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TicWatch S2 Review: Breaks the Gap Between System and Product Form

TicWatch S2 Review: Highlights

People are buying smart wearable devices the biggest problem is, I may like Apple Watch, very much, but I am now using a Android system mobile phone, which leads to a very serious problem, either need to replace a iPhone, or give up this idea as soon as possible. By the same token, some brands of smartwatches can be connected to iPhone, through App, but some functions are still castrated, which discourages many people from buying.

Solves this problem in TicWatch S2. No matter it is iOS system or Android system, you only need to download the “Wear OS by Google” application to connect with each other, and the network configuration and other function settings can be realized in the application. What is different from other brands of smartwatch App is that for going out and asking questions, mobile phone App is more as the compensation and monitoring of the watch function, and the function that can be operated and set in the watch does not have to be set through the mobile phone. Therefore, the mobile phone App that goes out to ask does not add functions such as motion mode switching and sleep monitoring, but more functions such as watch screen screenshots and watch application traffic usage, making the entire interface of App very simple and intuitive.

So even if TicWatch S2 is separated from the mobile phone, it is also a product with a very high degree of completion and can be used independently. In terms of configuration, Using Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, together with 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, to bring a smooth experience. The strong configuration performance also enables TicWatch S2 to complete more functions and tasks.


As for the system, TicWatch S2 uses the Wear OS by Google Chinese operating system and has a built-in go-out voice assistant version 2.0, which has evolved from a passive AI voice assistant to a more intelligent life butler. At present, when you go out and ask the voice assistant to go online, there are a number of active recommendation functions, including weather reminder, stock reminder, flight reminder, event reminder, dial recommendation and so on. And through the negative one-screen go out to ask the recommendation function, the smartwatch can actively recommend the information that the user may need according to the user”s region, itinerary, destination and other intentions.


If the Chinese version of the Wear OS by Google operating system and ask the voice assistant version 2.0 make TicWatch S2 smarter, then going out and asking the app store TicStore gives TicWatch S2 unlimited possibilities. In the store, users can download the App, they need like a mobile phone and use these App to form an ecological closed loop dedicated to smartwatches.

At present, many types of applications such as travel, weather, sports, music, social networking, navigation, payment, tools, radio, and women’s health have been put on the shelves in the shops, including mainstream mobile Internet applications such as DiDi, Ctrip, Dianping, Alipay, Air Travel Zongheng, Sogou Maps, NetEase Yun Music, Himalayas, Gudong, Keep, Yue running Circle, etc. Through these apps, you can do what you used to need to pull out your phone to do, and the role of the mobile phone is probably just to provide a network for the watch.

Smart wearable devices in TicWatch S2 that others do not have. Sports health function has been accompanied by the development of smart wearable devices. Now most of the products on the market have the functions of exercise monitoring, heart rate monitoring and so on. Under the same circumstances, how to make these functions easier to use reflects the training level of software and hardware.


TicWatch S2 fuselage includes six sports modes, including outdoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor running, free training and swimming pool swimming, together with AI automatic posture recognition algorithm TicMotion. It can be realized that when the user starts to exercise for a period of time, the watch can automatically identify the user’s motion state and type of movement, without the need for the user to click on the screen or button, the motion interface will automatically pop up and real-time motion data will be displayed for the user. When the exercise is over, TicMotion will automatically end and generate motion records and data reports, the whole process does not require any user action, greatly improving the convenience of the movement.

Also adds swimming pool swimming mode to TicWatch S2 for the first time. When swimming mode is turned on, TicWatch S2 can automatically recognize stroke posture, stroke times, distance, calories, time, pace and other data, as well as automatic measurement of Swolf swimming efficiency index, as well as breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly stroke.


As mentioned above, if some wearable devices are classified as accessories for mobile phones, then TicWatch S2 is a product with its own independence. Equipped with an independent GPS chip, it supports GPS, Glonass and Beidou positioning systems, which can record motion trajectory, heart rate, speed, mileage, calories and other related data without the mobile phone. The latest generation of PPG optical heart rate sensor is also built-in, which can monitor the heart rate in real time in 24 hours on the watch and generate a heart rate curve in the watch, which can intuitively understand the maximum and minimum values of your heart rate today as well as your resting heart rate. The above functions are done independently of the watch, and the mobile phone is not involved, which also reflects the design concept of the product asked outside, that is, the smartwatch and the mobile phone are complementary rather than vassal.


If the sports function is an essential function of each product, then going out and asking the app store TicStore Store is the killer of TicWatch. Some of the functions have been briefly mentioned above, but the following applications have been quite easy for me to use and solved my pain point. 


The first feature is voice note. If you have used the flash capsule in Smartisan OS, you will not be unfamiliar with this feature. When you are suddenly inspired, you can open the voice notes on TicWatch S2 and record your ideas in the form of voice into text. This feature also allows the editor to write down a lot of interesting ideas, which continue to become new articles. Start / pause NetEase Cloud Music


The second function is the ability to start / pause NetEase cloud music on TicWatch S2, as well as song cutting and volume adjustment. For me, who needs to rely on noise reduction headphones and music to pass the time on the subway, TicWatch S2 can also control the playback and pause of bilibili’s video, which is convenient for users to a certain extent. The third aspect of


Is that when social software such as WeChat receives the message, it can reply directly through TicWatch S2. In the future, Tencent QQ watch App will be launched online to ask the store TicStore,. This is a smartwatch app that is completely independent of mobile phones, can run independently on TicWatch, and can achieve voice communication and emoticons and other functions on the watch. Functionally, TicWatch S2 can satisfy my daily life, even exceeding my expectations in many ways.

Appearance and summary:

If the editor is asked to describe the appearance of TicWatch S2, then the word “hard core” is more appropriate. The fuselage adopts glass fiber reinforced polyamide composite with extremely high strength. after integrated molding design, TicWatch S2 achieves the waterproof grade of 5ATM and has a waterproof capacity of 50 meters. As a hardcore military standard sports smartwatch, TicWatch S2 also passed 10 standard tests, including high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, low pressure, solar radiation, rain, humid heat, salt fog, dust, shock, and was certified by the MIL-STD-810G military standard, even when TicWatch S2 accompanies users in a complex and demanding sports environment. 


Another benefit of using glass fiber reinforced polyamide composites is that they are lightweight. The head weight of TicWatch S2 is only 35g, which users only need to wear for a short period of time to adapt to this weight, resulting in an ultra-light and senseless wearing experience. There are also some designs on the TicWatch S2 to make the whole watch more flexible. Through the five-axis laser engraving process, the bezel has created a carbon fiber texture with a strong sense of technology and power, showing a very high level of texture. In addition to the shadow-black color matching, the white-and-white color matching makes TicWatch S2 more refined and introverted. The side buttons of TicWatch S2 are designed with anti-skid grille texture for accurate touch. The combination of the above features makes the appearance of TicWatch S2 unique to its own design style, some people may not like this design, but at least the appearance of TicWatch S2 is in line with the popular aesthetic.


Generally speaking, TicWatch S2 is more like a smartwatch that Xiaobian once dreamed of. When the hardware is sufficient to support the system, smartwatch has changed from a vassal of mobile phone to a relatively independent product. Its function and mobile phone complement each other, resulting in wonderful chemical reactions in use, and finally make users take a big step forward in the field of intelligent life.

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