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Picture quality design intelligent Skyworth 65S81 OLED TV comprehensive and in-depth experience.

What is the standard of a good TV today? 4K HD resolution? A new generation of display technology? More to restore the real image performance? Eye protection and energy saving? Smart operation experience? The author believes that these are! To use the phrase that is very popular on the Internet, “adults, never make a choice, we all do!” Is there a TV product that can meet this “all” standard?

Skyworth 65S81 flagship OLED TV.

Recently, the author happened to receive the 65-inch version of Skyworth S81, a flagship TV. With the above standards, the author conducted a more comprehensive experiential review for this TV. What is the result? Next, let”s follow in the author’s footsteps to have a look!

Appearance: where is the TV? Isn’t this the screen?

Nowadays, it is not just to choose a TV, the first step in choosing any product must be to see how it looks. If the appearance does not meet the user’s standard, very few people will be willing to know what its function is. Therefore, for current products, the beauty of industrial design has long become a top priority.

After taking out Skyworth S81, the seat vertical use state is completed through simple assembly. At first glance, the first intuitive feeling is-where is the TV? Isn’t this just a screen? This illusion is exactly what Skyworth S81 wants to achieve. Its unique suspension comprehensive screen design is to let users see the whole screen from the front, without any unnecessary decoration and design. This kind of design can not only bring more shocking visual effects for users, but also better integrate the living room scene at home, with any TV wall design that users like is very harmonious, because it is hanging there, just like a mural, there is no extra design, such visual effects are really difficult to get on ordinary TV products.

In addition to hanging installation, the vertical use of the seat can still achieve the light feeling experience of “all screens”, which is mainly due to the design called “hanging Mountain Base”. The reason for the name “hanging Mountain” is mainly because the design of the base adopts the roof design of the hanging hill. through the most stable geometric triangle structure in mechanics, the design is concise and lively at the same time, the base is also more stable and pressure-resistant.

At the same time, the base not only brings solid support, but also provides a healthy elevation design of 5 °. According to Skyworth, through long-term ergonomic research and repeated experiments, if the TV screen maintains an elevation angle of 5 °~ 8 °, you can travel an appropriate elevation angle, so that the viewer can effectively relax his body posture and relieve shoulder and neck muscle tension in the process of watching the movie. And, as shown in the picture above, the thinnest part of Skyworth 65S81 OLED TV is only 3.5mm. From the side, this thickness is the thickness of a mural, fully reflecting the beauty of science and technology.

After looking at the front, let’s take a look at the back. Although the back is rarely seen by users, the production process and design style of a TV manufacturer can be better seen through the design and workmanship of the back of a TV. It can be seen that Skyworth S81’s workmanship and materials are very exquisite.

The back is made of imported bright wire drawing steel plate, which is formed into a whole. It is understood that each detail has gone through dozens of mirror polishing, polishing, CNC, satin wire drawing, etc., which can indeed bring a higher sense of quality. In addition, not a single screw can be seen on the entire rear shell of the back. This is also due to the snap-on design of the rear shell, which makes the back of the whole fuselage look more integrated, showing the quality of Skyworth TV in every detail.

In addition, in the detailed design section of Skyworth S81, Skyworth’s pursuit of TV quality is everywhere. In addition, the hidden microphone and infrared intelligent control design make Skyworth S81 look like a TV, but it is also the entrance to the voice-controlled smart home, which is described in detail later. .

The amazing picture quality brought by the next generation display technology of OLED:

After seeing the appearance, we still have to take a look at the function first. as a TV, the primary function is to watch! Skyworth S81 uses OLED screen as one of the next generation display technologies in display technology. I believe that many users are no stranger to the word OLED! To put it simply, this is a new technology that is different from the traditional TV luminous mode. Each pixel of the OLED panel can emit light independently and support independent opening and closing, so one of the biggest significant improvements is the extremely amazing picture quality, thanks to the display characteristics of pure black, it is very powerful to greatly improve the performance of other colors, and finally make the picture quality of OLED TV much higher than that of traditional TV panels.

So the question is, what is the display effect of Skyworth S81? Next, let’s take a look at it through the test.

First, let’s take a look at the test of the solid color picture. here, the author would like to declare in advance that all the pictures are the actual shooting effect of the TV, especially the black one, which does not turn off the TV.

The biggest feature of the OLED panel is that the black is the black produced by the non-luminous unit, which is purer than the traditional LED panel. So, the first thing to show is black:


Black picture display effect, statement: do not turn off the TV!

This picture is definitely not taken after turning off the TV, when the TV is on, play a pure black picture. From the effect of the test picture, there is no light leakage on the screen, so I can’t see the existence of TV at all.

In addition, the performance of color is also the advantage of the OLED panel, followed by some color picture display.






Colorful side shots: thanks to the self-luminous characteristics of the OLED panel, the visual angle of OLED TV is very high, and there will be no color bias in side viewing, ensuring that people from every angle can get the same picture quality experience as the front 90 degrees.

