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The increase in the number of oneplus 7 Pro rear cameras is due to the accumulation and progress


From single shooting to triple shooting, choosing the right path is as important as accumulating.

Any success is not achieved overnight, without a large number of early accumulation and trial and error, how can easily get a successful ticket, in the field of photography, Yiga is also the case. As a “young mobile phone manufacturer” born on December 17, 2013, with the concepts of “don”t make do with it”, “make a good product, be yourself”, “a good product can talk”, and “make a product honestly”, this year, with one plus 7 Pro, he got a total DxO score of 111and a photo score of 118,118.


Throughout the development of Yijia mobile phone, it is not difficult to see that in addition to the concept of “persisting in making a good product”, it has embarked on the right path in photography from the very beginning, laying a solid foundation for current success. At a time when many flagship models still used Sony’s first-generation stack sensor IMX135, the first plus phone used Sony stack second-generation IMX214 sensor. At that time, only a few flagship phones, such as the one plus phone, were equipped with this 13 million-pixel, 6p lens set and F/ 2.0 ultra-large aperture of the main lens. It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning, in one plus the first product, the photography level will be maintained at a higher level.


With the iteration of the product, the progress in photography can be seen in the products launched since then. One plus Mobile phone 2 brings us laser focusing technology, which enables it to focus at a maximum speed of 0.2 seconds. At the same time, the Sony IMX298 photosensitive element is used in the one plus mobile phone 3, which increases the pixel to 16 million, resulting in a clearer photo performance. Starting with one plus five, bring the two-photo design to the follow-up products and continue to use it. The addition of a 20 million-pixel telephoto lens also allows one plus to be equipped with portrait mode for the first time, and its virtual effect is not up to the flagship level.



One plus 5T has a significant improvement in low light shooting with a double Fhammer 1.7 large aperture. From the beginning of this generation of products, Yijia is no longer satisfied with the simple accumulation of pixels and the imaging effect during the day, but turns its attention to the field of night photography to mine the night photo effect. The “super city night view” function is added to one plus 6T, which greatly improves the night scene shooting ability. in the era of one plus 7 Pro, the night view function is upgraded to night view mode 2.0.


Let’s turn our attention to the one plus 7 Pro product, and it is not difficult to find that one plus brings together the advantages of each generation of products, and makes this product more perfect through continuous optimization. For example, in the three-camera scheme adopted this time, the newly added 117-degree wide-angle camera can incorporate more scenery into the photos. In the latest upgraded Hydrogen OS 9.5.5GM21 version, we can see that the image team has effectively solved some of the problems such as dark light scene green, HDR noise and so on.

Obviously, from the first generation of products to the present, one plus has never lagged behind the times. One plus grasps every important node in the photo upgrade of the mobile phone industry, and strives to make the product perfect.

Why one plus seven Pro photos are so good.

On the photo score of 118,118, DxOMark said: “the one plus 7 Pro exposure is excellent in all lighting conditions, with good contrast and wide dynamic range, as well as high light level and shadow detail in high-contrast scenes. The color performance of one plus 7 Pro is excellent, especially in sunny outdoor images, the white balance is still stable, and the extremely high saturation makes the colors look bright and bright. “

Of course, DxOMark is, after all, a professional evaluation structure, and for ordinary consumers, daily photos are more of an easy shot. So what is the effect of the random shot of one plus 7 Pro? we still need to use a sample to speak.

First of all, the editor brings you samples taken by the ultra-wide-angle camera, which allows users to take a wider view in place without having to step back. In the sample sheet, we can see one plus 7 Pro through the algorithm, the correction angle of view is adjusted to 102 degrees, the edges and corners of the photo are naturally undistorted, resulting in a better imaging effect.


Ultra-wide-angle sample sheet

The camera also allows one plus 7 Pro to have 3x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, and supports OIS anti-shake under 3x optical zoom. With the anti-shake function, you can steadily take a good picture with one plus 7 Pro, even if you take a picture in the wind. As one of the landmark buildings in Beijing, Sanlitun Taiguli outlines a strong visual impact for users through lines and color blocks. Under 3x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, the lines on the building can be clearly photographed and the color of the color blocks can be accurately restored, and more details that can not be found in the distance can be seen.

3 times optical zoom sample

Tenfold digital zoom sample

As mentioned above, the “Super City Night View” feature is added to the one plus 6T, while the one plus 7 Pro uses the newly upgraded night view mode 2.0. This upgrade is also specifically optimized for the night scene. With UltraShot 1.6 large aperture and UltraShot ultra-definition engine image algorithm, UltraShot will suppress highlights and restore true colors through intelligent algorithms in night scenes, and get more details through the new HDR algorithm, thus taking clear and clean night scene photos.

Night scene mode is not turned on

Turn on night scene mode

We can see that a sufficient amount of light input makes the overall brightness of the picture perform well, the darkness noise is properly controlled, and the details are clearly visible. After turning on the night scene mode, while improving the brightness of the picture, the details can also be retained, bringing a better visual perception.

The photo taken by one plus 7 Pro is still very stable during the day, and the photos taken by it can be seen that with the Sony IMX586 sensor with 48 million pixels and a 2-inch background, the photos taken by one plus 7 Pro can perfectly present the details of the scene and accurately restore the colors in the scene. After upgrading the Hydrogen OS 9.5.5GM21 version, the overall color performance and layering of the screen will be richer and more realistic.

Indoor sample photo

Under indoor light source, one plus 7 Pro is also very accurate in detail and color reduction, and it can also control the accuracy of white balance under complex light source. Yijia said that the greatest significance of the camera is to record “reality”. He hopes that every photo taken by the mobile phone is real and natural, without deliberate decoration, leaving the most real memory. The sample shot by one plus 7 Pro profoundly implements this point.


The Pro, portrait model has also been comprehensively improved from one plus five to one plus seven. One plus 7 Pro can accurately identify the subject of the character, making the background soft and natural. On the other hand, the overall details of the little sister in the sample remain intact, the edges of the characters are handled perfectly, and the excessive hair and virtual background is also very natural.

Front selfie

On the front side, one plus 7 Pro designs the front camera as a lifting structure for the integrity of the front. The whole lifting process is only 0.53 seconds, and the design life reaches 300000 times. The little sister can easily take out her cell phone and turn on the front camera to take a selfie. And the one plus 7 Pro front shot is equipped with a drop recovery protection mechanism, and when the gravity acceleration sensor inside the phone detects that the phone is falling, it will quickly withdraw the front camera to ensure that the camera will not be broken.


From the first product of one plus to one plus 7 Pro, we can see the inheritance and progress of one plus in photography. As a master in photography, one plus 7 Pro has made innovations in other functions while integrating the advantages of the previous generation of products, which has promoted it from the flagship machine level to the top level in the industry, while the editor and I have also updated the inherent impression of one plus by adding the option of “camera King”.

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