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One Gearbest feature you never know – the most efficient way to select your ideal products

Unless you’re a billionaire, you can’t buy everything that’s for sale. So most customers want to compare the differences between products, and then select the most appropriate one.

But to click on (for example) each individual phone and compare the configurations, specifications, or the highlights is so time-consuming that it would put anybody off.

But, on Gearbest, you won’t have this kind of issue.

Maybe you’ve been an old friend of Gearbest for many years, or maybe you’re new to the site. Everyone should know the powerful and useful feature on Gearbest: the Compare feature, which is really a convenient and practical tool for you when you select the products on our online shop.

Today I am going to show you how to use this feature to save your time and find your ideal product.


Step 1. Open the Gearbest official website. You will see the user interface.


Step 2. Input the key words of the product that you want to explore in the search bar. For example, if you want to select a cell phone, you type the key words here. And then click on the “Search button” on the screen or tap the “Enter” button on your keyboard.


Step 3. The search engine will bring you to the specific product category interface; you can see all the cell phones listing on screen. Then you can choose which phone you are interested in and click on it for more details – if you want to check more than one item, follow the next steps.


Step 4. Find the “Compare” button on the lower right of each product you like and click on it. The maximum number to compare is four items.

Step 5. Once you made your choice, look at the right side of the web interface where you can see your selected products. Click the “COMPARE” button. If you want to remove an item, click the “x” button on its top right.


Step 6. You will enter the product comparison interface. Gearbest offers the “Show Differences” option on the left top side of the interface. Click on it to view the highlighted differences of the items; these will be colored in blue.


Step 7. If an item does not interest you, click the “x” button on the product’s top right. If you want to add another item for comparison (no more than 4), click the “Add a Product” button to continue.


It’s as easy as that! How do you like our Compare feature? Awesome, isn’t it?

Have you learned this skill? Hope you can enjoy the shopping journey even more on our GearBest website with this efficient tool.

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