OnePlus 7T reivew: what will 90Hz screen bring you?


We face the screen of the mobile phone every day, and the “screen display effect” begins to attract people”s attention gradually. However, most consumers will only care about whether the screen color is pleasing to the eyeball and whether the resolution number is large enough. As for the screen refresh rate that affects the sliding feel and the HDR that improves the look and feel of the picture, they do not seem to pay attention to it.

But if we pay more attention to the actual experience of the screen, maybe we should pay attention to these details. The OnePlus 7 Pro, released in the first half of this year shows us the advantages of the 90Hz refresh rate screen. In mid-October, one Canada officially brought the 90Hz fluid screen into the 3000 yuan price range through the brand new OnePlus 7T, so that more consumers can feel the charm of the high refresh rate screen, and also let more consumers realize: “the high refresh rate screen should become the standard of the flagship mobile phone.” What is the charm of the

What’s the charm of 90Hz screen?

Although the high refresh rate screen is still a very new thing in the mobile phone field, in the PC industry, the high refresh rate screen has long been the favorite of some professional players. Since 2017, monitors with refresh rates as high as 144Hz have become the specification of high frame rate indicators for mainstream game monitors, while a large number of laptops equipped with 120Hz refresh rates have been put on the market, which has also made many gamers understand the new experience of high refresh rate screens.

In the field of mobile phones, the improvement brought about by the high refresh rate of 90Hz is also revolutionary. When running the game, the screen displayed on the 90Hz fluid screen gives people a delicate and smooth feeling. Among them, the high refresh rate is more obvious in FPS mobile games. Because the screen of the FPS mobile game is constantly moving, coupled with operations such as cutting gun, aiming, firing and so on, all need to be completed in the shortest possible time. A higher frame rate means that you can respond more quickly and display the correct picture on the screen. At the same time, the display with high refresh rate will also make the game screen look more delicate and smooth, which will not give people the feeling of “stutter” or “frame drop” in the process of character movement or perspective shift, and it is even easier to aim and kill the target in the exchange of fire.

At present, the e-sports display on PC has already supported the refresh rate of 144Hz. If you want to achieve a game-like experience on PC in mobile games, a higher screen refresh rate is obviously essential.

Many people think that the new iPhone 11 launched this year is a brand new game artifact, but it is a pity that the phone comes with only one 60Hz screen. Although you can get a good experience of playing games on iPhone 11 thanks to exclusive optimization, iPhone 11 will still experience screen dragging and even tearing when running FPS mobile games and changing the perspective from a wide angle. 

The flagship OnePlus 7T is likely to become a new choice for gamers. The phone is equipped with a 90Hz fluid screen and has achieved a delicate game quality similar to that of the PC in games such as “QQ Speed” and “Crossing the Line of Fire”. In particular, “Crossing the Line of Fire” this FPS mobile game, in the process of fast moving characters, the high frame rate display still allows us to see all kinds of details in the map, and the experience of “pointing where to play” brings a strong feel.

In theory, the screen with high refresh rate was originally designed for gamers, but this silky screen has made many consumers unable to stop using it. Now, by bringing 90Hz’s high refresh rate screen to the phone, we can also see the pursuit of the ultimate user experience, which is constantly polished at the level of detail to make the OnePlus 7T a lively and smooth true flagship phone.

“I don’t play games, does the OnePlus 7T 90Hz screen help me?”

“Playing games” is just one of many mobile phone use scenarios, and the high refresh rate screen can improve the user experience much more than that. In the process of daily use, we can still feel the brand-new visual experience of the OnePlus 7T 90Hz screen.

Today, with the popularity of touch-screen mobile phones, many people have already turned playing with mobile phones into “slippery mobile phones”, and sliding mobile phone screens has become a common occurrence for people. The 60Hz screen on iPhone 11 can refresh the screen 60 times per second, but when sliding quickly, text, pictures and other information will inevitably be blurred, which is the “shadow phenomenon” that we often see. By contrast, the 90Hz screen with OnePlus 7T can be refreshed 90 times in a second, and more refreshes can show more details, which is why many people think that the screen with OnePlus 7T has a more delicate look and feel.

