The latest experience of high fidelity video and audio JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS echo wall review.

Whether they are large-size high-resolution televisions or portable projectors that are becoming more and more convenient, they bring a more shocking visual experience to consumers, and at the same time, they also have no choice but to compress the audio performance. For those movies and animations that have been reproduced in high definition, we can only see clear and delicate pictures, which I believe everyone refuses. In response to the growing demand for home audio and video entertainment, JBL recently updated a wave of multi-channel echo wall system, and our review today is one of the most popular JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS echo wall (reference price: 3699 yuan).

Appearance & detail appreciation: introverted and profound.

Although they want a shocking auditory effect, after many people really understand the hard core standards, they will be deterred: this not only requires a corresponding amount of money, but also has certain requirements for the use of space, at least re-acoustical transformation. Heavy players have to free up a piece of space or even change houses (really proud). The greatest advantage of the echo wall is the ingenious use of acoustic structure settings to reduce the requirements for environmental space.

For ordinary people, the use of traditional X-channel home cinemas not only takes up more space, but also requires more attention to the wiring and placement of multiple speakers. The echo wall is different, the main speaker is directly placed or hung under the TV, a power cord + audio transmission line (which can be optical fiber / HDMI or other) can be assembled and used, which saves worry and saves space at the same time. It is worth mentioning that, JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS in order to enhance the low frequency sound effect and specially added the “subwoofer” also uses a wireless way to connect with the main speaker, in addition, the low frequency does not have directional features, this subwoofer you can place at will, further improving the flexibility of the whole system.

From the outside, if not for a subwoofer, it is estimated that many friends will think that which manufacturer launched the mid-tower chassis, or air purifier. Concise and lively design language, coupled with pure black color matching, not obtrusive, can well adapt to different home styles. After a careful study of its structure, we can find that the original horn is placed downward and toward the ground in order to make full use of the reflection of sound and create stronger sound waves.

The horn in the JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS subwoofer is 6.5in and can reach a power output of 200W. What kind of concept is 200W? The general 8-inch three-speaker three-division frequency bookshelf box, its subwoofer is about 80ltel 100W power output, can fully support 20 or 30 square meters of space, bringing a sense of energy. JBL equipped the BAR 2.1 DEEP BASS with a 200W subwoofer, which obviously wants to bring shocking impact directly in the way of “one force and ten meetings”.

JBL in the configuration of subwoofer when so hard, then the echo wall body will not be bad. First, look at the exterior design. While maintaining a consistent design style, JBL compresses the thickness of the echo wall to 58mm. This thickness makes the echo wall quite suitable for the TV cabinet, without feeling the visual bloatiness at all. At the same time, the length of its 965mm makes us wonder what kind of configuration JBL has done in it.

The hardware configuration that JBL crammed into the echo wall is actually no weaker than that in the subwoofer. The left and right speakers are equipped with one-inch tweeters and four racetrack speakers, and the total output power of the echo wall reaches 100W (50Wx2 channel). Finally, with the addition of the subwoofer, the JBL BAR 2.1 DEEP BASS system can carry an astonishing 300W. At the same time, in order to take into account the role of horn protection and tuning, the mesh cover of the JBL echo wall is made of alloy metal.

The switch control area is placed at the top of the echo wall, with power switches, volume addition and subtraction, and input source switch buttons from left to right. When performing related operations, the LED screen on the front of the echo wall will display the corresponding parameters to facilitate the use of the user.

Users can also use the remote control included in the package to remotely operate the echo wall and feel the dedication and dedication of JBL to the operation experience.

In terms of interfaces, friends who do not know much may suddenly see that there are two HDMI interfaces that are a little confused. In fact, the two HDMI interfaces are quite different. One is an ordinary HDMI interface, which is suitable for connecting to game consoles such as XBOX or PS4. The other supports HDMI ARC audio return channel technology, which can be connected to most current smart TVs (which needs to be turned on in the TV audio output settings), as well as an optical fiber interface and a USB interface. Wired interfaces are so rich, JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS naturally will not be a hot wireless features, standard support for Bluetooth 4.2. Combined with a variety of cable inputs, JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS can basically connect with most of our commonly used devices, and it is possible to become the backbone of home audio and video entertainment.

Subjective audition and summary: shocking stereo effects.

JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS is really tough just looking at the hardware configuration. In order to further improve the effect of watching movies, JBL has equipped it with Dolby Digital surround Sound and JBL surround Sound, hoping to bring a cinema-level experience to consumers. So at the beginning of the subjective experience, we can”t wait to play movies that support Dolby Digital surround Sound through PS4 to feel the performance of JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS.

First of all, the most shocking thing is, of course, the 14-liter subwoofer with a 6.5-inch horn. It can easily fill the 25-square-meter space of the test hall with low-frequency sound waves, and it is expected that there is no pressure for this subwoofer to be used in 50-square-meter space. With the support of this powerful subwoofer, the shock is quite obvious when playing back the sound of gunfire, engine work and drumbeat. Although the energy sense of the subwoofer is quite abundant, we still recommend that you adjust it according to your own taste and the floor material of your home, so as not to let the subwoofer produce too many low frequency standing waves, which will affect the overall performance of the sound. You can adjust the low frequency gain of the third gear directly through the “BASS” on the remote control.

The medium and high frequency bands supported by solid bass effects still retain the characteristics of sturdiness and excellent density, so there is no need to worry about the falsification of the human voice interpreted by this system. This not only means that the experience of watching movies will be significantly improved, but also can better feel the skills and feelings of singers when listening to music. It is worth mentioning that although the sense of energy is quite abundant, the line of JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS’s voice is still quite clear, and the situation of “singing with a mouthful of water” naturally does not exist.

In fact, from the high and low frequency performance, we can feel that, JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS is a product adhering to the style of JBL, which means that its high pitch brightness and extension will not have an obvious sense of existence. , JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS can respond when high frequency is needed, but it doesn’t want to occupy the sensation of the ear. The comfortable high-frequency interpretation is the finishing touch to the sound as a whole, and it also sounds pleasing to the ear.

Summary of PConlinereview room.

In contrast to the traditional Echo Wall, JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS, a subwoofer is added to simplify the complexity in a way that consumers are familiar with, and to enhance the sound listening experience in the simplest way. Having said that, it has not committed the fault of many 2.1multimedia speakers in the past, and the sense of hearing has reached a balance that can stir the mind but not too much, which is inseparable from JBL’s 70-year experience in sound adjustment. In terms of function, JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS can not only match the TV, but also connect mobile phones, game consoles or other entertainment devices. Getting a set means that our home audio and video experience will be improved in an all-round way.

In terms of price, experienced players should understand that home theater products have been “good but not cheap” since ancient times, while the price of JBL BAR 2.1DEEP BASS nearly 4000 yuan is actually not very expensive, with the characteristics of both strength and appearance, and is more competitive than products at the same price, which is worth recommending.

For those who are interested in this product, you can also click on the link to view the details directly: click here directly.

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