Black and white: black in the upper left corner to white in the lower right corner, the color is pure and natural, especially the black and gray part, there is no color deviation of traditional LCD TV due to light leakage.

In addition to testing with color blocks and colorful pictures, the author also used Skyworth 65S81 to play 4K video sources, and the results are as follows:

4K video playback effect (static).

Adjust the screen during 4K video playback.

4K video playback effect.

From the results of the test, the display effect of Skyworth 65S81 is very amazing: the color is full and moderate, not too gorgeous, not too plain, and the degree of color restoration is very real. The color block as a whole is very pure and free of impurities. From the viewing point of view, even if viewed from the side, the performance of the TV is not much different from the effect of facing squarely. In addition, the analysis and playback effect of 4K video is also very clear and smooth, and the overall performance is satisfactory.

And thanks to the characteristics of self-luminous, OLED TV blue light radiation is very small, in a long time play, a large area of strong white scene, the eyes will not feel dazzling, uncomfortable, compared with ordinary LCD TV, the experience advantage is very great.

Intelligence: about what AI capabilities actually do on TV.

For the application of AI technology in TV products, many users will wonder, what kind of user experience does AI technology bring to the overall use of TV?

First of all, TV is originally used to watch, so the application of AI technology in TV is generally the optimization of picture quality. From the following TV configuration table, it is not difficult to see that the TV uses a picture quality chip called hummingbird AI Pro,. What on earth is this?

Hummingbird AI picture quality chip Pro is a professional chip with AI picture quality adjustment independently developed by Skyworth, which can identify and process its color, contrast, clarity and scene according to different objects of the picture, so as to improve the look and feel of the picture and bring an immersive picture quality experience.

Optimize the picture by AI technology.

The effects achieved include the smoothing of the gradual change of the picture, the noise reduction of the image, the sharpening of the depth, and the recognition and optimization of the scene. If these nouns make you feel insensitive, then the author simply tells you that with the optimization of AI technology, the overall picture of Skyworth 65S81 has been optimized and improved.

In addition, in addition to the improvement of the screen, AI technology in Skyworth 65S81 also brings the improvement of user experience. For example, users interact with the point through voice, this interaction is not limited to the control of the TV, there are some updated application scenarios, in the TV built-in skills Square, users can find more new features brought by AI technology.

Of course, in voice interaction, as shown in the following figure, Skyworth 65S81 also provides great user autonomy. From the following figure list, users can make comprehensive custom settings for TV voice interaction according to their preferences, such as the way of interactive language, the setting of voice print, the adjustment of timbre, and so on.

Perhaps, in today’s TV products, the addition of AI technology from the user’s point of view, although the feeling is not particularly obvious, but, when you are used to this way of interaction, you will gradually get the convenience that AI technology brings to you, the impact of such convenience on users is obviously imperceptible, that is, if you adapt to such an experience, you may not be able to go back.

Internet of things: it is not only the gateway, but also the control center.

For traditional TV enterprises, in addition to adding AI technology to TV, the next step is what kind of position TV will be in the future family environment. From the author’s point of view, perhaps the entrance to the Internet of things is a good new positioning for television.

Skyworth 65S81 already has such a position, and what we have to mention here is Swaiot. Skyworth 65S81 has realized the Internet of everything with large-screen TV as the core smart device through Skyworth Zhaopin. users can view, control and manage Swaiot smart devices throughout the house on TV.

As shown in the figure below, users can access Swaiot smart devices for different rooms to set and control. On the TV, you can control the opening and closing of other devices, and so on. Can also carry on the function point control, such as air conditioning equipment, the user can adjust the mode, windshield, sweep, temperature and so on.

Here, in the testing process, the author especially likes its information screen display function. This function is based on the characteristics of OLED screen, AOD (Always On Display) screen can display the current time and weather, Swaiot smart device information, memo, music and so on. As far as users are concerned, they can always grasp some key information when they do not want to watch TV. In the future, perhaps with the interconnection of other intelligent terminal devices, it can also display the key data collected by many intelligent terminals in the home, such as room temperature, humidity and so on. At the same time, in the process of the new body of soldiers, will not consume more power, this is really a practical and lovely small function.

Of course, Skyworth 65S81 has also done more things than portals for the implementation of the Internet of things, such as gateways. The built-in intelligent switching of three modes covers the vast majority of household appliances and supports the control of 6000+ non-intelligent devices in the whole house, which can really solve all the pain points of users.

Write at the end.

As the title of the article said, after the author’s personal test, the title is definitely not an exaggeration. Nowadays, although the video material of 4K is not yet popular, it has to be said that it is not difficult for users to find the source of 4K if they pay a little attention to it. Therefore, in the field of 4K OLED TV, Skyworth 65S81 is a good choice. It has an amazing appearance and high practicality, and can be well integrated into the modern home decoration style. Whether hanging or standing, it is a good choice.

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