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Why is the Honor V30 PRO faster when it is also a 5G phone?

So, which products on the market can be excellent in both aspects? Can we really experience the flying 5G network in the 5G era? The answer is simple. Honor V30 PRO, is the answer we are looking for.

Kirin 9. 90 5G

The leading 5G performance of the Honor V30 Pro is naturally inseparable from the Kirin 9905G flagship chip. As the only commercial high-end dual-mode 5G chip, Kirin 9905G brings dual-mode 5G support to the Honor V30 PRO, making the Honor V30 PRO a veritable “second-generation 5G mobile phone” product.

What is dual mode 5G? To put it simply, it is NSA 5G and SA 5G. NSA 5G, that is, non-independent networking 5G, is mainly used in the initial stage of 5G construction. It directly rebuilds the base station on the basis of the original 4G base station, so that it can not only support 4G network, but also be compatible with 5G network at the same time. The benefits are also obvious, such as low construction cost, no need to set up base stations independently, and the highest efficiency in exchange for maximum network coverage.

The disadvantage of NSA 5G is also very obvious, because a base station has to transmit two kinds of signals at the same time, the total transmission rate of each base station is limited, the width of the “lane” (that is, bandwidth) restricts the 5G network, and even the 4G deceleration theory of front array time appears.

SA 5G, that is, independent networking 5G, base stations need to be rebuilt independently, in this “runway” only for 5G “super run” running. SA 5G is a good technology for consumers to enhance the experience, faster and can provide low latency, wide connectivity and other features. But for operators, the cost of re-erecting base stations is very high. At the same time, the technical barrier of SA 5G technology is relatively high, which can only be thoroughly mastered by core manufacturers and manufacturers with complete R & D capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that NSA 5G and SA 5G will coexist for a long time and popularize each other. Therefore, only by supporting dual-mode 5G at the same time can we bring a complete 5G experience and enjoy a seamless 5G connection. Obviously, Honor V30 PRO did it.

However, support for dual-mode 5G is just the beginning for the Honor V30 PRO.

Link Turbo:Download APP in seconds  

In order to enable Honor V30 PRO to have a faster 5G network experience, Honor V30 PRO is equipped with Honor”s well-known cool techs, Link Turbo technology, which allows two-way acceleration of connections. When this function is enabled, the Honor V30 PRO can also use 5G network for acceleration when connected to the WiFi network. In the previous era of 4G small water pipes, 4G acceleration seemed like a drop in the bucket in front of gigabit home broadband; but with a water cannon of 5G and a 5G network of up to 2000, with gigabit broadband, you can theoretically get more than 3000 of the highest network bandwidth, and double “5G” allows you to take off.

The Link Turbo function of Honor V30 PRO supports the vast majority of mainstream applications, among which social applications, video applications and web disk applications have the most direct sense of improvement. Take downloading applications as an example, you can download applications in seconds using 5G+WiFi ‘s Link Turbo. Take a 100m application as an example, in the actual 5G network, the download time is about 3s. After enabling Link Turbo network acceleration, the download time is only 1.9s, achieving a faster download speed than 5G.

It is worth mentioning that, Link Turbo can not only improve the speed of the network, but also improve the quality of the network. Link Turbo can adjust the communication freedom of the system in real time according to the network environment and the demand of network use. For example, when it takes a low latency to play a game, the Honor V30 PRO will switch according to the needs of the phone to the network, allowing you to switch in seconds, and the enemy will fall down.

Faster 5G experience

The Link Turbo function is based on the powerful 5G performance of the Honor V30 PRO. Honor V30 PRO fully covers the domestic 5G band, that is,6Band 5G: support NR: N41 / N77 / n78/n79/n1/n3.. Among them, n1/n3 belongs to the relatively low frequency band in 5G, the base station of this band can cover a larger range, and the n1/n3 band belongs to the key construction band of domestic operators in the future.

When we play games, we often encounter poor signal and higher delay in shopping malls, parking lots, elevators and subways, which can affect the trend of the war situation at any time. Honor has developed HiSignal for these scenarios. For some weak signal, high delay of the use of sites, in-depth optimization, so that these places 5G speed is still flying.

Left: Honor V30 PRO; right: 5G reference model

The speed of 5G is 5G on the one hand and the search speed of 5G on the other. As can be seen from the actual measurement, the search speed of Honor V30 PRO is very fast, and it is almost instantly connected to the 5G data network, which can be used as a reference and comparison.5G model.It will take some time to connect to the 5G network.

Measurement of Honor V30 PRO 5G rate

In terms of speed, the Honor V30 PRO can be implemented in a daily 5G environment.As high as the peak download rate of 780+Mbps and the peak upload rate of 90+Mbps.For reference, only NSA is supported in the same environment.A certain Snapdragon5G model.The peak download rate is 740 Mbps and the peak upload rate is 75 Mbps, which is one step faster than the Internet speed.

Speed measurement of 5G reference model

You know, in addition to sex can be fast, Internet speed and search speed are the key to seize the first opportunity in the game, Honor V30 PRO full of blood 5G experience, no doubt in the 5G era of network speed competition faster to seize the first opportunity, powerful 5G technology, combined with Link Turbo blessing, this is what the 5G flagship should look like.


As one of the top 5G flagships, Honor V30 PRO not only supports the leading dual-mode 5G, but also has an absolute advantage in search speed. Not to mention, the Honor V30 PRO also supports the domestic 5G band and is a leading 5G flagship in all directions. So, if you want to get the top 5G experience and want to “immerse” in the 5G era, then the Honor V30 PRO, is undoubtedly the best key for you to enter the 5G era.

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