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Nubia Red Magic 3S review: an excellent gaming phone worth buying

We love mobile phones as much as cat slaves love their masters, and foodie loves food. Everyone stared at the mobile phone screen and was so focused that it was comparable to panning for gold. In order to get more SSS-level experience, manufacturers also begin to make every effort in configuration, appearance and system, which leads to higher requirements for game smartphones. The recent use of the Nubia Red Magic 3s even have a slightly cool feel, the Nubia Red Magic mobile phone with outstanding performance and strong heat dissipation capacity, countless powder absorption.

Nubia Red Magic 3S

Game phone manufacturers have brought us an excellent experience through constant updates and iterations. And the Nubia Red Magic mobile phone in the release of new products, but also absorbed a large number of players” suggestions and opinions, let our voice directly into the machine changes, which I think is very moving.

Now, the brand-new e-sports game phone Nubia Red Magic 3s is coming to us. From the name, we can see that the Nubia Red Magic 3s is an iterative upgrade based on the Nubia Red Magic 3, it retains the Nubia Red Magic 3 times the acclaimed air-cooled × liquid-cooled double heat dissipation, but also has a more eye-catching Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, coupled with faster UFS 3.0 storage, new colors and other highlights, it is not excessive to say that it is a new generation of game artifact.

I believe that many people will have a question, that is, what the “S” of the Nubia Red Magic 3s stands for. Next, let me analyze this phone for you in detail. I believe that after reading this article, you will have an accurate answer.

Nubia Red Magic 3S gaming performance

Is like taking a look at the configuration before buying a computer, and the configuration of the mobile phone is also a point of great concern to us. Now more and more people know that only a strong SoC can bring a better experience, so it is natural to buy a flagship machine.

Nubia Red Magic 3S

For a game phone, whether the performance is high or not depends on whether the chip is strong or not. Although the optimization of the system is also a very important link, “whether to use top-level hardware” has also become one of the important criteria to measure the performance of a game phone. As the flagship of the new generation of e-sports, Nubia Red Magic 3s naturally needs not to mention the hardware configuration. Qualcomm recently released a new Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, and Nubia Red Magic 3s is one of the first phones to use this chip.

Nubia Red Magic 3s benchmark score

All say “running score is not important”, but I think only those products with top performance are qualified to say that. For a long time, the Nubia Red Magic game mobile phone has always been the “dominant” in the performance list, while the Nubia Red Magic 3s in my hand scored 488386 points in an Rabbit and 483482 points in Master Lu. With the blessing of such top-level configuration, this mobile phone has become an “inspection-free product” in our hearts in terms of performance.

In fact, in addition to CPU, GPU also has a great impact on the fluency of mobile games. The Snapdragon 855 Plus on Nubia Red Magic 3s is equipped with Adreno 640GPU, which increases its frequency from the previous generation of 585MHz to 672MHz, an increase of 15%, and 3D graphics rendering will be more efficient when playing large games.

Here we use 3DMark to test the results of Nubia Red Magic 3s. In the Sling Shot Extreme project, Nubia Red Magic 3s scored 6263 points, which has exceeded most of the devices on the market, which shows that its performance is sufficient to meet the needs of many large mobile games on the market.

Nubia Red Magic 3s is equipped with UFS 3.0storage

With faster read speed.In addition to the Snapdragon 855 Plus, some of the details of the Nubia Red Magic 3s phone are also warm. This phone uses the state-of-the-art UFS 3.0storage, and my measurements show that it can read at speeds of up to gigabits per second. Reflecting the actual experience, UFS 3.0 storage can bring faster game installation and loading speed, improve game efficiency, and bring a pleasant game experience for heavy players at the same time. To put it simply, play games fast, load in seconds, as long as your Internet speed is fast enough, anything is possible.

So, what is the effect of “pleasure”? First, a stable frame rate is definitely essential. “Game for Peace” this 3D mobile phone game has high requirements for mobile phone hardware performance, so it can be said that it is very appropriate to test the performance of Nubia Red Magic 3s. I set the picture quality of the game to the highest, using the Nubia Red Magic 3s to run “Game for Peace” for a period of time, the frame rate is basically maintained at 60fps, almost forming a straight line, such fluency, it is charming, nowhere to put, charm ah, let me pick up girls one step faster.

“Game for Peace” frame rate measured

Hit the blackboard, another point, the Nubia Red Magic 3s is equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate, and supports 100% DCI-P3 gamut and HDR visual effects of the OLED screen, so 60fps is obviously not the limit of this phone. Come on, let’s show you “QQ Speed” who is very hot recently and girls play a lot.

