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Vivo TWS Neo Review: Stronger Sound and Bluetooth Transmission

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Vivo TWS Neo Review: Design

As the second true wireless earphone in the Vivo TWS series, Vivo TWS Neo continues the design style of Vivo TWS Earphone.

Vivo TWS Neo”s charging box continues to use a dark blue oval design, although Vivo removes the dark blue to transparent gradient effect on the Vivo TWS Earphone, the new version still retains the dark blue gradient effect on the charging box, and mirror treatment is also used on the shell, so the overall texture is actually not bad.


But like the previous generation, the Vivo TWS Neo charging box is still easy to get dirty. And, Vivo TWS Neo charging box is also relatively easy to scratch, with the smooth treatment of the charging box if there are scratches, it will affect the appearance.


Although the charging box uses a similar color match and shape, there are still some small differences between Vivo TWS Neo and Vivo TWS Earphone, but the Vivo TWS Neo charging box will be more rounded.


In terms of details, Vivo TWS Neo puts the physical button directly in front of the charge box, between the indicator light and the Vivo logo. As long as the user picks up the charging box, his thumb will be right on the button. At this time, whether you want to check the status of the charge box through the indicator light without opening the lid, or whether you want to press a long button to exhale the pairing mode, Vivo TWS Neo button design is very convenient.


Although these points are not easy to detect, the design that allows users to use without learning and raising their hands is indeed a good design in terms of function and practicality.


However, in order to make it easier for users to find the keys quickly, Vivo uses a different color on the buttons and makes the hole slightly more obvious. Although this is convenient for users to quickly identify, it also affects the integration of the front of the fuselage. If Vivo can continue the design of Vivo TWS Earphone, move the button to the top of the back of the charging box so that the user can pick it up and touch the button, but also ensure the integrity of the front of the charging box, and look more beautiful.

In terms of headphones, Vivo TWS Neo’s headset design is similar to that of Vivo TWS Earphone, and the color scheme used is also very similar, focusing on the non-inductive wearable design emphasized by Vivo.


Vivo TWS Neo’s headphones are light, weigh 4.7g, and feel similar to the original 4.4g Vivo TWS Earphone, and 0.3g weight gain does not make a perceptible change. The headphone body uses a G3 continuous curve design to improve the fit when wearing headphones.


Vivo TWS Neo Review: Performance

The Vivo TWS Neo is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3046, which supports Bluetooth 5.2, Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology, and fast pairing, and power control has also been improved.


In addition, the chip supports Qualcomm’s latest aptX Adaptive technology, which can improve transmission specifications and enable headphones to play wirelessly.


In terms of transmission, Vivo TWS Neo can keep the delay around 88ms, and there is basically no disconnection when playing, Vivo TWS Neo in the commonly used environment. Even if you turn on the more informative aptX Adaptive mode to play 24bit/48kHz ‘s local music, the headphones still play smoothly.


Vivo TWS Neo has stronger delay control than Vivo TWS Earphone and has no problem playing videos. Watch some animations that are a little more intense or complex, and headphones can also keep sound and picture in sync.


Of course, this can also meet the demand in Vivo TWS Earphone, generally watching animations, TV dramas and other videos for the delay is not too high, and now most of the newly launched real wireless headphones can also meet the demand.


After playing several mobile games after connecting the Vivo X50 Pro with Vivo TWS Neo, we found that the delay control of Vivo TWS Neo headphones is actually much better than before. Some of the more obvious’ delay points’ that occasionally appeared on Vivo TWS Earphone have now been resolved by Vivo TWS Neo.


Some users who have been immersed in mobile games for a long time may notice the difference between 60ms and 88ms, but in the face of the general public, the delay of 88ms is already excellent, and it is enough for ordinary people to play games. Too persistent delay, in fact, will also affect the battery performance of headphones. Based on comprehensive consideration, it is reasonable for Vivo to keep the delay around 88ms this time.


However, it is important to note that the Vivo TWS Neo still needs to connect to the appropriate phone in order to connect to the 88ms and start the aptX Adaptive mode.


At present, only the Vivo X50 series is compatible with Vivo TWS Neo-compatible Vivo phones, and other unsuitable Vivo phones can only start AAC connection and do not come with full-featured settings. For those users who already want to buy Vivo TWS Neo in advance, it is important to pay attention here.


However, Vivo also said when the headphones were released that more Vivo phones would be added to the Vivo TWS Neo adaptation force in the form of OTA firmware updates. But the specific time, or waiting for the follow-up announcement of the Vivo. Users who want to buy Vivo TWS Neo immediately to match other Vivo phones will probably have to wait.


In addition to low latency, battery life is also an updated highlight of Vivo TWS Neo.


The Vivo TWS Neo headset can play 5.5hrs in AAC standard mode, and 4.2hrs when aptX Adaptive is turned on. With the charging box, Vivo TWS Neo can play for up to 27 hours, and charging for 15 minutes can play 2.5 hours.


In terms of functionality, Vivo TWS Neo is similar to the previous Vivo TWS Earphone. After pairing, users can also set it through their mobile phones.


Such as custom touch function, translation function, Jovi voice settings, wearing sound effects, and other functions on Vivo TWS Earphone, Vivo has also been ported to Vivo TWS Neo this time. In addition, Vivo also provides intelligent unlocking and integration of headphones into headphones to further facilitate users to unlock their phones. As far as function is concerned, the design of, Vivo TWS Neo is actually very perfect.


Vivo TWS Neo Review: Sound Quality

After talking about connection performance and configuration, let’s take a look at the most important sound performance of Vivo TWS Neo.


Vivo TWS Neo is equipped with a 14.2mm moving coil unit, which still uses biological fiber composite diaphragm and Japanese Daikoku pure copper coil. The specification is similar to that of Vivo TWS Earphone, and Vivo also said at the release that this unit has a very good performance in dynamic range, and it can also cope with rock and roll and all kinds of Live performance. In addition, Vivo has added DeepX stereo effects this time. In addition to the unit and sound effects, the aptX Adaptive supported by the chip is also the reason to improve the sound performance of headphones.


The aptX Adaptive, mentioned here is actually a new generation of audio codecs launched by Qualcomm. Compared with the previous aptX audio codec, aptX Adaptive has the ability of dynamic adjustment, which can integrate aptX, aptX HD and aptX Low Latency, and use different modes to connect according to different situations.


Since it can support aptX HD, it means that Vivo TWS Neo can play 24bit 48kHz wirelessly at the highest level.



Generally speaking, Vivo TWS Neo is indeed the most cost-effective real wireless headset for Vivo at present, and it is also the product that best represents the original intention of Vivo. The price of 499 RMB can meet the needs of users for sound and transmission performance at the same time. So that users can meet the delay, wireless connection stability, and specifications, at the same time, they no longer need to struggle with sound performance.


Vivo TWS Neo is still a very worthwhile product for Vivo mobile phone users. As long as the Vivo is ready to adapt so that more Vivo phones can use the full functions of headphones, Vivo TWS Neo is officially the most worthwhile time to get started.

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