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Samsung S20 Ultra review: a reborn upgrade of Samsung that is no longer restrained.

Samsung S20 Ultra.

This year, Samsung also chose to make a breakthrough in the imaging system, in which the flagship Samsung S20 Ultra, unleashed its sincerity through tough hardware such as 108 million-pixel master photography and 48 million-pixel periscope telephoto lens. After the product release, many people said that Samsung had achieved a “burst toothpaste tube”-like upgrade, which can also see the netizens” affirmation of Samsung S20 Ultra.

However, only powerful products in all directions can be called “flagship”. Does Samsung S20 Ultra fit this title? Let me show you today.

Super eye attraction of back matrix imaging system.

After many updates and iterations, Samsung S-series products have formed their own design language. The Samsung S20 Ultra still adheres to the classic design, with a sleek body compared to the Note series, with a 6.9-inch screen on the front and a central hole-digging design that looks symmetrical. Of course, this 6.9-inch screen also bridges the screen size gap between Samsung’s S series and Note series, and it may be worth thinking about how Samsung Note series will differentiate in the future.

Samsung S20 Ultra.

Samsung has deep attainments in screen, and the on-screen display effect of Samsung S20 Ultra is also very obvious. This screen supports a resolution of up to 2K and a high refresh rate of 120Hz, but in daily use, we can only choose between 2K and 120Hz refresh rate, perhaps to improve the phone’s battery life.

Samsung S20 Ultra supports high refresh rate of 120Hz.

Samsung S20 Ultra.

One of the most noteworthy details of the Samsung S20 Ultra is that instead of following the current trend of high-curvature screens, the phone uses a glass cover similar to 2.5D radians. This kind of design which takes into account both appearance and practicality is very praiseworthy.

Samsung S20 Ultra.

By the way, the Samsung S20 Ultra continues the design of the previous generation, which is equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking. It has to be said that facial unlocking still has limitations in some special cases, while Samsung S20 Ultra supports both facial and fingerprint unlocking, which greatly improves the ease of use of the phone.

Samsung S20 Ultra.

It is believed that everyone who sees the Samsung S20 Ultra will pay attention to the matrix camera module with its huge back. Compared with other phones, Samsung S20 Ultra’s imaging system is obviously Samsung’s pride, and the words “SPACE ZOOM” and “100x” at the bottom also fully show its strength.

Samsung S20 Ultra.

But the addition of powerful hardware such as a 100-megapixel main camera and a 48 million-pixel periscope telephoto is also forced to increase the size of the imaging system, making Samsung’s S20 Ultra camera take up too much back space. And the Samsung S20 Ultra weighs 221g compared with the Samsung S20amp S20+. However, thanks to good weight balancing, the Samsung S20 Ultra still feels satisfactory and has no “top-heavy” feeling.

Samsung S20 Ultra.

Users familiar with Samsung phones know that the bottom design of Samsung’s flagship products is often not in a straight line, which makes many obsessive-compulsive disorder users crazy. Fortunately, the charging port, loudspeaker and handset openings of the S20 Ultra are all in a straight line. Users who are obsessed with this detail should be able to rest assured this year.

100 megapixel + periscope lens to create full-focus image flagship.

The video system should be the biggest upgrade for Samsung’s S20 Ultra series. With a 108 million-pixel camera with a 1.33in background, it can shoot any picture we want; with a 48 million-pixel periscope telephoto, 10x mixed optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, “shooting the Moon” is simply a small case; plus a 12-megapixels ultra-wide-angle lens and ToF depth-of-field lens to shoot scenery and portraits, the Samsung S20 Ultra has become the flagship image of the whole scene.

Samsung S20 Ultra equipped with rear quad camera.

This year, “100 megapixel” has almost become the new standard for flagship phones, which also poses a new test for the processing speed of mobile phones. After testing, thanks to the strong performance of the Snapdragon865 mobile platform, Samsung S20 Ultra can almost take 100 megapixel photos a second, and only need to wait a second to browse the high-definition photos in real time, the experience is still very good.

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet.

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet.

But in my actual use, I prefer to use the normal 12 megapixels mode to take photos. At this point, Samsung S20 Ultra will automatically turn on the “pixel nine in one” function to output a more colorful photo. In addition, this 12-megapixels photo also has a higher brightness, making it possible to take a brighter picture even if the super night view mode is not turned on in dim light.

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet.

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet (Ultra wide Angle).

Samsung S20 Ultra sample (portrait).

The 100-megapixel main camera shows the hard power of Samsung’s own sensors, while the 48 million-pixel periscope telephoto lens shows Samsung’s new exploration of imaging systems. The Samsung S20 Ultra is the first show of the periscope telephoto lens on Samsung phones. According to the actual sample shot, the completion of the telephoto lens of the S20 Ultra is still very high. It is important to note, however, that the Samsung S20 Ultra turns on the telephoto lens when it is in 4x zoom, and the photos taken in 4x to 10x mode are a mixed zoom of the telephoto lens and the main camera.

