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Lenovo YOGA C940 review: The flip series of inheriting master classics


A few months ago, Lenovo kicked off the autumn new product release season in the new product display area at the conference site, and the first to bear the brunt is the eighth-generation YOGA series equipped with Intel”s tenth-generation core processor. What is the experience of this new batch of products? The editor made a simple start at the press conference, and after a later summary, it was presented to you in this article.

The new flagship and lightweight selection

In the exhibition area of the new product, the first thing that attracts the editor’s attention is the new YOGA series of flip books-YOGA C940 and YOGA C740.

In a previous news article, the editor mentioned that the YOGA C940 is called a master flip book. first of all, from the appearance, the overall shape uses a simple and tough design language, and the overall shape gives people the impression of being serious but not rigid. This kind of design undoubtedly makes the C940 satisfy more users at different levels, whether it is business elites, students, Coldplay talents, or government and enterprise leaders, carrying such a laptop with them. It doesn’t seem sudden.

Lenovo YOGA C940

Metal body quota and surface sandblasting treatment, the touch is also very good, quite a texture. In terms of practicality, this design also makes the YOGA C940 not easy to slip off even if it is carried in the hand.

Lenovo YOGA C940 A side LOGO close-up

The moment the notebook is opened, the editor feels the convenience brought by the parallel double-axis design independently developed by YOGA, and the opening and closing and flipping of one hand is not difficult, which seems to be a less important function point, in practical use, it will often directly affect the overall user experience.

The opening and closing feel of the Lenovo YOGA C940 rotating shaft is very smooth

Speaking of the rotating shaft, a unique design of the YOGA C940 is also a favorite of the editor. Lenovo’s product manager jokingly calls it “sunflower”. It is the SoundBar rhythmic rotating shaft, which has a built-in loudspeaker design, integrates two tweeters in the rotating shaft, and surrounds the cavity with 1988 normal holes cut by laser, no matter how the user flips the notebook. The main vocal position will always be directed towards the user, continuously providing shocking sound effects.

The hinge of Lenovo YOGA C940 is also a loudspeaker

In terms of screen, YOGA C940 is equipped with a 4K resolution screen, the overall visual effect is more amazing, combined with ultra-narrow frame comprehensive screen design, up to 88.4% screen share, but also bring a broader field of vision for users. The

Screen not only has a wide field of vision and clear display, but also fuller in color, coupled with the interactive mode that can be touched, so that the overall experience of the flipped book has been further upgraded.

Lenovo YOGA C940 screen close-up

Screen equipped with commercial-grade anti-peeping camera, by physically shielding the camera view area, effectively prevent personal privacy disclosure caused by accidental or hacker attacks, and ensure the privacy and security of users.

Lenovo YOGA C940 built-in stylus

In terms of Interaction, YOGA C940 built-in stylus, through the operation of stylus to further improve the flip book in different forms of user experience.

Lenovo YOGA C940 unilateral interface

Another aspect is that the editor is satisfied
with the C940, that is, under the design of such a light and thin body,
the C940 still provides users with sufficient interface design, which is
really intimate for people like Xiaobian who often travel to work.  

Lenovo YOGA C940 keyboard close-up

Keyboard, the overall key size is just right, the key range is moderate, and the sense of Duan is more satisfactory to the editor, which is still a good experience for people who type a lot.

Under the keyboard, capacitive fingerprint identification is set up, which can be unlocked quickly in 1 second, and the overall unlocking experience is smooth and comfortable.

Lenovo YOGA C940 built-in tenth-generation core i7 processor

Finally, equipped with the new tenth-generation smart Intel core processor, whether online games or creative work, can handle freely.

Lenovo YOGA C740

YOGA C740 is a relatively lightweight product, which also uses the new 10th generation Intel Core processor, with a storage combination of up to 16G dual-channel memory and 512G1TBPCle SSD, which can also meet the entertainment and office needs of users.

Lenovo YOGA C740’s multi-form

Screen also has a screen ratio of up to 88%. With 72%NTSC high color gamut and DC dimming, the overall visual effect is also satisfactory.

Lenovo YOGA C740 hinge

In the user experience, still continues the characteristics of the YOGA series, 360-degree flip screen, can bring a multi-mode user experience, 10:00 touch capacitive screen, interaction is also satisfactory.

Lenovo YOGA C740 A face and D face

Appearance, the metal shell on three sides, on the basis of sturdiness and durability, also takes into account the lightness and convenience.

Lenovo YOGA C740 Keyboard close-up

Keyboard supports 2-level white backlight, which not only can adjust the brightness, but also has a more convenient input experience.

Lightweight portable brings intelligent new experience

In addition to the two new products of the C series that inherit the characteristics of the YOGA series, the other two new products of the S series on the spot are also attractive.

Lenovo YOGA S940

First take a look at the S940, which also comes with the 10th generation Intel Core processor, resulting in a 30% improvement in overall performance.

Lenovo YOGA S940 Keyboard close-up

Looks like a beautifully designed lightweight laptop, but compared with traditional notebooks, the S940 has two major innovative features-high-quality screens and intelligence.

Lenovo YOGA S940 screen close-up

Screen, the first innovative use of 3D curved screen, coupled with ultra-narrow frame quota and, so that the overall screen look and feel has been further improved.

Lenovo YOGA S940 interface close-up

In terms of inproved intelligence, such as face recognition through cameras, automatic screen locking and awakening, and the ability to move smart screens through eyeballs, and so on.

The interface of the Lenovo YOGA S740 is different from that of the S940

By contrast, the YOGA S740 is also a relatively lightweight product, which still uses an all-metal aluminum stamping process with high-precision surface sandblasting.

At the same time, it is also equipped with more comprehensive interface settings, which can also meet the differentiated needs of users in different scenarios.

Bottom line

Because of the objective reasons at the press conference site, the editor really has no way to conduct a more in-depth evaluation of the performance on the spot. However, after playing with it on the spot, the editor thinks that the four new Yoga products released by Lenovo are quite competitive! In appearance, the texture of metal, coupled with fine surface treatment, is very consistent with the current user’s perception of pen and electricity products. In addition, the smarter experience upgrade is one of its biggest competitive quality. Indeed, notebook computers are the earliest popular portable smart devices. However, in the early years, due to the immaturity of technology, the performance of notebook computers has not been very outstanding in terms of intelligence. Now, when the technology has been able to meet the needs of users for laptop intelligence, manufacturers do not seem to realize this in time. Lenovo’s four new products undoubtedly mark the formal development of Lenovo pc products to intelligent development, in the future, or will launch more intelligent pc products.

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