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iOS13 system using experience

IOS 13

According to the information released at the developer conference, iOS 13 still focuses on “enhancing the user experience”, improving the efficiency of users and improving the iOS system by optimizing the system and adding some new features.

After the WWDC19 conference, Apple immediately launched a developer preview of iOS 13. But what”s different this year is that it’s more difficult to update to iOS 13. If you don’t have an Mac computer and you’re not an Apple developer, it’s a bit complicated to deal with iOS 13, and it took the editor to upgrade the iPhone X to iOS 13 after repeated tests. Let’s take a look at what new features have been added to iOS 13 this time and see if these features have improved our user experience.

New highlight: dark mode

WWDC19 conference held on the eve, “dark mode” is the loudest new function. Unsurprisingly, this feature became the focus at the WWDC19 conference.

Dark mode

In fact, Apple brought us a dark model in last year’s macOS Mojave. When this mode is turned on, some of the menus become dark and important content is highlighted.

In iOS 13, “Dark Mode” also uses a similar design, the whole interface is mainly black, including desktops, system menus, keyboards, etc. are displayed in black background in dark mode.

The whole picture is mainly black

I have to say, after turning on the black mode, I suddenly felt that the iPhone X in my hand had a touch of “advanced feeling”. The menu bar with a black background looks very tech-savvy, and Apple’s own App is optimized for dark mode and has an excellent experience. However, since the feature has just been released and the major third-party App has not yet adapted to the feature, the editor hopes that more third-party developers will adapt to the feature when the official version is released in September.

Some wallpapers support dark mode

By the way, Apple has also brought us several sets of new wallpapers, some of which also support dark mode. But it seems that these wallpapers are still a little simple. I really hope that in the future Apple will open up third-party users to customize the wallpapers that support dark mode.

Maybe many people think that dark mode is used in dark light or at night, but the editor personally thinks that it is also a good choice to use dark mode during the day. Because dark mode can highlight important content and allow us to focus on our work on mobile phones, which may imperceptibly improve our efficiency.

More efficient: slide keyboard

After constant update and iteration, the built-in keyboard of the iOS system has satisfied most consumers in terms of experience. But on iOS 13, Apple tells us: keyboard typing can be more efficient!

More efficient sliding input

In iOS 13, Apple brought us a brand new QuickPath sliding keyboard. You can quickly complete the input operation by sliding on the surface of the keyboard. Although it may be a bit uncomfortable to use it for the first time, when you get used to this sliding input, you can certainly feel the efficiency it brings to you.

After using it for a period of time, the editor thinks that the sliding keyboard can bring us a great improvement in efficiency. In particular, users who often use the full keyboard can continuously slide to enter a paragraph of words, or even release directly without modification, which can effectively avoid the mistouch problem caused by one-handed operation of the full keyboard, and the input success rate will naturally be much higher.

Speed up, speed up

Since the beginning of iOS 12, Apple has focused on improving the user experience of iOS, and the speed of various daily operations has improved significantly. In iOS 13, Apple once again focused on “speed up”, in which the unlocking speed of Face ID has been increased by 30%, and the app startup speed has also been improved twice as fast as the excellent experience of iOS 12, which undoubtedly has more far-reaching significance for improving the user experience.

In addition to faster unlocking speed and application startup speed, iOS 13 applications will also be packaged in an entirely new way. Applications will be 50% smaller at the first download and 60% smaller on average when the application is updated, which will also help us improve the efficiency of downloading or updating App, resulting in a better user experience.

Many details are updated

In all previous generations of iOS, Apple has brought us some small colored eggs that were not mentioned in the press conference. For example, this time Apple changed the brush in the screenshot from flat design to pseudo-physical design. With this design, we can see the role of different brushes at a glance, and the pseudo-materialized interface looks very good-looking and more affinity.


In addition, the information interface of iOS 13 finally supports sliding selection of text messages! Now our SMS interface is full of all kinds of advertisements. In the past, deleting one by one was a bit too big, but now we can swipe and select, and then delete useless text messages.

It is more convenient to delete text messages!

In the photo album, Apple also brings us a lot of new ways to play. For example, the redesigned photo editing function adds a number of adjustment functions to iOS 12 and redesigns the adjustment menu to make it easier to use. IOS 13 also adds a video editing function for the first time, which can not only rotate and cut videos directly on the phone, but also adjust the hue of videos. In the future, we will be able to shoot more amazing videos directly with iPhone.

Photo editing functions are richer


Of course, browsing photos on iOS 13 will also become more convenient. The tags in the photo App have been redesigned and classified according to the year, month and day, which can help us quickly find the photos and relive the memories of the past.

On iPhone X, the new “imitative emoji (Memoji)” has attracted a lot of users. In iOS 13, the emoji has been further updated. Now we can adjust the holes in our teeth, face and ears by imitating our expressions. And even more interesting, the facial expression also added a number of hats, glasses and other accessories, and we can even add a AirPods, to the facial expression to bring more diverse ways of playing.

Richer self-expression (Memoji)

It is worth mentioning that iOS 13 also supports the use of self-imitating expressions as avatars or emojis, so that even when we chat on WeChat, we can show our personalities through imitating self-expressions.

In daily use, it is hard to avoid the need to adjust the volume. With iOS 13, we no longer have to worry about the big loudspeaker pattern blocking the view when adjusting the volume. After upgrading to iOS 13, the volume adjustment bar will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and the screen display will become more complete. And when we turn on the mute switch, we will see the corresponding display at the top of the screen, and the “loudspeaker” icon, that has been with us for so many years has also said goodbye to us.

The volume adjustment bar is located on the left

The mute switch will display

However, it is a bit surprising that in some interfaces, 3D Touch functionality has been removed. Press icon again than before to exhale the secondary menu, now it is changed to long press the exhaled secondary menu. This experience is a bit similar to iPhone XR’s Haptic Touch, so we also venture to guess that Apple will probably cancel the 3D Touch feature on the next generation of iPhone.

Summary: experience the fully upgraded iOS system

After generations of updates, iOS has become a very mature operating system. We may not see any “epoch-making” new features on this system, but every iteration of the system update gives us a glimpse of Apple’s control over the user experience. Although updates are not obvious, they can always change our lives inadvertently. I think this is what a mature operating system should have.

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