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iQOO Pro 5G phone camera review

As a 5G flagship, iQOO Pro, but taking pictures is one that has to be mentioned. As a big domestic brand, vivo, has many years of experience and practice in photography. For users, the achievements made by Vivo mobile phones in taking photos are seen and used in their hands. And how will iQOO Pro, as a “born tough” series, continue the legend this time?


As a top flagship, we can see their professional quality and attitude towards images in iQOO Pro. First of all, from a hardware point of view, the, iQOO Pro is equipped with a Sony IMX582 sensor, which has a 1×2-inch photosensitive element, supports four-in-one 1.6 μ m large pixels, and can also take 48 million-pixel photos straight through Remosaic hardware. No matter how good the algorithm is, it can”t compare with the advantage of pixels. In this respect, iQOO Pro can be said to have won at the starting line.

iQOO Pro 5G phone camera: ultra wide angle mode

Ordinary mode

Ultra-wide-angle mode

Ultra-wide-angle mode is a highlight of the vivo series, for mobile phones, it is difficult to achieve a wider picture due to the size of the fuselage. The addition of wide-angle lens undoubtedly provides a new idea for mobile phone photography. When shooting landscapes or buildings, wide-angle lenses can bring more shocking visual effects.

Ultra wide Angle Mode

This wide-angle lens has 13 million pixels and can take pictures with a 120 °ultra-wide field of view. In the high-rise CBD “forest”, you can find beauty that is usually ignored with a wide-angle lens. Thanks to the powerful algorithm, iQOO Pro well counteracts the distortion of the wide-angle lens, allowing artistry and practicality to coexist.

iQOO Pro 5G phone camera: supper backlight mode

Another “friend” ultra-wide-angle super backlight is also one of the important functions that iQOO Pro brings to users. Backlight photography has always been a “minefield” that mobile phone photography does not dare to try. if the contrast between light and shade is too large and the dynamic range is too small, there will be the embarrassment of “black face”.

Super backlight mode

Super backlight algorithm is actually a more advanced HDR mode, & nbsp; through the analysis of the picture, suppress the strong light part will not be overexposed, enhance the weak light part to see the details, the dynamic range is as high as 12.3EV. The photos taken in this way can be more vivid and hierarchical.

Super backlight mode

Through the super backlight algorithm carried by iQOO Pro, it can solve the problems such as unclear face and bright background when taking selfies and landscapes in backlight scenes. Greatly reduce the probability of waste films, so that no matter how you shoot is a blockbuster!

iQOO Pro 5G phone camera: portrait mode

Portrait virtual

Not only that, iQOO Pro also supports the virtual portrait mode. The original purpose of this function is to shoot portraits with a virtual background and simulate the large aperture effect of a SLR camera through an algorithm. The advantage of this is that it is a very good artistic effect to be able to highlight the main body of the characters in a complex background.

Portrait virtual

Not only portraits, with portraits can also be filmed a lot of magical effects. The flowers on the side of the road and the ice cream in hand, the photos taken with this artistic technique will certainly get countless likes in the moments.

iQOO Pro 5G phone camera: macro lens


Can see micro-knowledge, and ultra-macro mode is also one of the important features of the iQOO Pro camera. Based on hardware upgrades and powerful algorithm, iQOO Pro can increase the focus distance to 2.5cm. This extreme focus distance can record the beauty of many details that we usually ignore.

Super macro

Now that we’re talking about ultra-macro, we have to shoot some delicious food. For bread, a baked and fermented food, irregular texture is actually the most beautiful place. With an excellent lens and algorithm, iQOO Pro will be able to show the fine texture of the bread surface, the effect is very amazing.

Of course, you can take mouth-watering photos of good food even if you don’t use ultra-macro. Through the intelligent recognition of the photographed object by the camera, it will automatically switch to the food mode and adjust the parameters to make the food on the table look more attractive. 

iQOO Pro 5G phone camera: super night view mode

Finally let’s talk about the night scene. As a flagship mobile phone, iQOO Pro also has a professional super night view mode this time. In fact, if you want to take excellent night scene photos, you need a complete set of software and hardware solutions.

In super night scene mode, iQOO Pro can intelligently identify the light environment according to the light environment, reduce the noise of 12 to 16 photos in multiple frames, and realize dynamic compensation through AI intelligent frame selection to output a night scene photo with low noise, rich details and excellent light and shade contrast.

Through the sample sheet, we can see that even in the environment with strong light contrast, iQOO Pro can still ensure the brightness of the picture, reduce the noise and make the picture pure.

Bottom line

For a flagship machine, the ability to perfect Handle challenges in various scenarios is the embodiment of real strength. For users, mobile phone photography is definitely one of the most frequently used functions. As an omni-directional flagship, iQOO Pro still continues the excellent tradition of combining software and hardware in photography, bringing us a top photo experience.

Despite the halo of 5G, there are still a lot of things on iQOO Pro. If you are an expert in mobile photography, or simply like to record your life and leave beautiful moments on your mobile phone, then the editor thinks iQOO Pro is a good choice for you.

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