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Xiaomi MOAAN AI Recorder Review

Therefore, until now, during such a season, the secretary of the house will always give sympathy and blessing to the friends who have just entered the workplace. I hope the road for everyone to enter the workplace is quite smooth. Now that we have talked about this, we might as well talk about what the secretary thought was more important when he first entered the workplace.


Can be clipped to the body of the AI recorder is still very convenient when I first entered the workplace, it was in a foreign enterprise group, at that time, the organization of the group was so large that the house secretary who just entered the workplace began to doubt life. In such a huge organizational system, one of the most typical characteristics is that there are many people, many things, and many things. There was a short meeting every three days and a meeting every five days. For a while, the secretary even began to wonder if he had entered an enterprise that relied on meetings to maintain the company”s performance.

I still remember that the first time the secretary was scolded, she burst into tears on the spot because of one thing– the minutes of the meeting. I don’t know if many enterprises have such a tradition, at least in the enterprises where the secretary is located at that time, it is a very natural thing for newcomers to be responsible for the minutes of meetings. However, for a rookie in the workplace. Minutes of the meeting. What is that. What should I remember? I didn’t teach it at school. Oh, my God. Does the boss want to see it? Mamma Mia. The minutes of the


After the secretary of the house made a mess of the minutes of the meeting, he was called by the person in charge and scolded him in the face. Fortunately, the scolding was not in vain, so the supervisor gave the secretary an idea– buy a recording pen, record the content of the meeting, and then sort it out according to the recording. In an instant, the little secretary suddenly realized that, as the saying goes, good memory is not as good as bad writing, but no matter how bad the writing is, people can’t keep up with the speed of communication at the meeting. Recording is really a good idea. The

Home Secretary still remembers the long years when he poured out the recording from the traditional recording pen product, listened to it over and over again, and arranged it over and over again. To this day, looking back on the experience of that time, the little secretary still felt that it was a nightmare.


Time flies, today’s recorder, really has not been too easy to use! Recently, the house secretary got a product called ink case AI recorder, after a period of use, almost burst into tears. If there had been such a convenient and practical artifact, the little secretary would have saved much time in sorting out the recording, and would not have been scolded for such a tedious thing as the minutes of the meeting. Therefore, in the heart that I do not want more brothers and sisters to repeat the same mistakes, I would like to introduce the experience of using this artifact to you, hoping to help you through the difficult years when you first entered the workplace.

Small and lightweight, wearable design unforgettable

When the secretary of the house just got such a AI recorder the size of a tie clip, he couldn’t believe it was a recorder. This is too different from many traditional digital recorders before. Such a compact appearance, with the back clip design, is very convenient to wear. In general, it can be easily sandwiched in chest pockets, necklines, etc., and it is very convenient to carry.


In addition, wearable design has another advantage, perhaps only for such forgetful groups as house secretaries. I still remember that when using a traditional recorder, I often ran away after a meeting, hugging the computer in a hurry, and forgot several times that there was another recorder left in the conference room. And wearable design can well avoid this situation, because the recorder is on you, wherever you go, it follows.


The overall button layout is simple, the function is clear, the switch on the back can be used to turn on / off the recorder, the side recording key is pushed, whether it is in the recording state, it can also be clear at a glance through the button. There are built-in microphones on both sides of the front and an indicator light to show the working status of the AI recorder at all times.

APP and terminal side intelligent linkage

Intelligent hardware products the first major feature is that there must be a matching use of the exclusive APP. The ink case AI recorder is no exception, and its exclusive APP has a QR code on its instruction manual, which can be downloaded and installed by both Android and iOS users.


APP through WeChat for very detailed instructions on the use of the recorder, and follow the instructions to easily connect the APP of the phone to the recorder. This kind of experience, even for the rookies of electronic products, the house secretary also believes that they can easily handle it.


APP and hardware can achieve a very intelligent linkage. For example, if you open the recording button on the recording pen, the mobile phone APP can automatically jump to the recording interface to view the details. The recording switch of the recorder can also be operated on the app side, and the state information such as the electricity of the recorder can be grasped at any time. In the corresponding APP, users can also upgrade the firmware of the product through the mobile application, download the data stored in the machine, and so on.


Ink case AI recording pens are given free of charge for 7200 minutes from the date of activation. A more important role of the

APP end is to enable the device’s privacy protection mode, which can only be enabled through APP. When enabled, users can only access the content through the account bound to the recorder. At the same time, when this mode is turned on, the USB file transfer port of the recorder will be closed to maximize the security of the data in the AI recorder.

Recording effect is the first

For a recording pen, the recording effect is always the first. Zhai Xiaoshi has just introduced that the ink case AI recorder has two microphones built in, and these two microphones are not as simple as they appear to be. Data show that they use the world’s leading Lou’s (Knowles) all-digital MEMS microphone to ensure the overall effect of recording sound.


What is the MEMS microphone with holes in which two microphones can be seen from the front of the product? After the understanding of the house, this microphone is standard for most mainstream smartphones (especially flagship smartphones). It has the characteristics of ultra-small size, high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion. Compared with the traditional electret microphone, MEMS microphone is less easily affected by temperature, humidity and vibration, strong anti-jamming ability and better accuracy consistency.


Passed the actual measurement, the house secret also found that the recording effect of the ink case AI recorder is really good. At a distance of about 3 meters, the recording file is also relatively clear, and the built-in intelligent acoustic algorithm is very effective in filtering out ambient noise and reverberation caused by indoor space reflection.


The opening key of the recording is set on one side of the fuselage, the way is to push it

In addition, the overall operation of the recording is also very convenient, even if the recording pen is originally turned off, just push the recording key, the recording pen will automatically turn on, and start recording, the whole process takes less than a second.


Ink case AI recording pen itself built-in 16GB body storage space, through high-fidelity language compression technology, can save 1000 hours of recording. Of course, the little secretary didn’t work hard to record the full 1000 hours. 

Since it is called an ink case AI recorder, that is to say, it itself has artificial intelligence, where on earth is it? In fact, this is also the most gratifying part of the house, that is, through the built-in Ariyun artificial intelligence language engine to transcribe the recording into text, this function can greatly reduce the time to organize the recording.

When recording, you can turn on the automatic transcription function.

In terms of transcribing text, users can choose to transcribe at the same time as recording; they can also use the method of recording first and then applying for transcription. In both ways, it is good to operate on the app side. At the same time, the transferred text files can be shared through txt documents and can be sent directly from APP to WeChat and other software. the connection is seamless, convenient and practical. The translation function of the


Write in the last

Overall, although the intelligent AI recorder can not completely replace the traditional recorder (specializing in the technical field), but for the newcomers entering the workplace, they should be recorded in the work, and the school students should take notes in the classroom. In-service lawyers take notes in the investigation and collection of evidence, or colleagues who write manuscripts like house secretaries, in the process of interviews and manuscripts, and so on. Under these numerous scenes, the ink case AI recording pen can play its unique function to help users in various industries who need recording to improve their work efficiency as much as possible.


While the efficiency is improved, for the saved recording information, the AI recorder can also protect the security through the privacy protection mode. On the one hand, it can improve efficiency, on the other hand, it can strengthen privacy security, which is undoubtedly a comprehensive improvement for recording pen products. The house secret feels that this kind of product will become the popular style category of the recording pen product in a short time, and the ink case AI recording pen, after the house secret’s test, is undoubtedly a more wise choice for users.

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