To explore the advantages of 90Hz screens, take a look at the measurements of professional institutions. Previously, Samsung showed that the Image quality Analysis Department of the R & D Center (South Korea) had compared a 90Hz refresh rate of OnePlus 7 Pro with a 60Hz refresh rate of OnePlus 6T. This test measures the effect of the refresh rate on the screen look and feel by measuring the shadow displayed on the screen. The experimental report

Samsung display found that when the mobile phone screen shows a fast-moving scene, the higher the screen BEW value, the more obvious the (Edge Blur) shadow of the blurred edge; the smaller the screen BEW value, the smaller the screen blurred edge shadow, which means that the dynamic picture quality is better. The high refresh rate screen (90Hz) can refresh the screen faster than the ordinary refresh rate screen (60Hz), thus better and faster to eliminate visual residues and achieve a more smooth and comfortable display effect.

Maybe the language description is a little empty, let’s analyze the difference between 60Hz screen and 90Hz screen through a simple scenario. I believe that many friends played “page turning animation” when they were young, draw all kinds of actions in the book, and quickly turn the page to form a continuous animation. The 60Hz screen is equivalent to 60 pages per second, and the 90Hz screen is equivalent to 90 pages per second.

Turn the page animation

We draw the same action on 60 pages and 90 pages, then 90 pages must be more delicate than 60 pages, which can fully demonstrate the advantage of OnePlus 7T 90Hz refresh rate screen.

If the powerful hardware lays a solid foundation for a smooth experience, then to sublimate the experience to the level of “hard to use” requires deep software optimization. Why is the iPhone known as the smoothest device? This is closely related to Apple’s outstanding combination of software and hardware. In the iOS system, the priority of the mobile phone screen is quite high. When opening the application, the iOS system will give priority to the corresponding screen operation, and then call the application, so that users can experience the fluency of the iPhone phone.

OnePlus 7T in order to give users a smoother operating experience, rewrote the underlying performance scheduling algorithm of the native Android system to ensure that the application can allocate the strongest performance resources. Officials say the response time for each slide operation of OnePlus 7T is only 40ms, coupled with full optimization of the system to make the system animation match the 90Hz screen perfectly by reprioritizing touch and drawing.

iPhone 11 / OnePlus 7T App turns on Animation comparison Test

To explore how high-tech screens help system fluency, we use iPhone 11 to compare with OnePlus 7T. When we open the settings interface at the same time, we can clearly see that the OnePlus 7T animation with 90Hz fluid screen is smoother, and even the animation speed is faster than iPhone 11. And in the process of playing slowly, we can also feel that the OnePlus 7T animation has a higher frame rate and more details.

During daily swiping screen browsing, the change brought about by the 90Hz screen is even more obvious. This time, we still choose iPhone 11 as the comparison object. When the two slide the Weibo information stream at the same time, we can see that the OnePlus 7t equipped with 90Hz screen is smoother than iPhone 11 in Weibo sliding fluency, the 90Hz screen greatly reduces the occurrence of shadow, and there is no obvious “jelly feeling” when playing slowly.

iPhone 11 / OnePlus 7T sliding fluency comparison

Is worth mentioning that OnePlus 7T also optimizes system animation. Whether it’s a sliding drawer selection application or a drop-down notification bar menu, the fine-tuned animation that matches the 90Hz screen also gives us a sense of detail.

Tuned to perfectly match the animation of the 90Hz screen

System optimization is a very tedious work, especially for the 90Hz screen, add their own understanding of sliding animation, so that the screen refresh rate and animation effect perfect match, to achieve the perfect integration of software and hardware. Judging from the results, the animation effect of OnePlus 7T does give people a feeling of lightness and dexterity.

Focus on detail polishing, improve user experience

Compared with improving the screen size, resolution and other parameters, improving the screen refresh rate requires more manpower and material resources. As soon as Canada dares to lead the industry forward and takes the lead in announcing the standard screen with high refresh rate throughout the department, it can also be seen that the government is focused on improving the details of the product and is committed to improving the actual user experience.

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T is not the first flagship 90Hz screen launched by OnePlus. As early as May of this year, OnePlus 7 Pro with 90Hz fluid screen was launched. And this product also benefits from the 90Hz fluid screen, which is concerned by the industry and consumers, and many consumers say they feel a very smooth experience after using the screen with high refresh rate.

Therefore, we can meet that in the future, not only the high-end flagship phones will be equipped with high refresh rate screens, but even thousands of yuan phones may also promote “90Hz” as a major selling point. Personally, I think this is not a fantasy, but a future visible to the naked eye. OnePlus 7T is the vanguard that leads the industry to the future.

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