Use Nubia Red Magic 3s to run “QQ Speed” with an average frame rate of 74fps

To coax girls well, “QQ Speed” has to be the boss. Nubia Red Magic 3s has taken the lead in supporting a higher 90Hz refresh rate. Through GameBench measurements, we can see that the average frame rate of Nubia Red Magic 3s at the highest picture quality is 74FPS, while most screens with 60Hz refresh rate support only 60fps, which already allows us to see the great advantages of Nubia Red Magic 3s. When the tools are ready for you, please remember to give me a red packet when you get it. (at present, Gamebench is not fully compatible with the 90fps game test, and the game frame rate test data may not be fully recorded.

Friends who are familiar with e-sports all know that now many “PC e-sports monitors” already have ultra-high refresh rates for 144Hz, and as e-sports ‘s flagship mobile phone, Nubia Red Magic 3s this 90Hz refresh rate screen undoubtedly shows Nubia’s sparing no effort to help otaku get out of order.

Nubia Red Magic 3S

90Hz refresh rate of mobile phones, in addition to games can also cajole girls, the Nubia Red Magic 3s 90Hz screen in daily use is also very helpful to the look and feel. Especially when browsing Weibo, moments or browsing the web, the screen with 90Hz refresh rate can bring more delicate animation effects, and there is always a “silky smooth” feeling in the process of sliding, which people can’t put down.

Nubia Red Magic 3S heat dissipation capacity

Has just been obtained, the Nubia Red Magic 3s will vaguely reveal the coolness, the game phone high performance behind also hide a big problem, that is heat dissipation. As we all know, the top performance is bound to bring huge heat, when playing games, everyone wants to see the highest level of production accuracy of videos and images, and the phone needs to keep its firepower on at all times, adding only a few pieces of graphite heat dissipation stickers. Gimmicks are there, but heat dissipation is definitely not enough.

ICE2.1 dual Multi-dimensional Heat dissipation system

There are many smartphones with built-in liquid-cooled heat pipes on the market. As the king of game phones and the flagship of the new generation of games, heat dissipation must do more homework to be more intimate and reliable than other game models. The Nubia Red Magic 3s is equipped with a brand new ICE2.1 dual multi-dimensional cooling system, and there is an ultra-small physical cooling fan inside the phone (the built-in fan is a very hard core), which transfers the heat generated by SoC to the outside of the phone in time through air cooling and liquid cooling, so that the processor can keep the firepower on at all times.

In the process of using the Nubia Red Magic 3s to play games, I did experience the feeling of being warm but not hot, moist but not prickly. The built-in solid fan can inhale cold air and discharge hot air to realize air exchange. Officials say the physical fan can replace the same volume of air in the fuselage every second, showing us the power of the physical fan.

Nubia Red Magic 3s has a strong wind force

Of course, we can also use a small prop to intuitively feel the powerful heat dissipation ability of the Nubia Red Magic 3s. Put a small note on the air outlet, you can see the small piece of paper blown up by the wind, and when you put your ear close to the heat sink, you can also hear the “cry” of the wind flow.

I also used a more fun way to test the air replacement ability of the Nubia Red Magic 3s. Aim a balloon at the air outlet and the balloon will bulge in about a second, which proves that the Nubia Red Magic 3s does gain better air replacement ability through the design of built-in physical fans.

Nubia Red Magic 3s has extremely strong air replacement ability (slow motion playback)

But it is not enough to have a physical fan. Nubia Red Magic 3s’ ICE2.1 dual multi-dimensional cooling system also has a number of new technologies. For example, the liquid cooling tube up to 87mm inside the fuselage can evenly transfer the heat of SoC around the fuselage, coupled with the high thermal conductivity copper foil, multi-layer graphene and metal fuselage design, the heat can be dispersed around the fuselage, so that the heat generation of the whole phone will not be too concentrated. If you look around, you can see it clearly with a thermal imager.

Nubia Red Magic 3s backplane temperature up to 38.4C

I do not know if you are air-conditioning demons, with the Nubia Red Magic 3s, I think there is no need to turn on the air-conditioning when playing games in summer. When I used the Nubia Red Magic 3s to run Game for Peace, the highest temperature on the back of the phone was only 38.4C, basically putting an end to the phenomenon of “warm hands in summer”. And through the thermal map, we can also see that the backplane temperature of the Nubia Red Magic 3s is very average, and the phenomenon of ice and fire can also say goodbye to us.

