Xiaomi mi 10 Pro review: a top student with no preference for subjects.

After being separated from Redmi, Xiaomi has turned its attention and energy to the pursuit of high-end areas, as evidenced by the Xiaomi 10 series. If we compare today”s smartphone market to a university, then the Xiaomi 10 Pro we are going to talk about today is an excellent student in a general subject. It is beautiful, intelligent, top-notch motor nerves, and even plays games very well. So what other specialties does this top student have waiting for us to dig?

Hole digging comprehensive screen, balance between beauty and practicality.

Comprehensive screen, in the smart phone with an inch of land, these three words seem to be a false proposition. Users are always looking for a larger screen, a smaller body, a more complete display, and smaller screen occlusion. These seemingly impossible tasks are constantly being realized through the power of technology. This time the Xiaomi 10 Pro uses a more mature full-scale screen for digging holes, with a 6.67-inch, 19.5-to-9 ratio.

The radians on both sides of the screen are just right to hide the borders on both sides, even though they are narrow enough. Of course, the advantage of the curved screen is also obvious, the round glass arc surface and the metal frame fit perfectly, with the cutting of the edges and corners, the feel is very good. Although the hyperbolic screen and digging design Xiaomi is not the first, but the Xiaomi 10 Pro in the overall workmanship and texture, can be said to have reached a very high level.

Not only that, the screen shape and screen ratio is only the visual experience at first glance. The real sense of use still depends on the parameters at the hardware level. This time Xiaomi chose to cooperate with Samsung to bring DCI-P3 wide color gamut and more accurate color restoration. Of course, there is also the refresh rate of 90Hz and the touch sampling rate of 180Hz. High refresh rate screen is an absolute trend in recent years, Xiaomi is absolutely not stingy in terms of materials. There is no evidence for using the experience mouth, but you still have to experience it in person to know the beauty of it.

Since he is an unbiased student, screen fingerprints are naturally standard. This time the Xiaomi 10 Pro uses an ultra-thin off-screen optical fingerprint module, which can coexist with the battery because of its small size. Not only that, the fingerprint recognition area of the Xiaomi 10 Pro has also increased by 10%. According to the actual experience, the fingerprint input speed and unlocking speed are very fast.

In addition to the full screen of the front hole digging, the back of the Xiaomi 10 Pro is also a bright spot. The curved glass backplane with four curved surfaces, coupled with frosted AG glass technology, makes it feel wonderful. It not only has excellent appearance and feel, but also is not easy to stain fingerprints. At the same time, the fuselage also uses Corning fifth-generation gorilla glass, with the same polished and cut metal frame, the whole machine feels like a bar of soap, somewhat addictive.

In addition, the Xiaomi 10 Pro also places two symmetrical stereo speakers on top and bottom of the phone. Due to the use of 1216 superlinear unit, as well as the 1.2cc large cavity, so the external strength has been greatly improved. In addition, Xiaomi also adds acoustic intelligent scene recognition to the Xiaomi 10 series, which can bring a more delicate sense of hearing. The metaphysical link of sound quality can only be experienced by everyone.

This time the Xiaomi 10 series has a variety of colors, while the Pro version has two classic colors of starry blue and pearl white with the blessing of AG glass. From the ID design to the selection of materials, and then to the cutting and grinding of the details, it can be said that the Xiaomi 10 Pro is worthy of its positioning and price. The only drawback may be due to the large battery + multiple lens modules, the weight of the whole machine has reached 208g, people with small hands may have some difficulty.

With solid materials, that’s what the flagship should be.

γ€€γ€€Before discussing the configuration, I hope you will put aside the theory of “excess performance”. After all, what you buy the flagship mobile phone is the cool parameters and the performance of seconds and seconds. If you are a person pursuing extreme performance, congratulations on this Xiaomi 10 Pro will definitely satisfy you. In fact, Xiaomi officials have popularized the relevant parameters and knowledge for us before the press conference, and the Xiaomi 10 series can be said to have the best hardware on the market.

Don’t talk too much nonsense, let’s run a score first. After the running score test of AnTuTu, the total score of Xiaomi 10 Pro is 566172, of which the scores of CPU, GPU and UX are 180015, 208710 and 79882 respectively, which directly reaches the top of the AnTuTu performance rankings. The flagship Snapdragon865 chip on the Xiaomi 10 Pro is really extraordinary, and the 7nm process has made great progress in terms of performance and power consumption.

Because Snapdragon865 adopts the core combination of 1-3-4, the main frequency is as high as 2.84GHz. Compared with the 25% improvement in Snapdragon855,CPU performance and 25% improvement in GPU performance, the power consumption of both of them is reduced by 25% and 35%, respectively. Not only that, the computing power of Snapdragon865’s built-in AI engine has also been greatly improved, which is four times that of 855. This can bring a lot of improvement to scenes such as picture recognition and video virtual.

In addition to the top processors, there are many other hardware that determine mobile phone fluency, and memory is one of them. In fact, long before the release of the guild, Xiaomi announced that the Mi 10 series would be equipped with LPDDR5 memory and the latest UFS 3.0flash memory. In addition to the regular speed of reading and writing, LPDDR5 can also reduce power consumption. Especially in the game scene, it can save electricity by 20%. Through our actual measurement, the sequential reading speed of Xiaomi 10 Pro can reach 1698.46MB/S, and the sequential writing speed can reach 733.51MB/S.

