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iQOO 3 review: what is the secret of “fire out of the circle” based on strength?

IQOO mobile phone was born last year. As a sub-line brand of vivo, iQOO defines the brand tone of the series as “born strong”. Followed by the launch of the five products, without exception, all have the ultimate performance-to-price ratio and strong performance. In the twinkling of an eye, when it comes to 2020, the audience of iQOO seems to have changed subtly. The newly released iQOO 3 has a stylish design language, strong photo-taking power, and a top gaming experience, which has attracted the attention of more non-geek players. What is the charm of iQOO 3, which is “out of the circle” by its strength?

Appearance: the coexistence of firmness and warmth.

  IQOO 3 is a very “iQOO” product, with the chamfered frame around, the 3D curved glass on the back, and the orange power-on key, the recognition is really high. But this time, while inheriting the tradition, iQOO 3 has also made some changes and innovations. On the front of the fuselage, iQOO 3 uses the current mainstream hole-digging comprehensive screen design. The aperture of this front lens is only 2.98mm, and the sense of existence is really low. Especially with round screen corners, as well as hidden handsets and sensors, the screen ratio can be said to be very amazing.

The design of iQOO 3 is based on “SENSE OF CONTROL” and emphasizes the user”s sense of control over the phone. Whether it is round corners and backplane, or just the right key design, virtually enhance the user’s experience. As an important interactive medium, the screen has ushered in a great improvement in the quality of reality. The peak brightness of the highest 1200nits, the contrast ratio of up to 2 million: 1, and the color gamut coverage of 100%DCI-P3, whether you are playing games or watching video, you will find the picture pleasing to the eye and full of details.

Not only that, in order to bring a smoother touch experience, iQOO 3 also supports 180Hz’s ultra-high touch sampling rate. This design can improve the screen touch scanning frequency and the overall response speed, so that each click, slide, feel more smooth. Smooth and handy, is my evaluation of it after using it for this period of time. If you are a person who attaches great importance to the display effect, then think that iQOO 3 can satisfy you very well.

There are a lot of buttons on the right side of the fuselage, but I’m already familiar with them. The orange power keys reveal a sense of movement, and the “Monster Touch” buttons on both sides are retained. Perhaps in order to unify the design language, iQOO 3 has adopted excessive right angles all over the body, so it will feel a little harder in the feel. Although the weight of 216g cannot be called “lightweight”, sacrifices can only be made for the sake of a large battery. Fortunately, the workmanship of the whole machine is very excellent, making a comeback in terms of texture.

This time the iQOO 3 canceled the word “Monster inside” on the back and the atmosphere light, probably to reduce the elements on the back and make the whole machine more concise. For me personally, there are still some nostalgia, after all, its cool attribute is still very high. There are four lenses in the upper left corner of the back, using a matrix design. This arrangement is very popular at present and is a major trend in the mobile phone industry in 2020. In terms of details, iQOO 3 retains the 3.5mm headphone port, you can like it here!

As we mentioned earlier, iQOO 3 is a very iQOO product because it inherits many family design languages. However, iQOO 3 does not rigidly adhere to the inheritance of the past, but absorbs more of the mainstream elements and design language of the present. And in the details of continuous improvement, absorption has become its own characteristics.

Performance: combination of top level and experience.

In terms of configuration, iQOO 3 has Qualcomm Snapdragon865 5G chip, LPDDR5 operational memory, UFS 3.1flash memory. IQOO always believes that there are enough ingredients to cook the most delicious meal. Taken together, these luxurious materials once again confirm the “born strong” identity of iQOO 3. Don’t talk about the uselessness of performance, let’s use the running scores to see where the limits of iQOO 3 are.

First of all, we use AnTuTu to run points in an all-round way. IQOO 3 scored 582883, with a CPU score of 181927 and an GPU score of 219136, surpassing 99 per cent of users. Snapdragon865 uses the most advanced 7nm process, as well as the latest A77 architecture. The main frequency of CPU is 2.84GHz, which is the bearer of the processor industry at present.

Next, let’s use Geekbench for the test, with a single core score of 4300 and a multi-core score of 13501 for iQOO 3. Such achievements, whether it is daily multitasking, or running large 3D games, can be smooth and not stuttered.

It is not only the processor that determines mobile phone fluency, memory is also one of the important factors. This time iQOO 3 is equipped with LPDDR5 operational memory, the theoretical speed is increased to 5500 Mbps, with UFS 3.1 flash memory. Through the test, we found that the sequential write speed of iQOO 3 can reach 1689.87Mbps, and the sequential read speed can reach 672.29Mbps. The strength of GPU is reflected in graphics processing. Through the 3D Mark test, iQOO 3Sling Shot got a high score of 7215. Both the installation and reading of games / software will be faster and smoother, greatly reducing the waiting time.

