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The puppy sweeping robot R55 first review

Recently, our home appliance review room has acquired a new puppy sweeping robot R55 and Roborock robot vacuum cleaner S50. Let”s take a look at which one of them is better.

The moment you open the puppy R55 package, what comes into view is the porcelain white + advanced gray color matching fuselage. Although the overall fuselage does not use a distinctive color, you will find that the details of its mold are very exquisite.

As soon as the packaging of the stone sweeper is opened, it is snow-white, using the usual very simple wind body, and a touch of orange adds lively elements to a better embellishment.

The raised part of the puppy floor sweeper R55 is the radome, and the fuselage has a dust box pop-up button, which the user only needs to press to open the dust box. In addition, there are start / pause keys and recharge / local sweep keys.

The three physical keys on the front of the body of the stone floor sweeper are the local cleaning button, the power button and the recharge button. The shape of the radome is relatively simple. In addition, the panel needs to be lifted to remove the dust box.

The side of the puppy R55 fuselage is an integrated collision bar, along the wall sensors and infrared barriers are concentrated in the side dark roses strip. In order to better protect the fuselage, a soft glue anti-collision strip is designed.

Flip the back of the puppy floor sweeper R55, the top black dot is three anti-fall sensors, the lower roller is the front wheel, and there are two side brushes on both sides. Compared with the unilateral brushing machines on the market, the cleaning efficiency of bilateral brushes is higher.

The central part of the back of the fuselage is the main brush and the rolling brush cover that wraps it. On both sides of the middle of the back is the cross-country walking wheel, which is different from the previous floor sweeper. It must be emphasized that its up and down flexibility is stronger than the usual floor sweeper, and it can be sensed that it should be able to pass flexibly in the face of obstacles. When climbing the carpet, it will also trigger the walking wheel induction. In the non-strong suction mode, the machine will actively pressurize, and the suction will automatically increase by one gear, which is convenient for deep cleaning of the carpet.

Reverse the stone floor sweeper, we found that its anti-collision bar is not integrated, multiple sensors directly reserved a position on the side of the fuselage, and the use of one-side brush, presumably in the use of cleaning efficiency is not as efficient as the puppy floor sweeper. To be clear, the carpet pressurization function of Stone S50 needs to be turned on manually in APP.

In addition, we can see that both machines have removable water tanks.

As we all know, the test of whether a floor sweeper is really smart depends on its sensors. This puppy floor sweeper R55 uses a LDS laser ranging sensor with a speed of 360o * 6s, which can map accurately in real time, with an accurate range of 6m, with a full coverage of more than 113m ²per lap.

Similarly, the stone sweeper has a raised circular structure at the top of the fuselage, which is actually the robot’s laser head pressure sensor and laser ranging sensor module, using a LDS laser ranging sensor with a speed of 360o5s.

At present, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner has a good reputation on the market. But is its strength really that strong? can our puppy sweeper R55 beat the stone sweeper? Let’s take a look at it next.

Test point 1 Mui-walking path planning.

Puppy path map.

Stone path map.

We chose a bedroom to test the time it takes for two floor sweepers to plan their paths in an unfamiliar environment. Obviously, the puppy is slightly better than the stone sweeper in 10 minutes. On the contrary, the walking path of the stone robot looks a little messy from the map. It is worth mentioning that these two floor sweepers have the function of continuous cleaning at the breakpoint, the lack of power will automatically find charging dock to charge, and then return to the position where the cleaning was stopped after full charge to continue cleaning. I feel that this is really very user-friendly, taking full account of the needs of users.

Test point 2: garbage cleaning capacity.

Back to the subject, no matter how much hype a floor-sweeping robot has, in fact, people still depend on its cleaning ability. Therefore, in this test, the testers scattered a certain amount of rubbish in a certain area to see how the two floor sweepers performed.

The puppy is cleaning.

The stone is being cleaned.

Through the gif picture, we can see that the cleaning efficiency of these two floor sweepers is good, but if you take a closer look, you can find that the R55 floor sweeper can clean more cleanly, which is very satisfactory for a single sweep. In terms of cleaning time, the puppy R55 used 5 minutes, while the stone sweeper used 6 minutes. Although the two cleaning results are similar, I still like the puppy’s newly launched R55. As the legend has it, 6 x 360 degrees / s scan and 2160 / s ranging.

In addition, if you want to ask why the puppy R55 can forcefully suck all the garbage, it must be related not only to path planning, but also to 2000Pa vacuum, which is also a key indicator of high suction. Using a Japanese NIDEC brushless motor, the puppy floor sweeper has three suction gears: mute 850Pa, standard 1400Pa and strong 2000Pa. The, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner on the other side also supports suction regulation.

