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You must need AirPods Pro to enjoy the beauty of music in the hustle and bustle.


AirPods Pro.

It is said that listening to music can make people feel calm, but the noise in our ears, like some discordant notes in the movement, always makes us unable to calm down.

If you want to enjoy your own good music in the hustle and bustle, buying a noise reduction headset is obviously a good choice. As an Apple user, AirPods Pro can be said to be my first choice, because it can connect seamlessly with many Apple devices, so it”s not too much to say that it is the best companion for Apple devices. If you also have a lot of Apple devices and want to choose a suitable noise reduction headset for yourself during the New year, read on.

Why did I choose AirPods Pro?

At present, there are many real wireless headphones on the market, and there are also many headphones that support noise reduction. But the only headset that works perfectly with other Apple devices and supports noise reduction is the AirPods Pro.


AirPods Pro.

What I like most is the experience of pairing an AirPods Pro with an Apple device. Simply push the lid open and click the connection to connect AirPods Pro to our iCloud account. In daily use, we don’t even have to wait for the card to pop up on the phone screen before we can take out the headphones and listen to music.

Many people have faced the problem of switching devices, and frequent Bluetooth pairing is really exasperating. If you have multiple Apple devices, I think AirPods Pro must be your best partner. Thanks to the help of iCloud, AirPods Pro can seamlessly connect products such as iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch. Bid farewell to frequent Bluetooth pairing and enjoy a more convenient life from now on.

Control AirPods Pro in Apple Watch.

I have to say, Apple’s control of details is always surprising, and I think this is one of the reasons why many consumers like to use AirPods Pro.

By the way, good design is also one of the reasons that prompted me to choose AirPods Pro. The previous AirPods used the ear-hanging design, but the new AirPods Pro used a new ear-in-ear design instead. This design can make the silicone sleeve fit perfectly with the ear canal, which is also to provide users with a better noise reduction effect. Most importantly, despite the in-ear design, I didn’t feel any discomfort with the AirPods Pro, nor did I feel swollen when I used to wear in-ear headphones.


AirPods Pro.

What words do you think of when it comes to Apple devices? I think it must not be too much to use words such as “simplicity” and “elegance” to describe it. AirPods Pro still uses pure white color matching, this kind of design full of purity, can also make more people fall in love with it.

Why did I choose AirPods Pro,? I believe you have the answer after reading the above. The good appearance, coupled with the elegant use experience, made me fall in love with it completely. However, for a headset, sound quality performance is also important, so let’s talk about the sound quality performance of AirPods Pro.

The sound quality is in line with expectations, and the noise reduction effect is good.

Whether a headset can be recognized by more consumers depends on the sound quality. This time, Apple officials said that the AirPods Pro uses a customized high-amplitude, low-distortion loudspeaker drive unit, which can bring a powerful bass effect. In my opinion, the sound quality of, AirPods Pro is not much different from that of other AirPods products, and it is still the kind of “plain boiled water” style that we are familiar with. Overall tuning will not appear excessive sound dye, whether it is the voice or the background music in the drumbeat, can be faithfully restored.

So, if you used to be an Apple headset user, you should be able to have a general understanding of the sound quality of this headset. I want to use it to listen to some pop music.

After talking about sound quality, let’s take a look at AirPods Pro’s exclusive feature-noise reduction. What is its noise reduction effect? My answer is: at present, AirPods Pro is undoubtedly in the first echelon in the field of true wireless noise reduction headphones. When I first put on the AirPods Pro, I couldn’t forget the experience of “the whole world was quiet in an instant” for a long time. Except for some nearby voices, AirPods Pro can help me isolate most of the ambient noise.

I would like to use a sentence to evaluate the noise reduction effect of AirPods Pro, that is, “after wearing it, the music in the ear is the BGM of the world.” The complexity of the world has nothing to do with me, now I just have to quietly enjoy my music.


Select noise reduction mode and penetration mode.

The noise reduction effect of AirPods Pro is surprising, and Apple takes full account of the need for users to communicate with others. On AirPods Pro, Apple has designed a whole new way of interacting with each other. AirPods Pro has a “pressure sensor” in the position of the headphone handle, and we can switch between “noise reduction mode” and “transparent mode” by pressing the headphone handle for a long time. In “transparent mode”, the human voice is transmitted to our ears through headphones, which makes it easy to communicate with others.


Built-in pressure sensor for headphone handle position.

Of course, the headphone handle can do more than just switch modes. We can also achieve a variety of operations by short pressing the headset handle. Press once to play / pause, twice in a row to play the next song, and three times in a row to play the previous one.

Some small bright spots.

Apple has repeatedly stressed the importance of a “combination of software and hardware”, which is also reflected on AirPods Pro. In order to provide the best support to users, Apple has also made a lot of efforts at the software level. When we connect the headphones to the iPhone, we can use the official “fit test” function. When the test is turned on, the ear will play a piece of audio to check the fit of the headset to ensure that the user gets the best sense of hearing.

Fit test.

In the iOS system, we can also achieve audio sharing function directly through two pairs of AirPods Pro,. If you want to share music or video with your partner, simply connect the second pair of AirPods Pro to iPhone. Most importantly, these two pairs of AirPods can adjust the volume separately according to the actual needs of different people, which is a necessary function of home travel!

Emoji engraving.

By the way, if you plan to send AirPods Pro, to your friends during the New year, you can also use emoji engraving service on Apple’s official website. At present, Apple’s official website has created a number of emoticons for us, including the latest zodiac. Choosing a corresponding sign of the other party can better highlight the friendship of this gift.

Write at the end.

During the Spring Festival, some people choose to get together with friends to celebrate happy times, while others choose to precipitate themselves in the New year and enjoy their own peace at that moment. If you, like me, want to have peace of mind through music, then AirPods Pro must be your best choice.

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