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Nubia Red Magic 5G Review: What does the 144Hz Screen Bring?

Excellent Felling of Cyberpunk Design and 144Hz Electronic Competition Screen

Mobile game players” regulations on mobile phones are very strict, which is mainly prominent in styling design. Players stipulate not only beauty and touch, but also coolness and humanization, which must be recognized at a glance. It is a game phone. The Red Magic 5G gaming phone has chosen a new and upgraded design concept in these aspects. its shell has many fewer edges and corners than before, turning it into a more extreme curved back, which gives the device a stronger sense of touch. After all, a stronger level of catering to the palms of the hand.

The curved design of the mainstream level does not mean that the Nubia Red Magic 5G has given up the cool dazzling feeling of exclusive players. The Red Magic 5G back uses the cool post-modernist cyberpunk design style, which is more modern. According to different lines and design schemes, to build an excellent sense of cool and dazzling. In addition, this kind of design style also reminds us of the inheritance of previous generations of Red Magic mobile phones. Natural, Red Magic level has not forgotten the player’s favorite breathing lamp design, 16.8 million color RGB can carry out flashing according to different game rhythm, in e-sports, games, songs, battery charging, shutdown information tips, and other application scenarios, mutual cooperation can show personalized lighting effects editor, can instantly present a variety of cool lighting effects.


Built-in Cooling Fan and 144Hz Screen Bring a Pleasant Gaming Experience

As the main product of mobile games, the game feeling of the Red Magic 5G game phone is, of course, the top priority of this product. In order to better ensure the smooth operation of the game, the cooling fan in the outer shell of the Red Magic 5G game phone has been further improved. Not only the symmetrical inlet/exhaust port is selected to make the gas flow more smoothly in the inner part of the shell, but also the embedded working speed is 15000 rpm, which the official website says has already exceeded the speed ratio of the Boeing 747 diesel engine.


In the concrete feeling, the cooling fan running at full speed will indeed cause some noise. If you do not wear headphones, the sound is still more prominent. In order to better balance heat dissipation and noise, the Red Magic 5G game phone shows the speed ratio adjustment function. You can let the system automatically adjust the speed ratio according to the heat dissipation requirements, and naturally, you can keep it running at full speed.


Active heat dissipation in exchange for excellent performance and the main performance of the game. In the standard test, the AnTuTu running score easily exceeded 590000, and the scores of 3D Mark SlingShotExtreme OpenGLES3.1 and Vulkan also reached 7291 and 6675 respectively, which can be said to be ahead of the mobile phones using Qualcomm chip Snapdragon 865 mobile platform.


Configuration of Mainstream Flagship Machines

Although it has only just begun in 2020, most of the key mobile phone configurations for the first half of the year have already been announced. The Red Magic 5G is obviously also the mainstream flagship device of 2020, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 dual-mode 5G integrated ic, UFS3.0 mobile phone flash memory + LPDDR5 running memory.


This kind of mainstream equipment should be known to all about its performance, with an AnTuTu running score of 588358. It can be said that such equipment to deal with the current large and medium-sized single-phone mobile games is absolutely easy. First of all, for games like “Honor of Kings” that have long been upgraded to perfection, the Red Magic 5G can be easily solved, maintaining 60 frames of operation at the maximum picture quality and maximum pixels. According to the performance of mobile phones at this stage, it should not be long before Tencent will produce a maximum of 90 frames of “Honor of Kings”.


Perfect Game Mode

In terms of the system, it also has a lot of functions to improve the feeling of the game. For example, in the improvement of games, there are three types: performance, display information, and sound effects. Performance is to improve hardware resources and spend a lot of performance on games. And the display information to improve more intimate, after opening the screen contrast will be improved, can find the game inside the dark opponent. For sound enhancement, it can reduce the natural environment sound effect in Battle Royale Games, and make the sound and voice clearer. It is said that it is supported by a set of audio optimization algorithms developed by the Red Devils, which makes it easier to identify the position of the sound.


In addition, there is also a quasi-center function key, which can provide an extra center in the center of the display screen without opening the magnification mirror. One-button action is similar to the button genie, which can be used in fighting games.

Nubia Red Magic 5G Camera

Although the camera is not an away game for Red Magic 5G game phones, there is no slack in hardware configuration. The main photographer of Red Magic uses a 64 million-definition SONY IMX686 controller, an 8 million-definition ultra-panoramic camera and a 2 million-definition macro camera to form three shots, and the imaging quality is still good.


Nubia can be said to be the first batch of well-known brands to release and shoot mobile phones, so they still have overall strength in photography. Mobile phones are suitable for multi-point autofocus technology, and there are also rich and colorful photography methods in the camera family so that public customers can complete the shooting of professional photos. From the sample, we can see that the Red Magic 5G game phone has the ability to take pictures without vulgarity, the interface is clear, the color recovery is accurate, especially at night, it also has a good main performance of photography, in the game leisure, go out to take some exquisite photos, there is no problem at all.


Nubia Red Magic 5G Charging and Battery

The standard Nubia Red Magic 5G game phone is equipped with a large 55W quick charging head, which is suitable for the Type-C Jack, and the matching shell is equipped with a 4500mAh rechargeable battery, while the cooling fan embedded in the shell can reduce the temperature of the phone when the battery is charged, allowing the battery charging power circuit to operate in the most efficient way.


During the game period, the mobile phone will turn on 144Hz from beginning to end, improve the game, and dissipate heat quickly (no matter when it is the strongest file); use part, regardless of whether it is supported or not, turn on 144Hz.


Normally, the Red Magic 5G’s 4500mAh rechargeable battery can support 3.5 hours of moderate and heavy games, plus 2.25 hours of viewing and web browsing, for a total of 5.75 hours.


Summary: What does the 144Hz Screen Bring?

Nubia Red Magic 5G has 144Hz refresh frequency display, excellent heat dissipation and easy to operate function keys. I firmly believe that the senior players watching the evaluation will be of great help to improve the situation of the war. So the precise positioning of this phone is also very outstanding, if you are an ashes-level player, Red Magic 5G must be a good choice; in addition, even if you are a low-level player like me, that kind of smooth game experience firmly believes that you will use it and will never go back.

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