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TicPods 2 Pro review: Compact appearance and Multinomial AI new technology functions


Today brings us a new real wireless Bluetooth headset – TicPods Free Pro. It is different from other wireless Bluetooth headsets and brings us a different experience through a variety of intelligent ways. Not long ago, we also released the new generation of TicPods 2 Pro, a new AI technology based on the previous generation of products, which makes Bluetooth headsets smarter.

In this era when everything can be smart, what new experiences can a more intelligent Bluetooth headset bring to us? Let”s move on.

Smaller overall appearance

As a loyal user of a true wireless Bluetooth headset, I have high requirements for the charging box of the headset, because the size of the charging box is too large, which will naturally affect the portability of the headset. But when I started the TicPods 2 Pro, there were some surprises, because its capsule charging box is even smaller than the previous generation charging box, and the surface of the headset box has a striped texture, which makes the charging box more textured and makes people go out and ask about the efforts in the design.



In fact, the TicPods 2 Pro charging box is even smaller and has something to do with the design of Bluetooth headsets. This time the TicPods 2 Pro adopts a new design, and the charging box does not need to reserve space for the silicone tube of the headset, so it is reasonable to be small and compact. What is even more admirable about the


Is that the charging port of the TicPods 2 Pro has been upgraded from the MicroUSB interface of the previous generation to the USB-C interface. Today, with the increasing popularity of USB-C, there is no need to carry an extra cable when charging the TicPods 2 Pro. This design is also worthy of our praise.

Go out and ask for a total of TicPods 2 Pro to bring “straight blue”, “confession”, “circle powder” and other colors, this time we got one of the “straight blue” colors. Its overall color looks a bit like the blue-black ink we used in school, and the dark design, coupled with the frosted texture of the fuselage, also looks calmer.


Officials say the TicPods 2 Pro uses a semi-in-ear design, which is more breathable than traditional in-ear headphones and can be worn for a long time. However, compared with ordinary ear-hanging headphones, the unit position of the TicPods 2 Pro is still a little thicker, which may cause some users to feel a little “ear-swollen” when they wear it. The


It also has a better sense of hearing due to its large volume, as the TicPods 2 Pro is equipped with an aromatic polymer film and a double-layer pure copper voice coil with a diameter of 13mm, which can restore the true details of the sound. I use the music I usually listen to test, TicPods 2 Pro headphones sound quality inclined to medium and high frequency, the interpretation of the human voice is good. However, when playing some low-frequency drumbeat-based music, there will be a “can not go down” feeling, which is also similar to other semi-ear headphones.


Of course, the new half-ear design also brings a lighter weight. Officials say the TicPods 2 Pro’s single headset weighs only 4.4g, which is lighter than the previous generation’s 6.75g and doesn’t feel heavy when worn. After the actual measurement, we also get roughly the same data as the official data. 

Smart features bring a new experience

As a smart headset, it is certainly not enough to look good, it should have a faster connection speed. After wearing the TicPods 2 Pro, headphones can quickly give feedback on the sound of a successful connection, and this “second-speed connection experience” is satisfactory in the whole field of true wireless headphones. The only regret is that the TicPods 2 Pro is still designed with primary and secondary headphones, only the main headset in the left ear can be used separately, and the right headset cannot be connected separately.


In addition, this TicPods 2 Pro also has many enhanced experience features, such as the classic “scratch touch” in TicPods headphones, which also appears on the new generation of TicPods 2 Pro.

According to officials, the TicPods 2 Pro currently supports touch gestures such as double-clicking the next song / hanging up the phone, pressing two seconds to wake up the voice assistant / rejecting an incoming call, and swiping the volume up and down, which we can do directly on the headphone handle.

Of course, as a new generation of headphones, it is certainly not enough to keep the scratch touch. This time, TicPods 2 Pro adds a brand new TicHear ear Wake up the algorithm. If you are a TicWatch user, you can directly use your headset to turn on NetEase Yun music to listen to music or connect to your mobile phone directly, and say “Hi, Hi, Hi” to activate your voice assistant and do other operations.

In my opinion, the most interesting thing about TicPods 2 Pro is the Quick-Commands shortcut password function. You only need to say “next song”, “start playing”, “answer” and other voice directly, and the headset can directly help us to complete the above operations, which is very useful in some scenarios where it is not convenient to use the phone.

The experience of moving your mouth and cutting songs is unforgettable after you use it. But what is a little confusing is that in the course of using it, I found that the current TicPods 2 Pro does not support the “previous” password, so it seems that we will have to wait for the subsequent official OTA update.

Of course, some people may say that there are many headphones with these functions, so what about TicMotion head manipulation? Thanks to the six-axis sensor in the headset, you only need to nod or shake your head twice to answer or refuse to answer the call.

This experience is a bit similar to Sony Ear Duo’s head interaction, but I think the TicPods 2 Pro’s head control is slightly better than Sony’s, because the feature can only be used during an incoming call, and only recognize “nod” and “shake the head”, avoiding unclear recognition caused by too many actions. What surprises me most in

Is the battery life of this headset. Even though the TicPods 2 Pro supports a lot of voice features, the headset still has a 4-hour battery life, which ensures normal commuting.


In addition, the TicPods 2 Pro also has a faster-charging speed, officials say 5 minutes of charging can achieve 1 hour of music playback, that is, even if we forget to recharge at night, we only need to get up in the morning to brush our teeth and wash our faces. Of course, with the charging box can also achieve up to 20 hours of battery life, the performance is surprising.


In today’s growing popularity of real wireless Bluetooth headsets, we need a product with a unique experience. TicPods 2 Pro creates a more competitive product for us through a number of AI technologies. If you need a compact and smarter true wireless Bluetooth headset, the TicPods 2 Pro is your best choice.

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