Test point 3-wet drag cleaning capacity.

Simple cleaning must have been unable to meet the needs of consumers, so at present, most floor sweepers will add the wet drag function to the design of the floor sweeper. Coincidentally, the same stone and puppy this floor sweeper has the function of wet drag.

In the moving picture, we can see that the puppy mops the floor faster, while the stone is slightly slower, but the overall mop effect is not much different. Considering the cleaning efficiency, the editorial department still prefers the puppy floor sweeper. The negative pressure water supply of the puppy R55 water tank is non-permeable and can be wet for about 60 minutes without changing the mop. As a busy worker, it is easy to worry even if you are not at home.

In the regular cleaning, the puppy R55 uses zone cleaning, which will select a 4.5-4.5-meter area to clean the current position of the area to be cleaned. After the cleaning is completed, the second area will be swept. This kind of bow cleaning can make the cleaning more complete and avoid any omissions.

For example, the stone floor sweeper uses the whole area cleaning method, no matter how large the cleaning area is, it is first extended and then bow-shaped cleaning, and this malpractice is particularly serious in a large and complex environment, which is easy to be disturbed by the complex environment and frequently avoid obstacles, resulting in the accumulation of map data deviation, so that some small areas can not be swept, resulting in a decline in coverage.

When the user does not need to clean a large area, a small area of cleaning can be used. At this time, we only need to press the recharge button on the puppy 55, or with the help of the area cleaning function of the mobile phone APP, the machine will start deep cleaning along the grid route around the designated position, that is, first bow cleaning, and then turn to the vertical secondary bow cleaning. .

Similarly, the stone robot also has the function of zoning and cleaning. But the cleaning path is still bow-shaped.

At present, most of the floor sweepers on the market are equipped with intelligent app, which is no exception. As long as connected to the wireless network, the two machines can accept remote control at any time, work status, cleaning tracks, cleaning records, etc., and achieve scheduled cleaning, scheduled cleaning and so on.

Download app “puppy sweeping robot” from the app store.

In addition, the puppy R55 this floor sweeper also has a feature is that the cleaning area can be set through the mobile phone APP irregular local cleaning or forbidden cleaning graphics, these graphics can be composed of any 10 vertices, which is very useful in cleaning families with complex environment.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner can be intelligently controlled by Mijia APP.

It is worth mentioning that the stone floor sweeper has a personalized customized voice function, which can indeed bring a lot of fun to the busy functional life. Puppy, the newly launched R55 floor sweeper, also has voice broadcast function, and when we press the “call Xiao Wang” button in the intelligent APP, we can know where the floor sweeper is at any time. In addition, Xiao Wang will report his actions at any time before starting each action.

The intelligent path planning of puppy floor sweeper R55 has been emphasized above, so we will not introduce too much here. At the end of review, we will also test the obstacles of two floor sweepers to see how they behave in the face of high altitude, winding, collision and so on.

In order to make a comparison, we did the same test on the stone robot.

After comparison, we can find that the puppy R55 can acutely detect the step “trap” and adjust the route in time. At the same time, because it is equipped with 22 sensors, the puppy can deal with it at any time in the face of difficult environment, it can sense the road condition at high altitude and will not fall, it can easily cross in the face of obstacles such as obstacles such as sundries, and it can also be easily avoided in the face of obstacles such as chairs and feet at the corner of the table.

In the test of anti-collision and high-altitude anti-fall, the difference between the two floor sweepers is not big, and they can avoid obstacles very well.

In terms of battery life, the puppy R55 is equipped with a 6400 Ma battery, which can run for 4 hours in fully charged mode, while the stone sweeper has only 3500 Ma battery, which can only run for up to 180 minutes at full charge. The small capacity of the battery means that it is very easy to run out of power and strike halfway, and it takes the user four or five hours to recharge the breakpoint.

If it is a small household, you can choose to use the extra battery life to improve suction, which means that others may only use less than 1000 Pa of suction to clean a 50-square-meter room, but for puppy R55, you can choose to use 2000 Pa strong suction to work, or use the 1300 Pa standard file to sweep back and forth twice to achieve deep cleaning.


Through the tests of appearance appreciation, cleaning ability test, intelligent APP control, obstacle avoidance and range ability, we find that the puppy’s newly launched R55 floor sweeping robot has many remarkable features. From the perspective of consumer concern, the new puppy has many favorite advantages, such as high cleaning efficiency, durable battery, user-friendly app control and so on. At the same time, the stone floor sweeper robot is also a relatively excellent product. Considering the cost performance, product performance and after-sales service and other factors, the author recommends this puppy R55 floor sweeping robot!

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