The steak cooked at .8 is an awkward question? In fact, the familiarity is more than odd

So every time many people go to a western restaurant to eat steak, they are very hesitant and afraid. If the steak is not ordered, it is a matter of losing face. Oh, my God! It”s so hard to have a good steak!

Once I went to eat steak with a friend, and my friend ordered a steak that was “8-rare”. I kindly gave him the popular science steak, which was actually “only odd well-done”. As a result, “good intentions do bad things”! It turns out that the ripeness of the steak is not that simple at all! In foreign western restaurants, it is hard to imagine that foreigners seldom use numbers to describe the ripeness of steak, and professional experts are actually more likely to “divide into ripeness according to temperature” or “ripeness by touch”. It sounds very classy. I don’t understand, but I think it’s awesome. Orz).

Why are there so many levels of division when eating a steak? Just eat it when it’s cooked, so why bother to divide these complex levels?

You don’t understand! In fact, the steak is very high in fat, different maturity, the degree of melting of beef fat will be different. If you roast it too well, it becomes a piece of dried beef, but the steak is “bloody” and prone to parasites, so chefs strictly and carefully divide the complex levels of maturity.

Unlike most other cooked foods, “well-done steak” should not exist at all. Only a well-done steak can be called a “real steak”, and this maturity can be divided into the following seven categories by odd numbers: whole steak, raw steak, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and “well-done”.

As the name implies, the whole steak is raw beef, which has not been cooked at all. I believe that except for Bei Ye in the wilderness, no one eats this kind of “bloody” raw meat. It’s too barbaric!

If there is a whole steak, there will naturally be a steak that is close to raw but not completely raw. at least it is cooked, and the taste of the fresh steak will be wetter, and the practice is very simple, that is, heat both sides of the fresh steak on a high-temperature iron plate for 30 to 60 seconds to make it look more “reliable” and less scary.

As for steaks with different cooked degrees, such as one point, three points, five points, seven points and so on, their cooked appearance and temperature control are different. For example, one point is mostly blood red, and the internal temperature is 49Muth53 degrees Celsius.

And medium rare’s steak, only the center of the position is pink fresh meat color, gently cut, you will see a little blood, but not too scary, when its internal temperature will go up to 54Mel 56 degrees Celsius.

As for medium’s steak and medium well’s steak, the difference between them is not very big, mainly reflected in the taste, medium’s steak taste will be very balanced, but also my personal favorite way to eat, the outermost layer of steak hanging soup, inside the texture is well preserved, a bite, it is almost to heaven! If you are just getting started on how to eat steak, I will definitely cheer on medium’s steak!

Medium well’s steak will be more chewy, chewy and thicker. As for the well-done steak, I won’t repeat it here! I just want to complain that people who eat well-done steak are wreaking havoc. After reading this article, if you can only order a well-done steak, I will really cry to death! Really, really! Eating steak is an art!

Earlier, we mentioned the internal temperature of a steak. should we pay attention to the temperature inside the steak when cooking it? Isn’t that incredible?

That’s right! The ripeness of steak is sometimes divided by temperature, so there is no such thing as “whole steak”. From the near steak began to be counted as the first maturity, and so on, rare, medium rare, medium, full-ripe, respectively divided into the second maturity, the third maturity, the fourth maturity, the fifth maturity, the sixth maturity!

Don’t ask me why I’m such a mouthful! Remember that eating steak is an art! The internal temperature of the sixth ripe steak, that is, well-done steak, goes to about 71 degrees Celsius. As for the internal temperature of other ripeness, there will be a difference of 3m / m / 5C for each maturity. Here is not one by one for everyone to count!

Compared with the temperature division that I can’t remember at all, I think it will be more meaningful for foodie to understand the taste of steak with different ripeness. After all, for foodie, delicious is over! Well-done steak is the most accustomed way for most laymen to eat. It tastes solid and chewy, but it is so simple and rough that there is no need to go to a western restaurant to eat a well-done steak. Won’t it be cooked if you throw it at home and fry it for a long time? Just remember that medium’s steak is the most delicious, not too tender, not too old, the most layered, foodie absolutely like it!

Although for people like me who pay attention to the ritual of eating, it will be very picky in eating etiquette, but it is up to you to decide how you want to eat. From a health point of view, friends with stomach problems try to choose steak with “7 ripe”, because the ripeness below 7 will cause you to react uncomfortably, so it is not recommended to choose low ripeness. And if you dislike the fact that there are too many people in the western restaurant outside on weekends, cooking your favorite steak in the home oven is also a good choice.

But there is a problem: “it’s not a problem to bake a cake in the oven, but if you bake a steak, it may be burnt!” In fact, don’t worry, as long as you use the right method, you will become a steak master in a second.

First of all, the most important thing to grill a steak is to control the time. You never thought it would take only 10 minutes to do it, did you? After 10 minutes, the steak will probably be 7-cooked. If you throw a raw steak directly into the oven, 10 minutes is about medium well done. And if you stubbornly only want to eat well-done steak, then only need to bake for about 30 minutes, there is no doubt that it is well-done.

Prepared ingredients: pickled steak, okra, sea salt, chopped black pepper, olive oil, light soy sauce, lemon.

Production method: (1) thawing the steak to room temperature (thawing faster in cold water); (2) laying tin foil on the baking pan and placing the thawed steak on the baking pan; (3) preheating the oven, roasting at 450 Β°F (232.2 Β°C) for 10 minutes and then roasting for 10 minutes and then roasting for 8 minutes; (4) after roasting, let sit for 3 minutes until the beef is collected and cut again, whether you want the sauce or not, and wait for okra to set up the plate to take pictures and eat.

Only love and food can not be disappointed, want to eat steak, according to their own taste is enough, eat their own favorite steak, how to cook let others say! enjoy happy life!

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