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Redmi 1A Washing Machine review: is it worth buying?

Redmi 1A Washing Machine

Now the fully automatic washing machine on the market is mainly divided into two categories: drum washing machine and wave wheel washing machine, in which the drum washing machine imitates the principle of hitting clothes with a hammer, so that the clothes are not wound, the washing is uniform, and the wear rate is 10% less than that of the wave wheel washing machine, but the drum washing machine takes longer cleaning time, higher noise and more electricity consumption. In contrast, the wave wheel washing machine is driven by an electric motor, and the water flow in the bucket forms a sometimes right-handed and sometimes left-handed eddy current, and the clothes continue to rotate and roll up and down with the water, resulting in a high cleaning rate. However, due to the soft friction in the water between the clothes and between the clothes and the bucket wall in the process of flipping, the wave washing machine uses more water and has a high wear rate of clothes. In addition, due to technical limitations and other reasons, the price of drum washing machines on the market is higher than that of wave washing machines.

In the Redmi spring launch event on March 18, in addition to the launch of Redmi Note7 Pro, Redmi 7, Redmi AirDots, Redmi 1A Washing Machine also appeared at this launch. At the meeting, Lu Weibing said: the Redmi brand will fight hard for quality and pursue the ultimate performance-to-price ratio. Redmi wants to declare war on all unreasonable premiums and bring the price of the 8KG automatic wave washing machine down to 799 yuan. Is the

Is the 799 yuan Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A worth buying?

In terms of price, throughout the network-wide 8KG washing machine products, Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A has undoubtedly achieved the ultimate performance-price ratio, so is Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A worth buying? Maybe you won”t find the answer until you get it.

Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A

House Secret’s first impression of Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A is light, maybe before the house secret is a dead drum washing machine, in the face of a person can carry upstairs Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A, the heart can not help but wonder, such a light weight can really pass the clearance?.? But after it was opened and installed, it gave me some confidence in the Redmi 1A Washing Machine.

Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A body

Redmi 1A Washing Machine design

First of all, Redmi full automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A uses PCM metal body, compared with the plastic body is stronger, corrosion-resistant, but also not afraid of long-term sunlight. As a member of white goods, Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A uses a pure white body, the white shell can make the machine itself look flatter, will not appear abrupt at home. At the same time, people have become accustomed to the color of the washing machine is white, so the Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A choose white as the body color is a very smart and safe approach.

Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A washing cylinder block

Redmi 1A Washing Machine washing cylinder using stainless steel material, although many polymer materials are not cheaper than stainless steel, durability is not worse than stainless steel, but people recognize stainless steel inner barrel, so Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A gives people a better impression.

Functionally, Redmi is equipped with bucket self-cleaning mode and barrel air-drying mode for Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A. In the barrel self-cleaning mode, the places where dirt is easy to accumulate on the inner and outer walls of the barrel can be cleaned by high-speed water flow, and then in the barrel air-drying mode, the flowing air is allowed to take away the residual water in the barrel to keep it dry to avoid the growth of bacteria. The use of high-speed water flow can achieve the purpose of cleaning to a certain extent, but the secretary of the house still recommends that you find a professional to clean the washing machine on a regular basis.

Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A inlet

Of course, 8KG’s washing capacity can clean more clothes at once. According to official data, 8KG can clean three sets of four-piece bed sets, three floor-to-ceiling curtains 1 meter wide, or 36 shirts and 10 pairs of jeans. Of course, people should try their best to wash their clothes as soon as possible, so as to avoid their chairs and dirty pockets full of clothes.

Although the use of wave wheel washing machine will inevitably lead to clothing wear, but Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A in order to reduce clothing wear, with a unique design of wave wheel with a specific stop ratio to form a high-speed butterfly flow, can lift and flip clothes, under the premise of cleaning clothes, reduce clothing winding and wear, reduce clothing wrinkles. We can also observe the cleaning status of clothes at any time through the ultra-transparent cover.

High Speed Butterfly flow

Redmi 1A Washing Machine: functions

Function, Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine is equipped with ten special washing modes, including daily washing, fast washing, gentle washing, strong washing, large washing, soaking washing, single dehydration, bleaching + washing, bucket self-cleaning, bucket air drying, and ten grades of water level adjustment. Among them, the default water level is 7, in the process of washing (including rinsing), press and hold the “water level” key to replenish water, and stop replenishing water after loosening. Or after pausing, press and hold the “Water level” button to select a higher water level. In the cleaning process, the Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine can also automatically detect the water level. When it is detected that the water level is lower than the set water level, the washing machine will be suspended and automatically replenish water to the set water level and continue to run.

Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A function key

Of course, the child lock key is also an essential function of the washing machine, while pressing the “water level” and “program” keys to open the child lock function, after opening, other keys except the power button will be locked, and the display window will alternately display “CL” and the remaining time. The house secretary believes that there is still a certain threshold for this function, and it may be more effective to set a child lock button alone or to automatically lock the child when washing, and then press the “water level” and “program” keys to release the child lock at the same time.

Redmi automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A

In addition to the above design and functions, Redmi full automatic wave wheel washing machine also has a wide water voltage design, as well as three levels of energy efficiency, but at this price, most products have these characteristics, it can be said that “everyone is like this, I also happen to have”. In addition, although the Redmi automatic wave washing machine has a bottom cover, the wiring and layout of the internal wires are too scattered, which will make people doubt the quality.

Redmi 1A Washing Machine internal wiring

Compared with the rice home Internet washing and drying all-in-one machine, Redmi full-automatic wave wheel washing machine 1A does not have the networking function, naturally can not connect to the rice home App, and can not directly control the work of the washing machine through the mobile phone or Xiao Ai. So in terms of intelligence, there is not much difference between Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A and traditional wave washing machine, and even for users who are used to rice, they may prefer to increase the price of Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A by 100 yuan in exchange for networking function.

Redmi 1A Washing Machine drain


Redmi 1A Washing Machine is quite friendly for young people renting in first-and second-tier cities. First of all, the price of 799 yuan will not cause too much economic pressure for young people; the second is the weight of the wave washing machine, which will save a lot of energy when moving; and finally, most young people like to buy clothes of fast consumer brands, and the quarterly clothing habit will also avoid the shortcomings of wave washing machines, making Redmi automatic wave washing machine 1A become the first washing machine for young people.

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