Vivo TWS Earphonereview is a truly wireless and intelligent headset.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

Take vivo, for example, has been diligent in the field of mobile phones, “illuminate your beauty” has become the mantra of many users. In 2019, vivo officially released its first true wireless Bluetooth headset, vivo TWS Earphone, which also marks the arrival of vivo! This is tantamount to throwing out an olive branch for the majority of vivo mobile phone users, after all, the effect of their own products will be better.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

So let”s take a look at the performance of vivo TWS Earphone, vivo’s first true wireless Bluetooth headset.

An appearance that starts with a good appearance.

In fact, in both ancient and modern times, appearance plays a very important role. otherwise, why else would there be such a title as “beauty” or “beautiful man”? Everyone has a love of beauty, and we are often easily captured by beautiful things. For example, male users prefer machine armour, while female users prefer shiny things, such as all kinds of shiny cosmetic cases. Vivo TWS Earphone may be such a product that allows female users to take it into their pockets decisively.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

First of all, let’s take a look at the charging box on the outermost layer. at present, the more common on the market is black or white, and there are few more fashionable color matching, which greatly limits the range of choices for users. Vivo is greatly inspired by the mind, bringing a floating appearance of the charge box, gradual color matching can make it the brightest item in your hand at any time. And vivo fully takes into account the portability, the charge box will be compressed again and again, under the premise of ensuring the battery capacity, bring a better feel for its users, but also greatly increase the portability. It is worth mentioning that it is equipped with typeC charging interface, so we can use the mobile phone charger to charge directly, which is more convenient to use.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

Open the charging box, the headphones are real, I believe it will brighten your eyes. Before I introduce the headphones, I would like to tell you about opening the lid. After a special design, the, vivo TWS Earphone lid can be easily opened with one hand, without any effort, and it will give you a good experience between opening and closing. Then there is the headphone body. In the process of taking it out of the charging box, I found that it has a good suction with the bottom, as is the case with real wireless headphones. But the difference is that, vivo TWS Earphone has designed a circle of frosted material on the headphones so that when you take out the headphones, you won’t slip because of the dampness of your hands, because some headphones are really not easy to remove.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

In terms of the appearance of the headphone, its body length will be slightly shorter than some of the competing products on the market, so wearing it on the ear with a weight of 4.4g, it is easy for you to ignore its existence. On the whole, vivo TWS Earphone can give people a sense of short and short, and wearing on the ear will not have a significant sense of swelling. Especially in the case of wearing a mask, the mask and headphones can easily put a lot of pressure on the headphones, and in the process of experiencing vivo TWS Earphone, we feel no pain after wearing it for several hours, which can fully take into account the user’s daily wearing scene.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

New experience of wisdom.

Where is the wisdom experience of vivo TWS Earphone? The first is the connection experience when we use it. When we use it for the first time, we open the charging box and press the matching parts to realize the pairing with the mobile phone. When we use it in the future, we can connect automatically every time we open the lid of the charging box, which saves the complexity of each connection and allows more users to feel the experience of this intelligent connection.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

Another point is intelligent voice. In our daily life, we often encounter situations where we can’t free our hands but need to operate our mobile phones. What can we do in a hurry? Vivo TWS Earphone does not need to pull out his mobile phone at all, just a light call, and the smart and considerate Jovi intelligent voice assistant will immediately appear to help you complete some of the operations you need; in addition, when it is not convenient for us to use the phone, you can turn on the “Wechat broadcast” function, and Jovi will automatically read the new messages received in your ear. As long as you move your mouth, you can reply immediately. Finally, the portable translation, when traveling abroad, just shout “Hi,Jovi, on translation mode”, headphones and mobile phones can cooperate with each other to help you complete the translation.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

The sound quality is at ease.

Of course, when buying headphones, you should pay attention to its sound quality performance. After all, it is for listening. In order to get a more telepresence music experience, vivo TWS Earphone is equipped with 14.2mm ‘s super-loud sound unit in the tiny space of headphones. With Japanese Daikoku pure copper voice coil to make the low frequency dive deeper, the bass is rich and far-reaching. Biological fiber composite diaphragm with aptX HD audio decoding technology to further restore the details of the sound, showing an excellent sound quality that is difficult to criticize.

Vivo TWS Earphone.

I also used it to listen to several favorite songs, such as Cai Qin’s “Ferry”, Deng Ziqi’s “Light years away” and the Eagles'”Hotel California”. Vivo TWS Earphone in the low-frequency and high-frequency part of the performance is impressive, the voice restore is excellent, more texture, I believe it can meet the music needs of most users.

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