Nubia Red Magic 3S: design and system experience

Talk about this unconcealed handsome appearance anytime, anywhere. Nubia Red Magic 3s also inherits the classic “vector aesthetic design”. The sandblasted metal body and round R corner can bring an excellent grip feel, coupled with the design of RGB light belt, it is full of e-sports explosive power hint.

Nubia Red Magic 3S

To say that the most impressive, must be the details, the previously well-received side button also has some reservations in this Nubia Red Magic 3s. When playing FPS mobile games such as shooting, we can easily complete the “four-finger operation”. Even non-professional players do not need to use external hardware such as “chicken eating artifact”. For the little brother who needs to take her sister to fly, this design can be said to be quite powerful.

Nubia Red Magic 3s is equipped with touch button

Just said “four fingers eat chicken”, this has become standard for all major game phones, so do you want to know about the Nubia Red Magic 3s “five fingers eating chicken”? On the basis of the touch button on the side frame, the Nubia Red Magic 3s also maps the fingerprint identification area to a button to easily realize the operation of the five fingers when playing games with both hands.

Using Nubia Red Magic 3s can achieve “eating chicken with five fingers”

But in a society with thousands of people and thousands of noodles, the characteristic selling point allows us to fully show our personality. This time I got the Nubia Red Magic 3s Silver Storm version, this color from the metal material, can give people a “cold” feeling, which is not only in line with my personal style characteristics, but also makes us full of confidence in its heat dissipation ability. And the most interesting thing is that the “S” of the Nubia Red Magic 3s is also designed in the shape of lightning, which may mean that the Nubia Red Magic 3s has “the speed of lightning and the power of Thor”.

Under the Nubia Red Magic 3S

Let me pick up the difference between the Nubia Red Magic 3s and the previous generation. The Nubia Red Magic 3s still put the core of the upgrade on the game experience. The back air intake of this phone has been redesigned from the original vertical striped air inlet to a “Y” shaped air inlet, which not only looks more personalized, but also has a larger air intake. Officials say the redesigned air intake has increased the air exchange capacity of the Nubia Red Magic 3s by 10%, effectively improving the efficiency of air-cooled heat dissipation.


The heat sink of the Nubia Red Magic 3s has been redesigned by Pairs. If we look closely at the location of the air inlet, we can still see the design of a “dust net” at the tuyere, which can prevent water fog and dust from entering the phone and affect the use of the phone.

It is not difficult to find that many innovations of Nubia Red Magic 3s are designed to bring players a better gaming experience. The classic vector aesthetic appearance, coupled with a newly designed air intake, elevates the Nubia Red Magic 3s game experience to a new level. This design is enough to deter other game phones.

Red Magic Game Space

Is becoming more and more homogenized in mobile phones now, let’s take a look at its software innovation, what kind of experience it can bring us to use. At present, most mobile phones are equipped with “game mode”, but mobile phones with “event-level optimization” like the Nubia Red Magic 3s may be rare. Nubia Red Magic 3s has built-in RedMagic game space, which is very popular with users, and has made professional adjustments to the pain points of mobile games. The functions of Nubia Red Magic 3s, such as “eating chicken with five fingers”, “network acceleration”, “performance mode” and “game voice change”, all need to be implemented in the RedMagic game space.

In addition, RedMagic OS 2.1can also schedule CPU and GPU, intelligently for different games to ensure the stable operation of the game and reduce power consumption at the same time. Coupled with the Nubia Red Magic 3s in the 5000mAh super-large battery, to give the maximum performance and standby experience.

Nubia Red Magic 3s with a 90Hz refresh rate OLED screen

In RedMagic OS 2.1, I was also surprised by the Nubia Red Magic 3s “Nubia Red Magic rendering system”. When playing games with Nubia Red Magic 3s, the screen refresh rate can be synchronized with the game frame rate and display more smoothly. In addition, the Nubia Red Magic 3s is equipped with a 90Hz screen, which can bring a smoother and smoother experience when running mobile games such as “QQ Speed”.

Many players said “can not go back” after using the 90Hz screen, which shows that this screen has become the big selling point of the Nubia Red Magic 3s. In the course of the game, the 90Hz screen and the new “Nubia Red Magic rendering system” combine to create a leading game experience for players.

Summed up

People, only omni-directional upgrade, can bring a better game experience. Compared with the previous generation of products, Nubia Red Magic 3s has achieved more powerful hardware performance through brand-new hardware. But this is not all the advantages of the Nubia Red Magic 3s, in addition to the above several bright spots, it has a lot of feeling places waiting for you to dig, with it the game rookie can also take off in place.

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