In Master Lu’s running score, iQOO 3 scored a total score of 451628, more than 99% of users. With so many tough hardware put together, it is reasonable to have such a high running score. Not only that, in order to feed the “beast” iQOO 3 uses a large battery of 4440 milliampere hours, combined with the latest Super FlashCharge 2.0 ultra-fast flash charging technology, 55 W of maximum power, 15 minutes to recharge 50% of the battery. After getting up, using the time of washing and breakfast, the mobile phone will be “full of blood”!

Not only that, iQOO 3 also has carbon fiber VC liquid cooling system, with high conductivity aluminum alloy frame and double-layer graphite heat sink, no matter how intense your game process is, the phone will not become a “warm hand”. According to the actual experience, the temperature on the back of the phone has always been acceptable. As a top flagship, iQOO 3 has identity-compliant hardware support. As always, “willing to use materials”, no wonder it is hot out of the circle.

Games: equal emphasis on feel and fluency.

Although the positioning of iQOO 3 is not a “game phone”, it is undeniable that iQOO 3 is definitely the most suitable flagship phone for playing games.One of them. Earlier, we introduced the hardware configuration and pressure-sensitive buttons of iQOO 3. In addition, it has made a lot of optimization at the software level. IQOO 3 has the functions of game space 3.0, 4D game shock 3.0 and so on. And it is deeply optimized according to the standards of KPL events and the needs of players, and its strong game strength makes it the official designated machine for the new generation of KPL.

Game Space 3.0 is like a “paradise” independent of mobile phones, where everything exists for games. In addition to the regular system data, you can also see your playing time, wonderful moments and other information. Show off your record with your friends and open the game space.

What is most afraid of in the game is the disturbance of all kinds of notifications and incoming calls. The game box has options such as background calls, shielding notifications, game picture quality enhancement and so on. These commonly used functions can also be called up at any time during the game through gestures, so that you can enjoy the game undisturbed.

In the aspect of network, Snapdragon865 chip brings multi-band dual-mode 5G to iQOO 3. With multi-mode antenna, dual-band Wi-Fi antenna and NFC antenna, the influence of holding posture on the network can be greatly reduced. When the network condition is not good, the zero-sense network handover function of iQOO 3 can automatically adjust the wireless link to ensure the stability of the terminal network. 4G or 5G, the phone will choose for you, you just have to “gang up” at ease.

In addition, iQOO 3 also uses the Wi-Fi 6 standard, which can achieve the highest 1.2Gbps speed if you have a Wi-Fi 6 router at home. Wi-Fi 6 also has the advantages of improved transmission performance, faster transmission rate and low power consumption, so you can basically say goodbye to Catton. It’s not a game phone, but it’s better than a game phone. Playing games with iQOO 3 is definitely a pleasure.

Photo: quad camera and AI Concerto.

For photography, the iQOO 3 features a 48 million-pixel ultra-clear main shot, a 13 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 120 °field of view, a 13 million-pixel 50mm focal portrait lens, and a 2 million-pixel depth-of-field lens. In terms of hardware alone, iQOO 3 is also up to the flagship level in terms of photography.





IQOO 3 supports 2x light variation and 20x digital zoom, which can be used not only as a zoom composition, but also as a telescope. From the sample sheet, iQOO 3 can bring a very good shooting experience in all focal segments. Especially under the 20x extreme zoom, the details of the roof are still visible. Smooth zoom process, feel good to use. Whether you want to record the teacher’s PPT or want to see the beauty in the distance, iQOO 3 can satisfy you very well.

Under the 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, the picture has more depth and tension, which is most suitable for shooting buildings. Especially after matching with AI photography mode, the sky is bluer, the picture is clearer, and the overall look and feel is very good.

Not only that, the wide-angle lens can also bring a more artistic effect when shooting objects. If you want to give your photo a different feel, try ultra-wide-angle mode.

In addition, iQOO 3 also has a 50mm portrait lens, which makes it perfect to take a portrait. The 50mm lens, known as the “standard portrait head” by photographers, was installed in the X30 series for the first time, and this time iQOO 3 also absorbed its advantages. From the actual effect, iQOO 3 portrait lens matting accurate, virtual nature, the effect is very good.

In terms of night view, iQOO 3 takes full advantage of the powerful processing power of DSP, the Snapdragon865 platform. 12-16 photos are taken by intelligently identifying the light environment, and then multi-frame noise reduction is carried out. Make the final picture clear, moderate brightness and less noise.

Even in a very dim scene, iQOO 3 can still shoot the picture clearly, and a star in the sky is photographed. The overall brightness of the picture is very good, and there is also very little noise.

In the case of extremely dim light, iQOO 3 gives priority to ensuring the authenticity of the picture, without the effect of “as bright as daylight”. The bright details are very clear, maximizing the actual effect seen by the human eye.

In today’s highly competitive mobile phone market, the configuration of flagship phones is nothing new, and the ratio of performance to price has become one of the slogans of publicity. But this time iQOO 3 has achieved both, which is incredible. Perhaps previous iQOO models are more popular among geek players. But the emergence of iQOO 3, but let me see its “fire out of the circle” strength. Excellent design, state-of-the-art hardware, omni-directional and balanced experience, plus affordable price. It’s really hard not to love such a mobile phone.

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