Starting with a four-month voyage became the biggest surprise for me in iPhone 11 Pro Max.

When I have nothing to do, I can”t help but ask myself, where is all the money spent? Think about it carefully, to say big boss, nothing more than Apple two-piece set, mobile phone + computer. There is no way. This is the case every year. As a practitioner in the technology digital industry, he has no immunity to these electronic products at all. Even though steamed buns, pickles and boiled water, he still has to save money to buy them.

Ask me why I love Apple products, to be honest, I am not a real fan, it is not that I do not want to, but I am incompetent, poverty limits me to become a real fan. With the increase of age, money is more and more can not help but spend, mortgage and “four-legged golden beast” has become the main consumption of my family, once the moonlight family reflected incisively and vividly in me. .

Although there is no spare money, fortunately, iPhone 11 Pro Max has 24 interest-free stages, without hesitation, not to compare and show off. After all, after that age, it used to be new year after year, but now it has gradually become practical. The reason why I change my mobile phone is very simple, because the previous mobile phone does not work, playing games start card, application all kinds of flicker, the most exasperating thing is that sometimes typing can crash.

Want to know what kind of mobile phone I used before? I’m sorry, I have no comment, but I’m afraid of losing my job. All right, no more gossip, let’s get back to the point. The original intention of writing this article is actually to work, to keep programs for the Spring Festival every year. However, with the new atmosphere of the New year, I don’t want to write an experience review in the real sense. It’s boring. I’m tired of writing it for a year. Well, today’s article, just write what you want to say, can be regarded as a summary of the use of iPhone 11 Pro Max in the past four months. You look at me as an ordinary user, I want to write where, the article may look a little messy, we forgive you.

“IPhone is ugly and expensive, why do so many people buy it?”

At first, iPhone was known as the installation of the X artifact, for no other reason, that is, it is expensive, a symbol of status, and a plaything for the rich, but with the improvement of people’s living standards and the arrival of consumption upgrading, Apple products can be said to be all over the street. Once there was no sense of superiority, and now there are 24 interest-free stages. Take iPhone 11 Pro Max as an example, it is only more than 500 yuan a month. For many people, It’s acceptable. .

For me personally, I have used too many mobile phones. I finally chose Apple to switch back and forth. Why, it’s very simple, I’m used to it. I am a very lazy person, and it is a pain for me to adapt to changing my phone. It takes time and cost of study to make me choose to give up.

I once wondered whether to change the iPhone, because the domestic phone is getting better and better, and in some places it has surpassed Apple, or because I can’t give up the iOS,. Personally, Apple’s system does do well, both in terms of fluency and user experience, which is one of the reasons why I choose to continue to use iPhone. There is that I was “kidnapped” by the ecology of Apple, to take a simple example, the game, Android Apple is not interoperable, it is difficult to give up the recharged account, can you understand, so I still choose Apple. .

Many people joke that it is not Apple’s fault that you are expensive, but that you have no money. Maybe this sentence may be applicable to Apple in the past, but now, who care? In the middle school opposite to our company, sometimes 7 out of 10 students hold iPhone after school. Do you think it is expensive? .

Before the release of iPhone 11 Pro Max, spy photos emerged one after another, and many people saw the layout of the camera and the word “ugly”! At that time, “I’m sure I won’t buy it if I’m so ugly” became the colloquialism of many people, but after the real machine was released, how many people could keep their faith? Dishonest mouth and body is very honest, this part of people finally become the main consumer, you do not believe, there are so many people around me. .

Do you think iPhone 11 Pro Max is really ugly? In fact, the so-called radish and green vegetables have their own preferences, beauty and ugliness is very difficult to define, I personally feel good, I would like to ask, how many mobile phones on the market can be 100% liked by people? So there is no point in worrying about this thing. No matter how expensive you like it, you have to consider giving it away if you don’t like it. Why bother?

Now that you have chosen iPhone 11 Pro Max, of course you want to buy Night Green, not because this color scheme is so beautiful, but because it is new. Used to see white, gray, gold, change the color for a change of mood. Compared with the previous glass back cover, the design with frosted texture is more agreeable, while the texture is improved, the fingerprinting problem in the streaking era has been well solved, for people like me with more sweaty hands, there is no doubt that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

I won’t say much about the camera that has been complained about by thousands of people. at first, I thought I couldn’t accept it, but as the time went on, that’s what happened. It was a little abrupt, but it was still within the acceptable range. On the plus side, this is a symbol of iPhone, with the “fragrance” of money, just like the joint-model mobile phones of many manufacturers, the special case is highly recognizable, and it is actually self-consolation to talk too much. .

“It is said that the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is good, can it compare with the screen with too high refresh rate?”

There is nothing wrong with saying that the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is good. Compared with the previous generation of products, the improvement is really great. It is equipped with a “super-retinal XDR display”, which has the same outstanding strength as the Pro Display XDR. From the data point of view, the contrast is as high as 20000Pro Max 1, and the highest brightness is 800nit. when watching HDR content, the brightness can soar to 1200nit. the dynamic range is greatly improved. in addition to the brightness improvement, the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen performs very well in power control, and the battery life boost subverts cognition.

To compare with high refresh rate phones, how to say, indeed, in terms of fluency, high refresh rate screen does have a great advantage, the two phones are compared together, in slow motion, the high refresh rate screen has no drag when sliding, and is more chiral. Of course, if you want to pursue the ultimate smooth experience, or choose a phone with a high refresh rate, the advantage of iPhone 11 Pro Max does not lie in this.