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet (0.5x).

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet (1x).

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet (5X).

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet (10x).

Samsung S20 Ultra sample sheet (100x).

Samsung S20 Ultra has a smooth zoom experience.

In order to let users fully enjoy the charm of S20 Ultra imaging system, Samsung has also made a lot of improvements in software. First of all, in the camera viewfinder, the official thoughtfully provides options such as 0.5x, 1x, 5x, 10x, 100x and so on, which makes it convenient for us to click on the corresponding focal segment directly. After zooming to more than 20 times, the camera viewfinder also marks the enlarged area, making it easier to capture the picture.

After zooming to more than 20 times, the camera viewfinder will mark the magnified area.

In terms of innovative play, Samsung S20 Ultra has also added a “single shot” function. With the help of AI, this function can use different cameras and different filters to show different effects, making taking pictures more interesting.

Samsung S20 Ultra “single shot” mode sample.

As a flagship image with all-round improvement, Samsung S20 Ultra’s front lens specification is also very high. The phone is equipped with a 40 million-pixel front lens that takes a 10 million-pixel photo in a four-in-one mode when taking pictures every day. After trying out the Samsung S20 Ultra, our little sister said that the beauty effect of Samsung phones is more natural than other phones, which may be one of the reasons why Samsung phones are recognized by many female users.

Of course, more and more consumers are concerned about the video shooting quality of a mobile phone. The Samsung S20 Ultra supports shooting up to 8K video, and while shooting the video, we can also get 33 million pixels of high-definition pictures in the video. However, 8K video has high requirements for ambient light, lack of brightness will lead to obvious noise, and the video anti-shake feature will be turned off when shooting 8K video, so I think 8K video is still a “just play” feature.

Flagship performance.

Samsung’s flagship S-Series has never let us down in terms of performance, and this time the performance of the Samsung S20 Ultra remains the same. The national version of Samsung S20 Ultra comes standard with Qualcomm Snapdragon865 mobile platform, and its performance is already very familiar to us. After the actual measurement, Samsung S20 Ultra ran the score in the AnTuTu platform, while in GeekBench 5, it ran out the single core score and the multi-core score, and the performance was satisfactory.

Samsung S20 Ultra running points.

Samsung S20 Ultra running points.

As one of the first Snapdragon865 models to be unveiled, the Samsung S20 Ultra also supports dual-mode 5G networks. After our measurement, the network speed of Samsung S20 Ultra in 5G network is about 400Mbps, which is in line with expectations.

The speed of Samsung S20 Ultra in 5G network is about 400Mbps.

For such a mobile phone, it is easy to play games. When we measured the mainstream games such as “Masters Honor” and “Game for Peace”, Samsung S20 Ultra did not stutter. Most importantly, thanks to the design of dual speakers, using the Samsung S20 Ultra makes it more immersive. And Samsung S20 Ultra loudspeaker design is quite reasonable, horizontal screen holding will not block the sound, the heat is also controlled in a more reasonable range, the whole machine does not appear the phenomenon of overheating.

Use Samsung S20 Ultra to play “King of Honor”

As for the built-in 5000mAh battery, it can also last for a whole day. In the course of my measurement, only the two scenes of taking pictures and playing games consume a little more power. But don’t worry, the Samsung S20 Ultra supports fast charging and wireless charging, which can quickly return to its best condition, even if the battery is low.

At present, there is little difference in the hardware of smartphones at the same price, and only a good software experience can build a moat. The Samsung S20 Ultra still carries One UI based on Android 9.0. The refreshing interface adds a lot of points to the flagship, and with the blessing of the 120Hz screen, you can also experience delicate animation effects during the sliding process, making people can’t help but want to slide twice more. Maybe, One UI is also one of the reasons why many three-star fans buy Samsung phones.

Write at the end.

The most eye-catching feature of the new flagship Samsung S20 Ultra is the new imaging system. Powerful hardware such as a 100-megapixel camera and a 48 million-pixel periscope telephoto have revolutionized the phone’s image. If you are a person who loves to record your life on your mobile phone and share everything around you, the new photo experience of Samsung S20 Ultra will not let you down.

At the same time, Samsung S20 Ultra is also a lot of essential elements of the 2020 flagship machine, such as Snapdragon865, high refresh rate screen and dual speakers. However, compared with the same series of S20 and S20 weighing more than 200 grams and a large 6.9-inch screen, there is still a threshold for some consumers.

Is it worth crossing this threshold? This obviously needs to be considered in the light of your own actual needs.

Samsung S20 Ultra, which is no longer restrained in terms of imaging system and performance, is no longer restrained in terms of price. Higher product prices have also become a threshold for many people to buy. But this does not mean that we have no other choice. After all, there are S20 and S20 + brothers at the same time.

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