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Xiaomi Viomi V3 VS Viomi V2 Pro: What’s the Difference?

xiaomi viomi v3

Viomi V3 vs Viomi V2 Pro: Specifications and Functions Comparison

Based on the previous post about Roborock T7 vs VIOMI V3, we compared the various parameters of VIOMI V3 and VIOMI V2 together.

Brand VIOMI V2 Pro
Product   Product Dimension 350*94.5mm 350*94.5mm
Product Materials Plastic,Metal,Silicon Plastic,Metal,Silicon
Product Net Weight 3.3kg 3.5kg
Gross Weight 6.3kg 6.8kg
Function & Specs Sweeping time (min) 80—120Min 100-150Min
Charging time (min) 180—240min 300-360min
Operation Noise (dB) ≤72 ≤70 (standard mode)
Operation speed (cm/s) ≤0.3m/s ≤0.3m/s
Climbing ability (mm) 19mm 19mm
Fan speed (r/min) 16500±10%  15000±10% 
Suction power (pa) 2150±10%  2600±10% 
App Smart Control Yes Yes
Cloth type Full wet
Dry-wet separation
Full wet
Dry-wet separation
Single used
Additional water tank Yes Yes
Additional Dust box Yes Yes
Dust Box Volume (ml) 550  550 
Water Tank Capacity (ml) 550  550 
 Fan Motor Nidec Motor Nidec Motor
Sensor  LSD Sensor
 Floor Detection Sensor
Collison Proof Sensor
Infrared receiver sensor
Water tank detection sensor
LSD protect sensor No No
Accessory Battery Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 3200mAh 4900mAh
Output voltage 14.8V 14.52V
Charging voltage DC20V DC20V
Adaptor Input parameter 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.6A 100-240V 50/60Hz 1A
Output parameter 20V 1.2A 20V 1.8A
Input voltage/current 20V/1A 20V/1A
Out voltage/current 20V/1A 20V/1A
Side Brush Side brush speed 120rpm±10rmp 120rpm-180rpm
Virtual Wall Solution APP Virtual wall setting APP Virtual wall setting
Qty 10  10 
Cloth Type Full wet
Dry-wet separation
Full wet
Dry-wet separation
Single used
Qty 1 pc each 1 pc each
Connection WIFI Mode 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
WIFI Frequency Range 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
App Android/iOS Android/iOS


According to the table, we can see the latest Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner has lots of upgrades in comparison with its predecessor Viomi V2 (V-RVCLM21B). We can see much increase in Suction Power and Battery Life. Moreover, Viomi V3 has other unusual practical features. According to Viomi, the Viomi V3 featured a Virus killer system, which can kill 99% of bacteria, it is very useful for our daily life.


Viomi V3 vs Viomi V2 Pro: Vacuuming Performance Comparison

In terms of vacuuming performance, the Viomi V3 has a 2600pa powerful suction, it is one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners on the market. For example, the suction power of Roborock s6 is 2000Pa, and the Roborock T7 is 2500 Pa, the Xiaomi Mijia 2-in1 robot vacuum cleaner

is 2100pa. Therefore, the Viomi V3 is overtaking these premium class robot vacuums by 100-600Pa.


On the other hand, the previously Xiaomi Viomi V2 has a suction power of 2100Pa, which is also excellent, but Viomi V3 has a higher power suction by 500Pa. So, Viomi V3 will vacuum about 20% more rubbish, ash, and other small things on the floor, in comparison with Viomi V2 (V-RVCLM21B).


What’s more, Viomi V3 has an upgraded navigation algorithm. By using the Y-mopping cleaning style and AI Dynamic Path+ SLAM algorithm, Viomi V3 will determine in which ways it will vacuum the area more quickly. Using this principle, Xiaomi Viomi V3 can ensure that it does not leave any uncleaned stains
As a result
the cleaning performance of Viomi V3 has been improved by 30%. Unfortunately, Viomi V2 Pro does not have this Y-mopping cleaning and AI Dynamic Path algorithm, so it still vacuums in the old routing style.


Viomi V3 vs Viomi V2 Pro: Battery Life Comparison

In terms of battery life, the latest Viomi V3 featured with a 4900mAh battery, while Viomi V2 (V-RVCLM21B) available with a 3200mAh battery. With such a big battery capacity, the Viomi V3 can work for about 150min and clean up to 250 square meters at one time. At the same time, Viomi V2 Pro can run for about 100-120min and clean up to 150 square meters after a full charge. Obviously, the Viomi V3 is more efficient than Viomi V2 Pro cleaner.


Fortunately, both Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 Pro have a recharge and resume function. When these two Viomi robot vacuum cleaners run outs of its battery while doing the cleaning task, it will come back to get a recharge, and when the robot vacuum cleaner fully charged, it will go to continue the cleaning job and finish the cleaning task you have set. Therefore, no matter how large your room is, by using this amazing recharge and resume function, both Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 will always finish their cleaning tasks perfectly.

What’s more, the Viomi V3 supports 5-floor maps. You can save up to 5 different cleaning plans on it. It is very convenient when your house contains more than one level. While this feature is not available on Viomi V2. So, the Viomi V2 Pro is more suitable for cleaning a small room, while the Viomi V3 is more suitable for big house cleaning.


Viomi V3 vs Viomi V2 Pro: Virus Killer System

At present, the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting the life and production of people all over the world. Personal protection and home hygiene have received unprecedented attention. This time, the Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner has creatively added a new copper-silver sterilization material. According to Chinese laboratory data, the sterilization capacity of Viomi V3 is as high as 99.99%.


By using this copper-silver material, there is a chemical reaction, on which copper-silver ions kill bacteria. This a popular disinfection method used on water systems, pools, etc.

Thus it can be seen that this method of disinfection is very effective.


Last but not least, the Viomi V3 provides 5-10 pieces of disposable disinfection mop, which does not need to be cleaned after use, so it is very convenient and hygienic. And this virus killer system is not available on the Viomi V2 Pro robot vacuum cleaner.



According to the comparison above, you must have a clear understanding about these two Viomi cleaner. Although Viomi V2 Pro has a cheaper price, Viomi V3 has a better cleaning performance than Viomi V2. Meanwhile, in comparison with Viomi V2, Viomi V3
equipped with long battery life and more suitable for larger houses with more than one floor. More importantly, the disinfection and germicidal effect of Viomi V3 is a rare function on the market at present. Although it will cost extra money to buy the single used mop cloth, it is worth it for our health.

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