When this piece of high-standard hardware is added together, the heat emitted is definitely not to be underestimated. In order to suppress the heat caused by high performance, the Xiaomi 10 Pro uses a very “luxurious” cooling system. 6-layer graphite structure, double-layer motherboard + heat dissipation layer, 3000 square millimeter VC heat dissipation board, to ensure a calm performance under high performance. From the previous official dismantling, we can also see the efforts made by the Xiaomi in terms of heat dissipation.

As the first flagship of Xiaomi in 2020, Xiaomi 10 Pro has also reached new heights in terms of network. First of all, it is the 5G MagneNSAPUP SA dual-mode 5G network, which supports multiple frequency bands. Today, with the rapid development of related facilities, Xiaomi 10 Pro has a long-term vision. Not only that, this Xiaomi also adds WiFi 6 functionality to the Xiaomi 10 series. It has the advantages of power saving, high speed, better performance in congested areas and so on. 8X8 MU-MIMO technology can also improve the speed of the network when many people share the network, and the situation of “grabbing the network” is gone forever!

Another interesting spot is that the Xiaomi 10 Pro has two front and rear light sensors this time. Combined with the light conditions of the front and back of the phone, it will bring you a more accurate and comfortable screen experience. Overall, the Xiaomi 10 Pro is “luxurious” in terms of hardware performance. A variety of top + global debut, for us to create a performance exploding table of the flagship mobile phone. Can not help but sigh, so many years later, it is still that “feverish” Xiaomi.

100 million pixel blessings, see farther and see more clearly.

γ€€γ€€In terms of photography, the Xiaomi 10 Pro uses a 100-megapixel main shot, and the whole system is equipped with a standard 8p lens with great sincerity. And the master photo also supports OIS optical anti-shake and Remosaic hardware to produce 100-megapixel high-definition photos, which is very practical for friends who love photography. In addition, the Xiaomi 10 Pro also has a telephoto lens that supports 10X hybrid optical zoom and a 50mm portrait lens. What’s the strength? let’s talk about it when we come down. (the system is the test version during the shooting of the sample).




From 1 to 5 times the sample sheet, the effect of Xiaomi 10 Pro on zoom is still very good. Although the weather haze is serious, the details of the picture are still visible after 5x zoom. The words “campus canteen” on the yellow building are almost invisible at 1 time. You can like it here.

This 20 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens from the Xiaomi 10 Pro provides a 117 Β°field of view, making it practical to shoot people. The sculpture in the picture has more artistic impact under the wide-angle lens, giving people a sense of rhythm.

From the lines on the edge of the sample, we can see that although the Xiaomi 10 Pro can achieve a wide-angle field of view of 117 degrees, the distortion of the edge picture is well controlled, and the picture is very powerful.

In this picture, because the roof is made of glass, there is a big difference in indoor and outdoor light. The Xiaomi 10 Pro controls the exposure very well, the overall picture is very clear, and the dark details are preserved. The sky has not been exposed, the overall picture texture is very good.

After turning on the large aperture virtual mode, you will be able to shoot an effect similar to that of a DSLR. From the point of view of the natural degree of edge matting and virtual back, the score of Xiaomi 10 Pro is still very high. Although some small details need to be improved, the overall look and feel of the picture is still very good.

Next, let’s take a look at the power of this 100-megapixel lens. A seemingly ordinary photo can still retain details after being enlarged many times. The text on the beverage bottle is still visible after being enlarged many times, but the only drawback may be that the picture itself is a little large and puts some pressure on memory.

Away from home, a 100-megapixel lens can even be used as a telescope. The crane on the building in the distance can be enlarged and the details can be seen clearly. For people who love photography, larger pixels mean higher fault tolerance. If you want to cut and create the photos twice, there will be more space.

In addition, Xiaomi 10 Pro also has macro mode. Whether it is a roadside plant or a scratched metal plaque, all kinds of details can be photographed clearly.

As for the night scene, due to the bad weather and serious haze, the clarity of distant details is limited. But looking at the picture as a whole, the performance of Xiaomi 10 Pro is very good. The overall look and feel of the picture is excellent, and there is no exposure. There are more details in the bright, and the dark and the sky are also very pure.

Super fast charge + large battery, I lose after using it.

γ€€γ€€All the hardware mentioned above are “big electricity eaters” without exception. This time the Xiaomi 10 Pro uses a 4500mAh battery, which is not very large, but due to the use of a new custom bar design, it can reduce heat and save electricity to a certain extent. Not only that, the Xiaomi 10 Pro also supports 50W fast charging, 30W wireless fast charging, and 10W wireless reverse charging. When you are away from home, it is very practical to return blood to your friends’ mobile phones and headphones for emergency response.

In addition, Xiaomi 10 Pro also supports full-featured NFC. Access cards, bus cards and virtual key cards are available. Even the infrared emitter has not forgotten, it is worthy of a “non-biased” all-round good students. In Xiaomi 10 Pro, what we see is the original heart of Xiaomi insisting on “fever”. We don’t know if the “persistent Mi 6 users” are moved.

For rice noodles, this is indeed a phone that they are willing to pay for; for passers-by, the Xiaomi 10 Pro has almost no short balanced experience and is also a big plus. Nowadays, the smartphone industry is so competitive that there are no shortcomings and regrets. The Xiaomi mi 10 Pro can be said to be a sincere work for Xiaomi to move to the high end.

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