Philips air purifier AC6678 review

The time we spend indoors accounts for most of the day, and there are all kinds of pollutants in the environment of daily life: indoor dirty dust, allergens such as pollen floating in the air, and even formaldehyde left over from the decoration of new houses. A wide variety of indoor pollutants are the main culprits that threaten people”s health. They are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and hidden in every corner of the house, there is no way to prevent them.

Air purifier is a good helper to remove indoor pollutants. If you want to create a clean breathing environment, you need to remove as many pollutants from the air as possible, including PM2.5.

Recently released Philips Air Purifier AC6678, is an air purifier product that can capture 99 kinds of indoor air pollutants. Previously, Philips 6000 series air purifier KJ650F-F02 (AC6608) achieved the first good result in the air purifier ladder chart set up by Qiuzhen Lab. What new surprise will it bring us as an upgraded version of AC6608?

In addition to the performance improvement, the biggest difference between Philips air purifier AC6678 and its predecessor is that its screen can display the changes of formaldehyde, PM2.5 and allergen in real time, which can clearly purify the effect and remove 99 indoor pollutants *. The addition of these two technologies makes this already excellent product more perfect.

Formaldehyde purification capacity.

Philips air purifier AC6678 uses 6000 series of excellent filters, and there is no doubt about the efficiency of formaldehyde filtration.

Before that, we asked for the truth of the lab.Empty net comment on the ladder ranking.We have tested the Philips 6000 series air purifier, the model is KJ650F-F02 (AC6608), the purification effect is very excellent, among the best.

Philips Air Purifier AC6678 uses the same filter screen, and the ability to remove formaldehyde has always maintained a leading level in the industry. As long as it is put at home to start work, even if the home has just been decorated, ventilation idle for half a year restrictions can be put aside early, at any time to move into a new house.

PM2.5 purification test.

What is the purifying power of Philips air purifier AC6678 to PM2.5? We put it in a 15-inch sealed room with closed doors and windows and made full use of cigarettes to simulate the indoor environment with poor air quality to test the purification effect.

(1) limit gear test:

After the cigarette is fully burned, the laser detector shows that the current indoor PM2.5 value is 482. We will test the Philips air purifier AC6678 in the highest purification gear and record the data every 5 minutes.

The LED halo of the display screen changes color continuously with the increase of PM2.5 value, which is very intuitive.

In just 15 minutes, Philips Air Purifier AC6678 reduced its PM2.5 to less than 10, and then kept PM2.5 at a very low number. In this experiment, Philips Air Purifier AC6678 showed strong purification efficiency.

(2) Sleep gear test.

Under the same conditions, we opened the sleep file of the product to test its purification efficiency in the low gear. The results show that the Philips air purifier AC6678 controls the PM2.5 index below 10 within 50 minutes. Although the air purification efficiency of the sleep gear is relatively slow, the linear decline of the PM2.5 index can also be seen intuitively.

Thanks to the bilateral air intake structure and strong filter elements, the Philips air purifier AC6678 performs amazingly in the highest purification gear and sleep gear, suitable for either the living room or the bedroom.

Allergen test.

The pollen in the air bothers people who are prone to allergies, and the Philips air purifier AC6678 can be relieved because it can accurately detect and remove allergen pollution from the air.

In the 15-inch room with closed doors and windows, we put the bouquet close to Philips air purifier AC6678, display, the allergen index soared instantly, while the LED halo turned red.

After Philips air purifier AC6678 worked in desensitization mode for about 23 minutes, the allergen index returned to reassuring blue, and the index dropped to 2, indicating that it is effective and excellent in removing allergens.

In addition to common allergens such as pollen, there are many indoor pollutants worthy of our attention in the air. When you indulge in the satisfaction of new home decoration, but forget to watch out for the formaldehyde in the new floor and new furniture; when you bring out plates of exquisite dishes to get together with your family, but forget that PM2.5 in cooking fumes may seep into the room with the door open; eggs, milk, meat, fish and their products that have been stored for a long time are hotbeds of Staphylococcus aureus. Influenza virus, Bordetella pertussis and other bacterial pollutants, they thrive in indoor toilets and corners. Only by removing these indoor pollution as much as possible can we ensure the safety of our breathing.

To this end, Philips air purifier AC6678 uses a nano-scale strong filter screen, which can filter out particles as small as 0.003 microns, the removal rate is as high as 99.9%, and the concentration of formaldehyde can be reduced to 0.01mg/m Β³.

This multi-layer filtration system helps to filter out a variety of pollutants and greatly improves the air filtration efficiency. 99 kinds of indoor pollutants, such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, allergens and bacteria, can not escape the interception of this powerful filter and stifle the health threat posed by air pollution in the cradle.

Philips air purifier AC6678 generally continues the 6000 series of simple design, the shape is round, the body is mainly white, and there is a round display on the front, which displays the index values of the three major threats to indoor air in real time: allergens such as formaldehyde, PM2.5 and pollen. With the numerical changes of the three major indices, the LED halo of the display screen will appear in four different colors, which can be easily identified.

When the indoor air pollution is serious, the LED halo will turn red; when the air quality is safe, the LED halo will show blue, giving people an intuitive understanding of the indoor breathing environment.

Philips air purifier AC6678 consumes no electricity at all. After working continuously in the low gear for 24 hours, the ammeter shows that only 0.52 watts of electricity is consumed, which is only a few cents a day, and there is no pressure to turn it on around the clock.

We tested the noise of Philips air purifier AC6678 in a room with low noise 38.3dB.

The noise values of each working gear 50 cm away from the Philips air purifier AC6678 are as follows:

Philips air purifier AC6678 limit gear decibel of 61.7 dB, although slightly noisy, but also within the acceptable range, and the ultra-high purification rate of this gear will quickly clean up the pollution and then switch to a low gear.

When the Philips air purifier AC6678 works in the sleep gear, the display screen will turn off, and the decibel value is only slightly higher than the ambient noise, which is 39.6dB. It makes you breathe smoothly when you fall asleep, but you don’t feel any noise.

Full text summary.

Prior to this, Academician Zhong Nanshan has repeatedly called for the health of indoor air to be more worthy of our attention and attention than outdoor air. Indoor air pollutants are everywhere, and the quantity and harm are so great that people can’t guard against them. Only a machine that removes indoor pollutants as much as possible can make us feel at ease. The upgraded Philips air purifier AC6678 meets this requirement perfectly. It is equipped with VitaShield Plus micro-shield purification technology, smart sensing technology and nano-scale strong protective filter, which can easily remove up to 99 kinds of harmful substances in the air * and protect our indoor breathing safety around the clock.

It is worth mentioning that at the just-concluded National Air purification Festival, Philips Air Purifier won the industry award “Nanshan Award” double first, and AC6678 won the first place of scientific and technological innovation and clean products “, which largely symbolizes that Philips has been widely recognized by the industry and consumers in this field. Is there any reason to reject such a machine that allows itself to breathe fresh air?

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