a peak brightness of 2000 nits. This peak brightness is beyond the reach of WOLED TV. Samsung also added to the HDR “dynamic tone mapping (Dynamic Tone Mapping), ultra-high peak brightness combined with 100% color volume, can retain all the details of the 0-1500nit, through the HDR brightness improvement, the picture quality experience is more realistic than ever before.”

Just said so much picture-quality cool techs, but directly put together may not necessarily show the best results in a video. It also needs to adjust the picture quality and optimize it constantly. Just like there are all kinds of talents in a team, this team needs a smart commander to allocate resources and optimize the allocation of the team in order to maximize the strength of the collective.

And in Samsung QLED TV, play this role is the Q engine. Samsung Q9F uses the Q engine for color adaptation to expand the TV display color gamut; analyze the picture display scene and optimize the contrast to make the light and shade clearer; control the HDR, fine-tuning brightness level to make the picture clearer.

People often say that it is good to watch on a big screen. In addition to the big reasons, picture quality is also the core value of a large screen TV. Samsung bet so much cool techs on the new QLED TV, it also shows Samsung’s strong R & D strength and sincerity.

And behind this, you can also see Samsung’s determination and self-confidence to do QLED TV, thinking of the fierce competition in flat panel TV today, maybe the next tuyere is coming.

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