In addition, I have always been a loyal user of 3D Touch, but now I have said goodbye to me, which has put me in a short period of labor pains. Until now, I always inadvertently press the APP icon and keyboard. However, when all this was unresponsive, I knew it was time to wake up. The era of 3D Touch is over. Get used to the present.

However, despite the removal of the touch layer, most of the experience of 3D Touch remains, and we can achieve the effect of re-pressing the screen by pressing the screen for a long time. But for some gamers, or users who are used to 3D Touch, it is obviously a pity to cancel 3D Touch. For example, many “Game for Peace” players have become accustomed to re-pressing the screen to open the scope, and now after canceling 3D Touch, these players may need to re-adapt to the new manipulation. .

“With three cameras, what’s the standard of taking pictures?”

For a long time, iPhone’s photos have been known to be authentic. Personally, I may not have so much say in taking pictures of iPhone 11 Pro Max. Maybe I seldom take pictures. I basically don’t take pictures except for my work. Maybe this is the performance of a middle-aged uncle with no life. .

To talk about this promotion, we need to start with the viewfinder interface. The original two black edges now have a picture, which is the first difference brought about by the new iPhonetriple camera system: ultra-wide-angle view. Two cameras are used to take pictures at the same time. In 1x mode, wide-angle lens and ultra-wide-angle lens are responsible for imaging, and in 2x mode, wide-angle lens and telephoto lens are responsible for imaging. .

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the tacit matching of A13 and iOS 13, whether in zooming, switching lenses, or in the process of shooting and recording, the shooting system of iPhone 11 Pro Max makes me feel extremely smooth, the switching of the three cameras is extremely fast, and there is no stutter. With the internal Taptic Engine, in the zoom when the phone will appear “click click” vibration effect, the experience is excellent.

If you say something you don’t have, it’s best to have a sample sheet. As for whether it’s good or bad, it’s up to the spectators to judge for themselves.

“I was completely surprised by the continuation of the voyage.”

The biggest surprise for me when it comes to the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the range, which is arguably the longest-lasting iPhone in history. A long time ago, for friends with electricity phobia, iPhone had better have a charging cord plugged in at any time, but since the advent of iPhone 11 Pro Max, such a scenario is completely superfluous. Although the battery is close to 4000mAh is not very large, but coupled with the power control of A13 bionic chip, the effect is far greater than 1×1.

According to officials, the battery life of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is five hours longer than that of the previous generation iPhone XS Max. In practice, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there are no words to describe it. In the past, you had to take portable battery with you when you went out, but now you basically won’t use it any more. When you go out with 100% of the electricity, you still have about 20% when you get home after a day of normal use. Even if you use it heavily, you can charge it up to one day.

In addition, another point is that the iPhone 11 Pro Max finally has a fast charging, the standard 18W fast charging head and USB-C to Lightning data cable, this power adapter, which is exactly the same as the iPad Pro, can finally provide me with a faster charging speed, which is visible to the naked eye, basically filling my phone in an hour.

The picture below shows how long I have been using my mobile phone recently. You can take a look at it.

As for performance, why mention it? Has Apple ever been disappointed in this respect? .

“Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max a perfect phone?”

No phone can be said to be perfect for once, and although the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a big improvement compared to before, there is still room for improvement. Now that I’m talking about this, I’ll talk about what I think are my shortcomings.

Fever, a problem that has plagued Apple for years, and iPhone 11 Pro Max inherits it well. The fever is not serious, but it can obviously be felt. Take playing games, for example, two days ago, I called a few “King Honor” with my mobile phone, and the temperature of the phone increased at a perceptible speed, not to mention hot, or at least uncomfortable with it. .

And then there is the weight, iPhone 11 Pro Max is really heavy, 226g weight, plus the phone shell direct 300g, this feeling is really wonderful, this also led to I can go to bed in advance, rarely lie in bed at night to play with my phone, for fear of drowsiness attack, can not hold the phone pat on the face, the sour feeling is very exciting just to think about it. I don’t know if there are any friends like me. I like to drag my little finger with my cell phone in one hand. as far as this weight is concerned, it is normal to drag my fingers out of shape for a long time.

Facial recognition, really, I personally still like fingerprint recognition, with the development of science and technology, fingerprint recognition has evolved a lot, both the recognition speed and the accuracy of wet hands have been greatly improved. The downside of facial recognition is that sometimes it is impossible to recognize accurately, for example, when you lie on your side in bed, because half of your face is “immersed” in the pillow, facial recognition is a device, and only a digital password can save you.

Finally, there is the signal, which I am really unable to complain about. Although there has been a marked improvement, it cannot be compared with today’s domestic mobile phones. Two mobile phones on the subway at the same time, which is strong and which is weak at a glance, you taste, you fine taste, if you have used iPhone, you will be able to understand what I said in a second. Of course, the words can not be so absolute, under normal circumstances, the performance is good.


After all the nagging, let’s make a little summary. Whether you say the iPhone 11 Pro Max is expensive or ugly, you can’t deny that it is the phone with the least deficiency and is excellent in terms of user experience. Although there are still many places that are not satisfactory, as the saying goes, “No one is perfect”, let alone mobile phones. Maybe people have been so demanding of Apple that it’s a little harsh, but it’s not necessary. As long as it’s what you need and it’s given to you, you should be satisfied. There’s no need to keep up with the comparisons, just like Apple. It never says hanging competitors, seconds, seconds.

Apple has always lived in its own world, rarely drifting with the current, just make its own products behind closed doors, this is also the stubbornness of Apple all the time, so what if you have a high screen share? What if the photo scores are high? We sell a whole set of services and experiences. There is no denying that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the best phones in the world, and it is enough that it is the one that suits me best.

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